Monday, December 25, 2006

Fatah terrorists slam Hamas - for being too soft

From the PA Arabic mouthpiece, WAFA (autotranslated/cleaned up):
The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the military arm of the "Fatah" Movement, today rejected "Hamas" on the truce offer, for its unprecedented free concessions to Israel.

Abu Al-Walid, spokesman for the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, said in a telephone conversation with the "Voice of Palestine", this morning, that this document, beyond the constants and national standards, through repeal the right of return, and acceptance of the temporary borders of Israel which will give full opportunity to intensify settlement and looting Palestinian land and divide it into "cantons".

He added that the "Hamas" resort to its pledge not to make concessions before the Palestinian arena, and the basis of the national principles to extricate the government from the crisis, saying : "The government was out" Hamas "from the crisis deserves to implicate the Palestinian people in free concessions."

The Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, to fight the "Hamas" by all means, pointing out that Ahmed Yusuf, the political adviser to Prime Minister Ismail Haniya, who arrive at the document with other Western intelligence, represents only the "Hamas", adding that spokesmen, "Hamas" are misinforming the Palestinian people is a shame.

Some of the accusations are clearly a purposeful misreading of the Hamas "hudna" offer to make Hamas look weak compared to the Fatah "military arm," and much of this statement is political positioning rather than reflecting reality, but it proves yet again that Fatah is no more interested in peace than Hamas.

Also interesting is the fact that though this is a pro-Abbas newspaper (really a mouthpiece), there is not the slightest hint that the newspaper is distancing itself from the feelings of the Al Aqsa Brigades the way that its articles on Hamas make clear that they are "the other side."

And just like Abbas refuses to say anything bad about Al Aqsa, notice that Al Aqsa is slamming Hamas and refusing to say anything bad about Abbas, even though he has publicly claimed (when criticizing Hamas!) to only want a state on the 1967 territories and nothing more.

Which means that, at best, Abbas has no interest in reigning in his "military wing" even when their statements are totally at odds with Abbas' public, more "moderate" statements. At worst, it means that the Brigades is just part of the PalArab Fatah strategy to use both the carrot and the stick to get Israel to bend to their will and that Abbas agrees with their statements wholeheartedly. This was a hallmark of Arafat's methodology.

Yet somehow Olmert and his European friends think that strengthening Fatah is the key to peace.