Thursday, November 16, 2006

Please ignore this smoking gun

Even after Hamas' election as the appointed terror head of the PalArab people, the Western media and politicians still tend to treat Haniyeh as a political figure - perhaps strident, perhaps stubborn - but not as a terrorist himself.

Similarly, the Fatah-dominated portions of the PA, from Abbas on down through the police, has always been given a free pass as far as terror was concerned. Sure, some of the policemen moonlighted as terrorists, and we all know that they were corrupt, but no one in the West ever really thought of them as the actual instigators of terror.

There is a very good reason for this. To admit that they are terrorists means that there can never be negotiations with them which means that there can never be peace. It means admitting that the Palestinian Arab leaders and government is just a front for terror organizations and do not have any independent positive contributions to give. All the emotional investment that the West has given towards the "peace process" would be realized to have been wasted, or worse, to have been actually encouraging the opposite of peace. To imagine that the West would admit to a mistake this massive, that perhaps PalArabs are really not interested in the peace and compromise that everyone assumes, is just too devastating.

It is easier to pretend.

So, I apologize for the discomfort that comes out of this tiny detail in a Ha-aretz story about the liquid explosive belt that was discovered recently that I mentioned this morning:
A second belt was discovered in a search held by the security forces in the Palestinian National Security building in the West Bank city of Ramallah.
The Palestinian National Security Forces are building suicide bomb vests.

Not some shadowy terror organization where people wear masks and carry RPGs. Not the "military wing" of Hamas. Not the rogue Fatah ragtag terrorists. No, these bomb belts, these terror weapons, are being built by the organization that was created at Oslo, that was initially armed by Israel to patrol the borders jointly with the IDF, that was funded directly in the millions by the West, that was trained by the UN.

A story that should be in the headlines, a story that completely explodes the prevailing conventional wisdom of most of the free world, a story that should be the start of war crimes trials and ultimatums from a unified world....gets buried as a single sentence in an article that almost no one will read.

When the truth is too painful, it is easier to pretend that lies are the truth.