Saturday, January 06, 2007

More chaos in Palestan

The Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights announced that 23 had been killed during the week, as of this afternoon (of course, their English site is silent.) So my count of 22 was close.

In addition, 3 more were killed today, all Hamas supporters from the same family, along with assorted kidnappings, house bombings and more of the usual acts we've all come to expect from this proud people. Not to mention the point-blank shooting of a lecturer at A-Najah university at his house, also a Hamas supporter, who is now in serious condition.

Hamas is not standing still for this, and they announced that they're doubling the size of their now-illegal militia.

Our counts of PalArabs violently killed by each other, are now up to 231 dead since Summer Rains and 26 dead since January 1. (This death will not be counted by Mezan's methods above because this was a martyrdom operation, not from infighting.)

UPDATE: One of the people injured in a "work accident" in the end of December has gone on to meet his virgins in Paradise, because while he didn't manage to take any Jews with him, he gets credit for trying. So our count is now 232 and 27.

UPDATE 1/8: A 19-year old in Nablus playing with his gun got on the wrong end. 233 and 28.

UPDATE 1/9: Another died from injuries in the fighting last week. The AP story wrongly says that all the deaths were in Gaza - I documented one in the West Bank. 234 and 29.

UPDATE 1/10: A university student killed in a clan clash in a refugee camp north of Ramallah. 235 and 30.