Thursday, November 02, 2006

The "Starving Palestinians" meme

Just in the past few days, we see:
Egypt's largest Islamic group accused the world of "aggressive starvation" of the Palestinians Friday, as about 500 people demonstrated against Israel in Cairo's main mosque. - AP
"Israel is deliberately starving Palestinians into submission as the reward for having democratically elected the party of their choice." - OpEdNews, quoting Alexander Cockburn in The Nation in June.
"We are starving. We want a solution, or else there will be a big explosion here," said Imad Abu Sabri, an officer in the Palestinian presidential guard Force 17, who celebrated the Eid festival with hundreds of colleagues by blocking streets and burning tires to protest the government's failure to pay its employees. - SF Chronicle
Given his staunch opposition to the ‘militarization’ of the Intifada it is strange that Abbas is now the recipient of foreign arms shipments. More absurd is the fact that the generous suppliers of these weapons are the same governments that imposed crippling economic sanctions against the elected government in Palestine because it refuses to dismantle its military infrastructure. How cynical that western democracies should prefer to supply guns to a starving people instead of food. - Palestine Chronicle, completely ignoring the irony of Hamas acquiring tons of new weapons rather than food.
Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh is defiant: "They used every conceivable act of inhumanity and cruelty, including starving our people and sowing divisiveness in our ranks, but have failed to bring this government down." - Al-Ahram Weekly

And here's one more piece of evidence of the unimaginable cruelty by the Zionists, especially the IDF:
The IDF meanwhile is stressing the importance of maintaining the flow of humanitarian aid to the Palestinians.

290 trucks carrying food staples and medicine entered the Gaza Strip from the Karni crossing over the last few days.

Some 400,000 liter of solar petrol, 100,000 liters of benzene and 15 tons of gas entered the Gaza Strip over the same period.