Sunday, November 12, 2006

More news from the terrortories

  • A rich Palestinian Arab is donating a half a million dollars to rebuild the terror fortress that masqueraded as a mosque during Israel's reent incursion in Beit Hanoun. This religious center was where PalArabs shot at Israeli soldiers with impunity, knowing that Israel's response would be muted. It seems that while PalArabs are supposedly starving, the rebuilding of the military mosque takes priority over medicine and food.
  • A six year old PalArab child from Khan Younis, Mahmoud Adel Mohammad Abu Taha, was shot and killed by a bullet to the head on Sunday from an "unknown source" (which means from some Arab.) If one looks online for news from Khan Younis over the weekend, though, the only story is a PalArab adult allegedly injured by Israeli gunfire. As usual, PalArab self-deaths are hushed up. This week's PA news was so heavily weighted between crying over Beith Hanoun and celebrating the anniversary of Arafat's death that no other story could get traction, so who knows how many self-deaths I missed.)

    Also, a 29-year old man from Ramallah was murdered but the circumstances aren't so clear.
    The self-death count is now at 156.
  • That supposed "moderate" Mahmoud Abbas gave a lengthy speech extolling Yasir Arafat, including his terror attacks of the 1970s, and his disastrous attempted takeover of Lebanon in the 80s. He also obliquely blames Israel in referring to Arafat's death as being worthy of investigation. He reiterates that the PalArabs will not compromise on a single inch of land and Jerusalem as being their capital. The celebrated moderate also extensively quoted the Koran.