Friday, June 23, 2006

Hamas: We have nothing against Jews. We just hate them.

H/T Oceanguy

One of the Hamas cabinet members, Sheikh Nayef Rajoub, said something interesting in March to The New Yorker. He was describing why Israel must be destroyed, and the reason given was that "Freud, a Jew, was the one who destroyed morals."

Got that? Good! Because today he showed a remarkable consistency. When asked whether Jews would be allowed to live in a Palestinian Arab state:
And under no condition would they would be accepted in Palestinian country, if one should be establish[ed]?
"I do not think such a possibility exists. The only solution is for them to be evacuated and removed from our land. These people cannot stay here."

But not all the settlers are the same. Not all are violent and not all of them live in the West Bank because of ideological reasons. And besides, if a foreigner wants to live here you wouldn’t let him?
"A non-Jewish foreigner is a different question. We aren’t against the Jews as Jews, as a religion. We are against those settlers because of their behavior and the immense suffering they have caused us, and the large number of victims their conduct has cost. Settlers’ behavior did not leave us with the option to classify who among them is extremist and who is moderate."

This was in response to Olmert's preposterous assertion that Jews would have the option to live under an Arab West Bank state. Apparently, his grand plan is to just wish away Arab bigotry.

So the next time someone tells you that the Palestinian Arab leadership has nothing against Jews, just remember Rajoub.