Sunday, July 16, 2006

Arab life really is cheaper - to Arabs

Terror apologists in Britain are up in arms over a statement made by a British columnist and actress on the BBC:
Press release: CAABU condemns Maureen Lipman’s comments on the BBC

The director of the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding (CAABU), Chris Doyle, has written to the BBC to condemn the comments on the BBC television programme "This Week" by leading British columnist Maureen Lipman.

Unchallenged by the presenter, Andrew Neil, Lipman commented on the situation in the Middle East and denied that the Israeli actions were disproportionate.

"What’s proportion got to do with it. It’s not about proportion, is it? Human life is not cheap to the Israelis. And human life on the other side is quite cheap actually because they strap bombs to people and send them to blow themselves up."

The idea that somehow Arabs, whether Palestinians or Lebanese, do not value human life as much as anyone else is disgraceful.

In the letter, Doyle wrote:

"Is it acceptable that what most people would consider a racist comment is merely allowed to pass like this? It is simply outrageous. The comments were made in the context of discussing proportionality; therefore, implicitly she is saying that you could not measure proportion because there was no equivalence between an Israeli and an Arab life. All Arabs, like all other people, value human life.
Of course, Lipman is entirely correct. Arab life is, by their own definition, cheaper than Jewish lives.

Why else would they be asking to trade 1000 Arab prisoners for 1 Israeli?
Why else would they be killing their own civilians on the same scale that Israel is?
Why else would they produce TV shows encouraging their children to want to die?
Why else would they celebrate whenever they kill Jewish civilians in Israel, while no Jews celebrate the death of Arab civilians? (Here's Hamas' celebration of the Hebrew University massacre:

Why do they teach Palestinian Arab mothers to rejoice when their sons die while killing Jews?
Why does the Arab culture even consider the idea of honor killings?
When have the Arabs ever mobilized an entire country for the sake of a single soldier's life?

In fact, the one nation that seems to care the most about Arab lives is Israel. Israel spends enormous effort and money to minimize civilian deaths in its operations. Israel is still sending medical aid and food and electricity and water to Gaza even while at war with its people who overwhelmingly want to see Israel destroyed.

It is because of Israel that the Palestinian Arab mortality rate in the territories dropped a huge amount from 1967 to 2000 and the Palestinian Arab life expectancy shot up in the same time period. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Arabs are alive today because of Israel that would have been dead or never born had Jordan and Egypt kept the territories in 1967.

Above all - why do Arab terrorists like to hide their activities and weapons among the Arab civilians that you pretend that they love so much? It is because they themselves know that Israel values Arab lives more than Arabs do!

Mr. Doyle, as someone who claims to value Arab life, can you provide me with any press release or interview where you condemned Hamas and Hizbollah for hiding among civilians and endangering their lives?

So yes, Mr. Doyle. Arab life is cheap - to Arabs and to people like you. And because people like you blame the Jews for this phenomenon rather than do any serious self-examination about the psychotic culture of death in many Arab societies, you are part of the problem.