Monday, November 27, 2006

Death count update: 165

Just to keep my loyal readers up with the latest news of Palestinian Arabs being violently killed without any Israeli help since Operation Summer Rains started, we see that two young terrorist wannabes were found dead in the collapsed tunnel that they were building to Egypt. (Or, as Egypt calls them, "smugglers.")

It seems that I missed a Hamas member who was killed in very similar circumstances last month.

So my count is now up to 164.

UPDATE: 165.
At approximately 16:00 Wednesday, 29 November 2006, 3 gunmen shot dead Jihad Suleiman Abu Nsaira, 40, with a live bullet to the head, when he was walking near ‘Abdul Karim al-‘Aklouk School in the center of Deir al-Balah town in the central Gaza Strip. Abu Nsaira was killed for a family revenge.