Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Islamist newspaper cheering, exaggerating Israeli civilian deaths

A very good look into the mind of a depraved people can be found at kavkazcenter.com, a Chechen "news" website that is far enough away from the Middle East as to not be concerned about saying things that are politically correct. In other words, it is a rare unvarnished look at Islamic depravity in English (although much of the news comes from an Iranian "news" agency.)

For example, here's a bit of wishful thinking about the number of innocent civilians murdered in Haifa:
Hezbollah Rockets Kill Dozens of Zionists in Haifa, Scores Wounded
In retaliation to the unabated brutalities of the illegal Zionist entity, a rocket barrage by the Hezbollah defenders of Lebanon on Haifa in the northern part of the usurper state of "Israel" reportedly killed two Zionists and wounded 14 others on Sunday.

The actual fatality of Sunday's defensive missile barrage on Haifa is, however, believed to be in several dozens including the wounded. Because of tight censorship by Israel the exact casualty figures in the Zionist entity has been ignored by the Western media.

In a similar vein:

In retaliation to the unabated atrocities of the Zionist entity against the civilians of Lebanon, the Hezbollah movement fired a barrage of 170 missiles on Sunday on mostly military and industrial sites in the northern part of Occupied Palestine inflicting considerable damage and resulting in the death of over 40 Zionists and injury to over 90 others.

It's hard not to see the pride that the Islamists feel at the mythical murder of dozens of civilians, even though in the next breath they castigate Israel for doing exactly that.

The amount of time they spend trying to spin shooting rockets into Haifa as "defensive" is pretty funny, too.