Wednesday, December 27, 2006

PICCR: 34 PalArabs killed by each other in December so far

WAFA reports on the latest PICCR ("Palestinian Independent Commission for Citizens’ Rights") monthly report, which inexplicably is not on their website (neither is last month's.) But their numbers track pretty closely to mine, so assuming overlap that means I missed at least one and my count of Palestinian Arabs violently killed by each other since late June stands at 203.

PICCR breaks it down to 28 killed in Gaza and 6 in the West Bank.

Even though PICCR was established by that giant of human rights, Yasir Arafat, it appears to take its job as an independent auditor of PA institutions seriously. It blames the government and the "security forces" squarely for the lack of a judicial process in the territories.

It is a shame that their website is so poor, because very few groups and NGOs seem to take a real interest in internal PalArab problems and instead spend their time trying to find ways to blame Israel for everything. WAFA itself is a PA mouthpiece and never reports on most of the murders in the territories, even though its Arabic site updates its news stories every few minutes.