Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What's Hamas up to this morning?

I like to check the Arabic version of the Al Qassam (Hamas "military wing") website to see how much this group has moderated in recent months.

Highlights from today's edition:

  • Readers were asked if they thought the "unity government" would support the terrorists ("resistance option "): 67% said yes.
  • They condemned an assassination attempt of one of their officials, presumably by Fatah.
  • They denounced an Abbas advisor who implied that the unity government might crack down on "resistance."
  • A report on Israeli building activities around Jerusalem and another on Hebron consistently refers to them as "rape" and Israelis as "rapists."
  • A report on Israeli actions in Nablus against terrorists refers to Israel consistently as "Nazis."
  • The logo of the page shows a picture missing from the English website:
They sound like peace partners to me!