Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another clan clash; two women dead.

PCHR reports that two women, Zeinat Faris Juha and Jehan Mohammad Juha, were killed in a "Clan Clash" in Beit Lahia, Gaza, yesterday. Jehan was 7 months pregnant. A 16-year old girl was injured.

I just looked through WAFA's website in Arabic to find any mention of this double murder. WAFA, the "Palestine News Agency," updates its Arabic site with new stories on the average every five minutes throughout the day, so every time Mahmoud Abbas opens a letter or every time a minor minister in Mauritania says something against Israel, WAFA faithfully reports it.

Well, it doesn't mention this.

Could it be that Palestinian Arab women's lives are only worthwhile when they are killed by Jews?

Could it be that the entire culture is so geared around the idea of destroying Israel that when it destroys itself it is a meaningless event?

Could it be that WAFA is not concerned about "news" at all, but only positive PR for PalArabs?

Our self-death count of PalArabs being violently killed by their own since late June now stands at 158. The percentage mentioned in the Palestinian Arab press is unknown, but my educated guess is about 10%-20% depending on the newspaper.