Friday, May 25, 2007

Another example of how Palestinian Arabs think

This editorial was printed in "Palestine Today" (Arabic) in reaction to Mahmoud Abbas calling Qassam fire ridiculous and counterproductive. It shows the depravity and mindset of these terrorist supporters. And this is not a Hamas newspaper (autotranslated):
Mahmoud Abbas resumed use of language that serve the Zionist entity, which does not serve the interest of our forces and, when stopping to describe Palestinian Rocket again as ridiculous, in an implicit reference to the Palestinian resistance, in an attempt to minimize the amount and value in an affront to the feelings of the Palestinians who see valuable resistance means defending the dignity and themselves.

Mr. Abbas's position is very resistance, which sees a futile, and had previously described one of the martyrdom operations carried out by the Islamic Jihad, stating that it (the menial), and this naturally to the media, which documented the video, as documented in sound and picture vocabulary yesterday.

Interviews with Olmert, what can be classified, and Embrace Embrace again, let alone conduct a long and tortuous negotiations, which is still in Eugena maze behind the other, all these matters are not considered absurd from the standpoint of Mahmoud Abbas, but Palestinians requested a abandon their resistance, and proven, causing panic in the hearts of Zionists and at all levels.

The position of Abbas came here in favor of the Zionist entity, because he did not recall the size of the suffering of the Palestinian people, and would like to see assassinations and physical liquidation daily, and all drive the cease-fire, and throwing down their arms and surrender Palestinians resisting the Zionist entity.

Betting on the settlement reported what the Palestinian people, and to Embrace Olmert km of prisoners liberated from the constraints, but what is the position of Abbas began defense of the Zionist position, and came at a time when the Zionist massacres are continuing, and interaction within the military institution especially in front of the continued Zionist missiles fall, that made a ghost town of Sderot.

Once again the position of Mahmoud Abbas in favor of the Zionist entity, does not take into account the other hand, the magnitude of the tragedy, which requires the logic of the need to retaliate and to deter the enemy.

Missiles are not ridiculous, but negotiations are useless, because it limits the minimum finding umbrella of settlement expansion, while Rocket, made the area around the Gaza unsafe areas, where no future for settlement.

Rockets opportunity and the means necessary to deter use to protect our people in the West, but the arms of the Zionists came only disasters.
The amount of fantasy that ordinary Palestinian Arabs can maintain simultaneously is staggering.

  • They honestly think that Qassams are deterring Israel from hurting them more.
  • They look at these rockets as a huge ego boost and they hang their very dignity on their ability to force Jews from their homes.
  • They say explicitly that terror is better than peace.
  • They don't care about their own people's welfare as long as they can hurt the "Zionist entity."
How anyone can think that it is possible to negotiate with people who have no grasp of reality to begin with?