Monday, January 15, 2007

Morning Palestinian Arab news roundup

All from Maan News:

  • An infant was shot in the head and killed during a clan clash (top story in Arabic, tiny news item in English)
  • Two more PalArabs were kidnapped in Gaza
  • A professor at Najah University says Iran has every right to a nuclear bomb (he didn't even pretend that Iran was only trying to create a peaceful nuclear energy program). He also blames Arabs for not being on Iran's side, saying that they all need to work together against America and Israel.
  • The Nablus police announced that there were 39 murders and 25 suicides in Nablus in 2006. I know most of these aren't included in my PalArab self-death count.
  • "Unknown" gunmen shot a PalArab policeman.
  • A Palestinian Arab minister revealed that there was a plot to assassinate him. The interesting twist is that the would-be assassins were hired for the task, promised $30,000 on a successful hit.
  • In a remarkable mirror of American-style "peace activism," there is a sit-in in tents in downtown Gaza City protesting Palestinian Arab infighting. And just like the American "peace activists," these neo-hippies want to se all the PalArabs get together in peace and love to direct all their efforts in the fight against Israel. Not so surprisingly, the people behind this lovefest are terrorists who are not involved in PalArab governmental affairs, like the Popular Front.
The PalArab self-death counts are now at 236 violently killed by each other since Operation Summer Rains and 31 so far this year.