Sunday, July 16, 2006

PalArab self-death count now at 30

Those people who love wailing and shooting at funerals have added seven more self-inflicted deaths since my last update. These include:

A 12-year old girl who died from a PalArab rocket;
A 45-year old man who was shot during a wedding celebration;
A 16 year old boy who was shot during a funeral celebration;
3 killed in a Clan Clash®;
and one more who was killed in a different Clan Clash®.

So we now have 30 PalArab civilians killed by other Palestinian Arabs since Israel's incursion began.

None of which will ever be mentioned on CNN or the BBC. Because Arabs killing Arabs are like Israelis dying in auto accidents - it is just par for the course and hardly newsworthy.

Unless they blame the Jews, of course.