Friday, April 20, 2007

Too much news, too little time - Dhimmi Carter edition

Jimmy Carter has decided that Palestinian Arab rights are the most important issue in the coming presidential election, a litmus test that Iowa caucus voters should use when choosing a candidate. It seems that the Saudi money that pays for The Carter Center is being spent very wisely.

A Palestinian Arab whose rights Carter is so concerned about got very close to blowing up a bus in Israel two months ago, but he put the batteries for the bomb in incorrectly. He made it into Israel through parts of that apartheid fence that Jimmy wants to see destroyed. As Barak at IRIS points out, he would be a candidate for prisoner release the next time Islamic Jihad kidnaps a Jew, because he doesn't have "blood on his hands."

While Dhimmi Carter is obsessing over the Israel Lobby, Harper's Magazine is more concerned with the Saudi Lobby.

Carter's favorite moderate PalArab group, Fatah, announced that it want to kidnap more Israelis.

Birthright Israel is bringing a record 23,500 students to Israel this summer. Carter would want them to go to Gaza.

I've been skeptical about the possibility of strengthening moderate Islam. Daniel Pipes disagrees. I'm not sure what Jimmah would think.