Sunday, December 10, 2006

Another "honor killing"

A woman named Saber Bedier was shot in the chest and killed at her home in Kfar Qasim, apparently by her father-in-law and her husband collaborating. It looks like it happened last Monday but of course most of the Palestinian Arab press didn't report it at the time.

To their credit, it was reported recently and in very negative terms by Kul al-Arab and Fasl-Al Maqal.

Also, a mother and son were killed in an explosion in Hebron. The PalArabs are quick to blame some leftover Israeli explosives, but it is not like Hebron is the target of cluster bombs, so it seems much more likely to have been a Palestinian Arab weapon that exploded.

My very undercounted PalArab self-death count since late June now stands at 175.