Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Black is white, up is down, truce means "shoot!"

At 11:00 PM Tuesday Palestine time the latest "truce" between Fatah and Hamas went into effect. Although by reading the media, the previous one was in effect all day Tuesday and just "endangered" by the killing of six people.

Anyway, at dawn, the latest cease-fire was ended with the killing of another in Gaza City. This makes my PalArab self-death count since late June add up to 199, meaning that sometime on Wednesday we can expect another "grim milestone."

At least there is consistency - the words "cease fire" are equally meaningless when PalArabs promise to stop firing at Israel.

UPDATE: Grim milestone reached. There were two killings at dawn, Hamas attacking a Fatah police car. 200 PalArabs now violently killed by each other that I know of since Operation Summer Rains began in late June.

Thursday update: 201.
Friday update: 202.