Friday, November 24, 2006

Today's GoozNews: American (and Zionist) Idol

From the ever-amusing IRNA:
Iran's Supreme Leader's envoy in Hajj and head of Iranian pilgrims to the house of God Ayatollah Mohammad Mohammadi Reyshahri here on Friday said that following the US and Zionist regime is an idol-worshipping practice.

Reyshahri said that Israel is "idol" and the US is the "big idol".

Giving his pre-sermon address in this week's Friday prayers congregation, Reyshahri highlighted importance of the "Disavowal of Pagans" ceremony and said it is one of the main duties of pilgrims during the Hajj congregation.

Reyshahri said `Disavowal of Pagans' ceremony is of significance because on the occasion, Iran raises its voice and stances and the "wise" slogans, chanted in the process, are influential in mobilizing the world.

He said if Muslim nations and governments get united, they will be able to do huge jobs but ignorance of the point would end up in the domineering powers and enemies of Islam taking the initiative and deciding fate of Muslims.

"All Hajj activists and pilgrims should know that there are certain hands at work, trying to divide Shiites and Sunnies," the official added.

I just would point out that this is completely consistent with my oft-stated thesis that Iran is trying to become a world power by becoming the united leader of Muslims worldwide, and that their major target is America, not Israel.

There is an interesting twist here that I hadn't seen before. To Muslims, there is a clear differentiation for non-Muslims between "people of the book" (Jews and Christians) and "infidels" (everyone else.) By classifying Americans and Israelis as "idols" he may be making a religious legal decision making it obligatory to kill them.