Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Burning down charities? No biggie!

An interesting follow-up on the UN Gaza school shooting Sunday:
Unknown gunmen have burnt a charitable association affiliated to the fundamentalist 'Salafi' Islamic group in Rafah refugee camp in the south of the Gaza Strip.

One of the Salafi group's spokesmen said in a phone call with Ma'an that the association had been totally burnt down with no injuries.

At the same time, the condemnations continue of the attack on a school run by the United Nations agency for Palestine refugees, UNRWA, in Rafah on Sunday. Armed men opened fire on the school during a celebration, attended by high-level UNRWA staff, which the Salafi group considered to be contrary to Islamic traditions.
So the revenge that PalArabs exact against the Salafists who are suspected of the school violence is to burn down their charity organization building.

And while everyone is condemning the attack at the school, nobody says a word of condemnation for this little bit of arson.

Which means that either Arabs burning Arab charities is not very important news, or that even Palestinian Arabs know that some charities are not really charities.