Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Iran threatening America since 2004

Last year, there was a quite justified international outcry over the Iranian president's repeated stated desire to see Israel destroyed.

The most blatant incident occurred during the "World Without Zionism" conference in Tehran last October. Many of us saw this image of Ahmadinejad:

What we didn't see was, as I mentioned at the time, this was the second of a series of annual conferences. The first one was called "A World Without America" held in the autumn of 2004. MEMRI shows the music video commissioned for that first conference, showing video of 9/11 attacks as a symbol for the fall of America.

Iran's problem with Israel is not the same as the Arabs' problem. Iran sees Israel as representing America, which is its primary enemy.

The full poster of the 2005 anti-Israel conference shows this clearly, but I had never seen it until now:

Notice that the American sphere has already fallen at the bottom of the hourglass, broken.

And it is not like the audience was not aware of this symbolism - it was part of a huge backdrop:

(H/T Regime Change Iran)

Iran is not trying to hide its agenda as it speeds towards nuclear weapons capability. The question is, why does the West keep pretending that the threat is not real nor imminent?