Friday, July 14, 2006

With enemies like these...

One of the overarching ironies of the Israel/Palestinian Arab conflict is the fact that Israel helps the day-to-day life of Palestinian Arabs more than any other nation on the planet. For all the Jew-hating morons who love to write articles about Israel's supposed "ethnic cleansing" and "genocide" against "Palestinians", Israel - even when it is at war with them - still bends over backwards to help the people who want to see it destroyed.

From Vital Perspective:
Despite ongoing terror attacks from Gaza aimed at the civilian population of Israel, supplies continue to be transferred to the Palestinians through several crossings. Today, reports are that over 30 containers and 140 trucks brought in the following supplies:
  • 1080 tons of grains
  • 800 tons of sugar
  • 140 tons of dairy products
  • 520 tons of flour
  • 420 tons of fruit
  • 169 tons of oil
  • 120 tons of salt
  • 160 tons of rice
  • 40 tons of eggs
  • 100 tons of meat and fish
  • 7 truckloads of medicine and medical equipment
  • Several heavy duty generators
  • 25,000 liters of chloride
  • 350,000 liters of diesel
  • 50,000 liters of gasoline
  • 100 tons of cooking gas

People on the ground tell us that water and electricity supply remains uninterrupted.

As I've said before, never in history has a nation cared so much about the civilian population of its enemy than Israel is today.

And the final irony is that Israel's enemies truly do intend to perform a complete and total ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Jews in the Middle East.