Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The dangers of Islam (1884)

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle published an article in February 3, 1884 about the political intrigues and wars being fought in Northern Africa at the time. The last paragraph of that article is most interesting:
From this summary statement of facts the reader will at once perceive that the nature of the great question of the day is not the recovery of a revolted state, nor, the chastisement of a refractory people, nor even the suppression of the slave trade, but a conflict between Christian civilization and Mohammedan barbarism. The triumph of Tel-el-Kebir did not by any means establish a conquest of Moslem fanaticism. The hatred of the Mohammedan against the Christian and against civilization is innate and irrepressible. This hydra-headed monster will ever raise its head at the slightest provocation, and under the least pretext, to devour all that may come in its way. If at times quite, it lies dormant, and not dead, ever dreaming of Alhambraand the walls of Vienna and over-running, one day, the civilized world.