Thursday, December 28, 2006

Olmert recognizes an Arab Palestinian State

Some details on the meeting Olmert had with Abbas, from the Forward:
The meeting — long expected, oft postponed and arranged in secrecy — was the first between the two since Olmert became prime minister. Strikingly, Olmert made a point of treating Abbas as a head of state. A red, green, black and white flag waved next to the blue-and-white Israeli one in the parking lot of Olmert’s residencethe first time the Palestinian banner has been displayed at an Israeli institution. Olmert greet Abbas as “Mr. President” — dropping the Israeli insistence on the lesser title “chairman” for the head of the Palestinian Authority.

The symbols were aimed at announcing that Olmert regards Abbas as a negotiating partner. “The prime minister stated very clearly that he is reaching out to those in the Palestinian Authority who support a two-state solution and achieving [it] through dialogue,” Olmert spokeswoman Miri Eisin told the Forward this week. “We are trying… to show the Palestinian people that there are more benefits to non-violence.

And we all know how non-violent the past month was!

And we all know how committed to peace Fatah is!

Jameel is right - they tell jokes about Israel in Chelm.

Let's hope that Israel can find leaders who aren't quite as funny.