Monday, November 06, 2006

Congratulations, Hamas

In the beginning of the current intifada, the PalArab terrorists used suicide bombers to kill any Jews they could reach. At first, Israel reacted defensively, adding many checkpoints and stopping many attacks. The Palestinian Arab people suffered because of the checkpoints but continued to support the terrorists.

The terrorists started recruiting Arabs who worked in Israel to blow up their workplaces. After a couple of bombings, most PalArabs lost their jobs as their Jewish employers did not want to be put at risk. The Palestinian Arabs suffered, the their economy went in the toilet, but they continued to support the terrorists.

The terror continued, though, and after a long period of no active military response, Israel took the offensive in the West Bank to pro-actively go after the terror cells and managed to reduce the threat a great deal. Meanwhile, the Palestinian Arab people's lives got much harder because of the fighting that had moved from Israel's cities to those of the territories. Still, they supported the terrorists.

The terrorists started recruiting women suicide bombers. After a couple of "successes," Israel cracked down on the Arab women as hard as they had on Arab men. The Palestinian Arab women suffered, but still they supported the terrorists.

The lowlife terrorist scum then started to smuggle explosives into Israel using ambulances. As a result, Israel has to stop and inspect every ambulance going through checkpoints, slowing down medical help to many. Palestinian Arabs suffered, but still they continued to support the murderers.

Finally, to stop the threats, Israel started building a fence to separate the Jews from those who wanted to kill them. PalArab farmers suffered from losing easy access to some of their crops but it essentially stopped the attacks. Yet still the Palestinian Arabs supported the terrorists.

Then the terrorists started shooting rockets into Israel. This caused Israel to invade Gaza, killing some innocent civilians along with many terrorists. Life deteriorated yet again for the Palestinian Arabs but still they supported the terrorists - so much so that they elected Hamas to lead them.

This caused the world to place an economic boycott on the territories, and the PalArabs suffered even more. But they continued to support the terrorists.

Now, the PalArabs are elated that Hamas called on their women to rescue their terrorist heroes who were shooting from a mosque. The women, knowing that Israel would not treat them as military targets, managed to dress the terrorists in their clothing and allowed them to escape. The PalArabs are crying with happiness and a new legend has been born.

As a result, the next time they try to do that, the Israelis will treat the women as a military target and shoot them - as they should treat anyone who is aiding terror. Many women will die. Life will get even worse for the PalArabs.

And they will continue to support the people who have made their lives hell because they believe that killing Jews is more important than building a state.

So, congratulations, Hamas, for your brave call to your puppet women to place their lives at risk to save your murderers. Because of your decision, many more of your sisters and mothers will die and your people will suffer more and more.

But they will continue to support you, so it must be worth it.