Thursday, May 31, 2007

Crippled 13-year old killed by Qassam, ignored by media

A third victim of the recent escalation of Qassam attacks has been reported:

Thirteen-year-old Chai Shalom suffered from cerebral palsy, and was deaf, mute, and confined in a wheel-chair. He was hospitalized after a rocket landed next to a bus transporting him and three other disabled children.

According to the report, all four children were wounded by the force of the blast. The driver of the bus fainted and Shalom's caretaker alerted his father.

The boy died last week in Soroka Hospital after his condition worsened.

His father asked that Shalom be recognized as a terror victim and was denied because his particular incident had not been reported.

Chai is now the 11th fatality of Qassam rocket fire altogether.

I only saw this reported in The Jerusalem Post (5 hours ago) and Arutz Sheva (1 hour ago). (H/T Backspin.)

Qassam attacks are no longer news - it is getting harder to keep track of the daily numbers shot as fewer Israeli news outlets bother counting them.

When the Israeli media themselves start treating rocket attacks on Israeli citizens as no big deal, how can we expect the rest of the world to take them seriously?