Sunday, July 03, 2005

Random links - hebrewsports.com and parshablog's Linkify

Been busy at my real work and with various other projects, including yet another side business called hebrewsports.com where you can buy clothing and gifts with Hebrew versions of professional sports logos. (I'm particularly proud of the Knicks logo I made tonight:
and my recent Mets logo:

I'm also going to be going on a few business trips in the next few weeks so posting will be sporadic. My heyday of putting together articles worthy of Havel Havalim seems to be behind me, alas.

But check out parshablog's Linkify, a very cool Mozilla Firefox add-on that notices any reference to verses in the Tanach or Talmud on web pages and links them to the appropriate page on the Mechon Mamre or e-daf sites. Very nice!