Tuesday, December 19, 2006

PalArabs killing each other. Continued. (Count at 198)

A 13-year old named Fawzi Issa was killed in Jenin during "regrettable events." It appears to have been during a protest at the killing of another, Saqr Turkmen.

Another kid in Jenin was kidnapped.

In Al-Birah, a PalArab security officer was killed in a drive-by shooting.

Our count of PalArabs violently killed by each other since late June is now at 186.

UPDATES: An Abbas guard killed in Gaza City. 187.
A 19-year old girl named Mustafa Misbah was shot in the neck and killed in Gaza: 188.
Hamdi Rahma, brother of a senior officer in the Palestinian Preventative Security Service, was killed in Jabalya. 189.

News sources are reporting at least 4 killed on Sunday, I only had three - so that's 190.

An Egyptian Palestinian Arab was found dead with a bullet hole in his head in Khan Younis - 191.

Ahmed Zeyada, a 21-year-old Fatah supporter was killed by Hamas Monday night. 192.

Two Fatah members assassinated in their car by Hamas Tuesday morning. And a Hamas member was killed on the Shifa hospital compund in Gaza City. 195.
The Jerusalem Post reports five killed today so far, so that makes 197.

Haaretz says a sixth was killed in its NewsFlash section. 198.