Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Exploiting Israel's humanity for terror

The terror group Popular Resistance Committees recruited a man from Gaza who was undergoing medical treatment in Israel to build terror cells in the West Bank:
It has been cleared for publication that the Shin Bet and the IDF arrested Gaza City resident Jabar Derabiya, 43, at Erez Crossing two months ago for being suspected of planning to carry out terror attacks against Israeli targets.

Derabiya, active in the Popular Resistance Committees, received an entry permit into Israel in order to get treatment for a medical condition of his, and allegedly planned to exploit the entry permit in order to establish terror cells in the West Bank. He was arrested on September 28 while trying to enter Israel.

During his investigation, Derabiya admitted being recruited to the mission by then commander of the Popular Resistance Committees Jamal Abu Samhadana earlier in the year. Abu Samhadana wanted to exploit of Derabiya's condition that required medical attention in Israel in order to bring him into the West Bank.

Derabiya's plan to enter the West Bank was derailed when Abu Samhadana was killed by Israel in an aerial attack on his organization's training camp next to Rafah on June 8.

It emerged from the investigation that a few weeks after Samhadana was killed, his heir, whose identity has not yet been revealed, renewed the plan to transfer Derabiya into the West Bank. However, this plan was stymied when Derabiya was arrested at Erez Crossing.

The defense establishment responded to Derabiya's arrest, saying, "This is another attempt of the terror organization, operating by exploiting Palestinian civilians entering Israel for medical treatment on a humanitarian background, for carrying out terror attacks against the State of Israel."
This is a recurring theme. Now Israel will have to slow down accepting people for medical treatment and more PalArabs will die - and the world will blame Israel for their hardships.

Now here's a thought experiment: Can you imagine a single Muslim or PalArab leader, spokesperson or columnist ever publicly condemning the actions of the PRC in this case? Is there any Arab who would stand up and say "the PRC has hurt the cause of the Palestinian people with their shortsighted attempts to export terror?"

Or are the majority of the peaceful PalArabs more upset that the terror plot was stopped?