Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Women's lib, PalArab style

Islamic Jihad has accused Israel of arresting charity workers. In this painful autotranslation from WAFA:
Islamic Jihad accuses the occupation authorities to arrest citizens working in the framework of charity work
Wafa accused the Islamic Jihad movement, today, the Israeli occupation authorities to arrest citizens working in the framework of charity work, among charities based movement founded to help the citizens.Khader Habib, denied the news reported by the Israeli media, the arrest of occupation cell belonging to the women's movement in the cities of Ramallah and Hebron in the West Bank.

The Sheikh Habib, All prisons in the occupation forces working in the field of philanthropy.

Now, let's see what is really going on:
The Shin Bet exposed during the months of August and September a network of women operating for the Islamic Jihad as part of the organization's terror infrastructure in the West Bank. This was cleared for publication Tuesday.

The network is split into two terror cells – one in Kfar Ayin and one in Kfar Na'ama – that have carried out shooting attacks and have laid roadside bombs around Ramallah. The network has even operated an explosives lab. The Shin Bet and the IDF have arrested a number of the network's members.

One of the senior women arrested is Wadha Faqhaa, 24, from Jilzon, dealt with transferring finances to one of the cells. Faqhaa, head of the Islamic Jihad office in Ramallah, was arrested on August 3. During her interrogation, she said that she received funds from the organization's command center in Syria. Some of the funds she allocated to finance terrorist cells by way of a number of women Islamic Jihad activists serving as money couriers.

Two of the couriers – Haba Hamidat, 21, and Falastin Tsoobah, 21, also residents Jilzon – worked in the Islamic Jihad office in Ramallah that takes care of the organization's prisoners. They were arrested on August 20 and confessed to the accusations against them.

In addition to the two couriers, Faqhaa was also aided by other Islamic Jihad activists who served as a conduit for transferring funds from the organization's central command in Syria to the terror cells.

Two of these activists – Afat Khalifa, 21, from Kfar Naama, and Zakia Guanma, 40, from Jilzon – were arrested as well. They said during their interrogations that they received commission of USD 100 for each money transfer they carried out. These funds then funded the terror attacks of the Islamic Jihad's terror cells.

The sixth member who was arrested is Rania Abu Khadir, 26, from Tzurif. She is the head of the Islamic Jihad's student union at Hebron University. Khadir is suspected of being active in charity organizations, which transferred funds to terrorist organizations and the families of suicide bombers.

Judging from the use of female human shields to allow wanted terrorists to escape, and yesterday's woman suicide bomber and this article, it seems that the PalArabs are hellbent to make their own lives even more miserable than they are now.

But it is no surprise that they have such low regard for their women's welfare. Domestic violence against women in the territories has increased in recent years, with rapes, honor killings and incest all rampant, according to a HRW report released yesterday. (Although the PA gets the brunt of the responsibility in the report, HRW manages to obliquely blame Israel for some of it - after all, if PalArab men don't have jobs, then what choice do they have but to take their frustrations out on their wives and daughters?)