Sunday, December 03, 2006

Another peaceful PalArab weekend - UPDATED

No deaths that I could find reported, but enough to show yet again how great it would be to have an independent Palestinian Arab state...
  • A group calling itself "Just Swords" announced a new modesty campaign for Gaza. So far they take credit for bombing an Internet cafe, throwing acid in the face of a young woman who was not dressed in a hijab, and destroying a car that was playing it radio too loudly for them.

    More details from Al-Ayyam: they bombed 12 stores that sell music not to their liking, video shops and Internet cafes, with RPGs. They said that these stores were in the service of the "Jewish Zionists" and their "crusader masters."

    Hamas responded by saying they did not support these attacks, and if people wanted to outlaw Internet and force women to cover every inch of their bodies they should use the normal political process for this goal.

  • The Arab Bank in Gaza was firebombed. It's main gate and customer lobby was destroyed. The bank will go on strike in response.
  • Two bombs destroyed a car .
  • A clan clash involving two families and some bystanders with explosives and other fun weapons. It looks like the families have started a two-month truce, though.
  • An armed clash between "security forces" and a family in Gaza City, 11 injured.
  • A man, Sulaiman Khamis Muammar (40 years old), was murdered in Khan Younis with two shots to the heart. The famous "unknown gunmen" killed him.
  • Hebron "police" issued a statement about a dramatic increase in crime over the past month, including 2 murders and one "accident". No details are given but I do not recall any Hebron murders in my death count, so the number of PalArabs killed violently by each other since late June now stands at 168.
  • UPDATE: 4 more dead since last week besides Muammar mentioned above:
Earlier on the same day, at approximately 07:00, the Palestinian police found the corpse of Hammad ‘Awad al-‘Arouqi, 40, from Nusairat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, on a tract of land belonging to the Abu Meddain family in the east of al-Boreij refugee camp. According to medical crews, al-‘Arouqi was found handcuffed with his face to the ground. He was hit by 3 live bullets to the chest. The corpse was transferred to the forensic medicine department at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

At approximately 13:00 on Friday, 1 December 2006, the corpse of ‘Alaa’ ‘Abdul Karim Matar, 21, was found inside a flat in Block 4 in Jabalya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip. He was hit by a live bullet to the head. The corpse was transferred to the forensic medicine department at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, and the police initiated an investigation into Matar’s death.

At approximately 17:10 on Thursday, 30 November 2006, Salim Ashraf Salim al-Masri, 20, from Kahn Yunis, was killed by several live bullets throughout the body. He was shot for family revenge.

At approximately 13:30 on Wednesday, 29 November 2006, Mohammed ‘Araef Rashwan, 31, was killed by a live bullet to the chest, and his colleague, Ahmed Hamdan Abu Sha’ar, 24, was wounded by a live bullet to the thighs, when they were inside their security site in the east of Rafha. Live bullets were unleashed by mistake from the rifle of a security man guarding the site and hit Rashwan and Abu Sha’ar.
So now our count has hit 172.

PalArabs claimed the IDF killed a 15-year old boy in Nablus; the IDF denied it. Which means that he was killed by some other PalArab. We are now at 173.

(Monday morning update: it seems ambiguous enough for me to not count the last one. Still 172.)