Monday, June 17, 2024

From Ian:

Silence in the face of global antisemitism isn't an option anymore
What people of conscience must begin doing when such events happen is for the entire community to identify as Zionists or Jews, as the case may be.

Communities need to realize that these attacks, while seemingly catalyzed by Israel’s war against Hamas, have relatively little to do with Jews or Israel. Rather, the people who are probably well remunerated to organize these scenarios are actually attacking Western values using antisemitism as a convenient excuse to do so. After all, as was noted at so many of the recent university encampments, the shouting often turned from antisemitic vitriol to chants of “Down with America” and its values, which seems to be the real driving force behind this latest manifestation of the world’s oldest hatred.

In 1994, the citizens of Billings, Montana, then a town of 80,000 with less than 50 Jewish families, rose up in unison against spreading antisemitism. After a spate of incidents leading up to Hanukkah, when several Jewish homes bearing visible holiday markings had their windows broken by Jew haters, the local paper printed a picture of a Hanukkiah so that the entire community could place the picture in a window of their respective homes, in effect saying to the antisemites, as did Master Sgt. Edmonds in 1945: “We are all Jews.”

Jewish communities under threat need to engage urgently with non-Jewish community leaders and mount a well-organized campaign to educate the greater community about the danger to everyone if antisemitism goes unchecked.

Community organizations, religious communities, the press, and the entertainment industry need to get on board to project the message that hatred of a single group will not be tolerated. History is replete with sorry examples of communities where the non-Jewish population looked the other way and eventually found themselves, too, locked in the vise of hatred and prejudice. That cannot be allowed to happen again.

It is still not too late to respond. Those people in the subway car who remained silent last week should be ashamed for letting themselves be cowed by a gang of masked people who represent the worst of America. Hopefully, they will not one day also have to pay a price for their silence. But continuing the silence makes them complicit in the crime.

Elie Wiesel, humanity’s conscience for the last 80 years, said: “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.”

It would seem that the world has not yet learned this lesson.
The Photo-Negative Ideology
The woke take America’s foundational “city on the hill” mythos and reverse it—creating a photo-negative version of our national fable grounded in the same exceptionalist and Zionist mythos. In the new woke myth, America is no longer the global savior or promised land. Instead, America is responsible for everything bad in the world. There would be no human tragedies if not for Judeo-Christian “settler colonialists.” If it wanted to, the U.S. government could fix all contemporary injustice and even historical wrongs—the legacy of slavery, colonialism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, you name it. All it must do is wave its imperial magic wand and bring global misfortune to an end—starting in Gaza.

Wokeness, or whatever you choose to call it, is a photo-negative ideology that merely inverts the country’s old Ku Klux Klan-style ethnopolitical mythos and updates it for today’s secularized—pseudo-multicultural and self-hating—era of Anglo American liberal culture. In wokeness’s new mythic ideal, no longer should the dreaded “white working class” MAGA Trump supporters be on top; rather, they should be on the bottom (double entendre intended), while their opposite-world enemies—Black, trans, handi-capable, antifa sex workers—should instead receive institutional preferences via DEI and whatever more aggressive social engineering project is planned next.

Wokeness represents modern American culture’s inability to come to grips with the failure of the country’s greatest LASP myth—the “American dream.” A mythos that denies the importance of socioeconomic class and tells us everyone can live in their own liberal-individual “success” bubble; occupy a home bubble with an individual fenced in yard; arrive at work in a protected individual metal automobile bubble. Watch personalized entertainment and, at all times, have a fully liberal-individual experience—judged entirely on its own personal merits. In the end, wokeness represents the post-liberalism of the fools. For, it recognizes the indelibly unfair outcomes of liberal capitalism but—as with the “socialism of the fools” that antisemitism so often represents—wokeness scapegoats its way toward a new system of racial stigmatizing as the solution. Instead of all non-Anglos and non-Protestants being the source of inferiority, a photo-negative KKK mythos has erected from the frustrated minds of academics disgusted with their own society. A wannabe multicultural nativism where “deplorable” “straight white men” are the source of all cultural backward inferiority and, therefore, everything wrong with the world. In the end, wokeness is not a true rebellion but merely a bizarro redrawing of old American ethnopolitical prejudices.

Yet bizarro Superman is still Superman. All the distinguishing aspects of the character remain recognizable even when artists draw his color scheme differently and reverse the giant “S” on his chest. The same principle applies with wokeness’s photo-negative, white supremacy mythology, which consists of the LASP-exclusivist bigotries of the Klan now inverted to target “white people.” Key to photo-negative thinking is its attempted reversal of the postwar Judeo-Christian alliance, which features radical Islamists—not as backward terrorists—but as the progress parade’s lead baton twirlers. At the core of the Marxist paradigm lies something scholars call the “labor metaphysic.” The phrase connotes the idea that only the working class can bring about true revolutionary change—not the peasants, nor the farmers, nor the bourgeoisie. In wokeness’s new revolutionary metaphysic, Marx’s beloved proletariat has been replaced with a progress-flag collage of morally superior, third world “people of color” and they/them nonbinary heroines. The discordance of queer activism with Palestinian activism is ignored by the woke because to acknowledge that Islamist political culture is violently anti-queer destroys their QTPOC revolutionary metaphysic, which the woke must believe is actionable for the rest of their photo-negative fantasy to hold. As with Marx’s folklore of all the workers of the world uniting to overthrow capitalism, global “decolonialization” can arrive only when all non-European “persons of color”—and “LGBTQ2SIAA” non-heterosexuals—unite and lead humanity to the intersectional Shangri-la.

Here the Palestinians play a central role. Palestinians—as reigning intersectional grand champions—represent the “true Jews” of the bizarro America that the woke wish to manifest into existence. And if, as prophesied in Deuteronomy, Jews must return to their homeland for Christ’s second coming then, through photo-negative logic, the Palestinians—as bizarro Jews—must have a state, which will be the true Israel. Then, and only then, can the day of true global liberation finally arrive.

While wokeness daguerreotypes old-fashioned white supremacism, there’s no “reverse racism” here. To label wokeness’s photo-negative thinking this way is to concede the argument—seeing ethnic prejudice as something that’s only existed historically in the pro-European and pro-Christian sense, as if each continent and country has not witnessed a kaleidoscope of racial and religious bigotries over time. Along with the new mythology of “only Europeans have ever been racist historically,” the woke must also insist on a new matching, present-focused mythology. It looks something like this: Today’s people of non-European “color” can never be racist, for racism entails “institutional power.”
Qanta Ahmed: The devastating reframing of Israel’s just war against Hamas
Correct ICC legal procedure, according to Zimeray, takes into account the concept of complementarity. When a nation has a functioning judiciary, the ICC no longer has jurisdiction, so the nation itself is responsible for the investigation, prosecution and sentencing of any war crimes, crimes against humanity, or other violations of international human rights.

Where such organizations are lacking, the ICC lawfully steps in.

ICC Chief Prosecutor Khan and his team were due to arrive in Israel to assess Israel’s judicial capacity concerning exactly such complementarity when the ICC team abruptly changed course and delivered their decision regarding Israel.

True, no one is above the law, including Israeli leaders, but this latest move bears a political dimension. By deliberately choosing to establish a symmetry between Israel and Hamas in the announcement, the prosecutor creates an equivalence between the two camps. Now we know how this also plays into Hamas’s overall strategy. The more Israel is delegitimized the more Hamas is legitimized.

Add to this that Jews historically have been subjected to false accusations which served as excuses to attack them with diabolical consequences, the projected symmetry becomes incendiary.

Many vilify Israel, and many more remain silent on the Hamas atrocities. This silence is perhaps the most powerful weapon in Hamas’s arsenal. In the 1992 treatise, ‘Bearing Witness or the Vicissitudes of Listening,’ psychoanalyst Dori Laub observes the fundamental betrayals of trust in humanity. One example was when the world witnessed the Holocaust for years in plain view, yet allowed it to continue unwitnessed.

It is this aspect of denial that is devastating to so many in Israel. It has fundamentally ruptured the sense that the lives of Jews and all Israelis, including Druze, Muslims and Christians, matter.

While a conclusion of this war in Gaza is necessary and a new war may be unfolding in the North, just as vital, perhaps more so, is a more just framing of the injustices to the Jewish people.

Stephen Daisley: The incoherence of Labour’s Palestine stance
Recognition would not mean an end to the conflict. It is more likely to prolong it. If the Palestinians once again walk away from the negotiating table they still get to keep UK recognition as a bonus. It rewards and thus incentivises rejectionism. If intransigence and 7 October-style terrorist attacks bring international legitimacy to the Palestinians, then we can expect to see more of both. The Palestinians understand this even if western liberals do not. Polling released earlier this week found that 82 per cent believe Israel’s response to 7 October has ‘revived international attention to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict’ and ‘could lead to increased recognition of Palestinian statehood’.

The Palestinians cannot defeat Israel militarily and so their terrorist attacks are supplemented by diplomatic warfare. Ramallah’s strategy is to gain increased recognition so that it has standing to pursue Israel in various international bodies. The cumulative effect would be that Israel is outgunned institutionally and pushed out of the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem by pressure from global organisations and selectively applied international law. This strategy is shared by the left, the NGOs, the academy, the lawfare industry and numerous anti-Israel governments, of which Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour would be one. It nudges us further along the path of a post-national order in which the rights and policies of sovereign nations are dictated by supranational entities.

Labour’s policy on Palestine may be motivated by domestic considerations but it should remember that Israel has domestic considerations too. Over the years, the impetus to make peace has tended to fall on the Israeli side, both the political leadership and public opinion, but the horrors of 7 October have hardened attitudes. Even among those not ideologically hostile to a Palestinian state, there is bitter frustration, if not exhaustion, with a paradigm in which Israel offers the Palestinians a state, the Palestinians reject it, then launch terrorists attacks on Israelis, and Israel gets the blame. The more the world turns its back on Israel, the more Israelis will turn inwards – and vote accordingly.

As it happens, I am not against the UK taking unilateral diplomatic steps. I have argued repeatedly for us to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Why? Because doing so recognises the facts on the ground and strengthens an ally. Recognising Jerusalem is about more than standing with Israel. It displays an understanding of the deep and historic connection of the Jewish people to the political, religious and cultural centre of Jewish life for more than 3,000 years. Just that little glimmer of empathy would give Israel the confidence to take further risks for peace. This approach stands a better chance of delivering Palestinian statehood than haughty imposition by elites determined to salvage their failed peace process.

Cabinet to vote on strengthening Judea & Samaria, punishing PA
Israel’s Security Cabinet has agreed on a series of measures meant to strengthen the Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria and punish the Palestinian Authority for its diplomatic assault on Jerusalem, the Prime Minister’s Office announced on Sunday night.

According to the PMO, the government discussed several proposals that would “strengthen settlement in Judea and Samaria,” as brought forward by Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich late last month.

Jerusalem said Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara had requested additional time to comment on the suggested measures, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered that all proposals be put to a vote at the next Security Cabinet meeting.

In a May 22 letter to Netanyahu, Smotrich demanded that the premier approve a series of steps to bolster Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, including the immediate approval of 10,000 new housing units, establishing a new town for each country recognizing a Palestinian state and advancing a proposal to strengthen Israel’s hold on the area.

Ynet reported on Monday that the finance minister’s plan also includes construction permits for Palestinian residents, though not in areas that would harm Jerusalem’s “strategic control” of Judea and Samaria.

Smotrich’s missive was made public only hours after Norway, Ireland and Spain declared their recognition of “Palestine,” in decisions that the Palestinian Authority and the Hamas terrorist organization welcomed.
National Security Council proposes downgrading relations with countries that recognize Palestinian state
The head of Israel's National Security Council, Tzachi Hanegbi, recommended in a document presented to the cabinet on Sunday, that the government examine the idea of downgrading diplomatic relations with all the countries that have recognized a Palestinian state - including Spain, Ireland, Norway and Slovenia, Ynet has learned.

Such a step would mean that Israeli ambassadors would be called back from these countries, and Israel will retain only the rank of consulate inside them. The NSC also recommended closing or restricting the diplomatic missions of those countries in Israel.

These are far-reaching steps, which surprised Foreign Minister Israel Katz – who objected to Hanegbi and the council infringing on his powers and those of the Foreign Ministry. During the cabinet discussion, Katz demanded: "Don't impose a decision on me that tells me what the policy is. I will decide whether to close an embassy or a consulate."

Katz was outraged over the NSC's recommendations put forward by Hanegbi, saying that it is impossible for the council to "determine what to do" without leaving room for maneuvering.

Ministers in the discussion came to the defense of Katz, saying that it is not possible for the council to impose a policy on the ministers without coordinating with them. The ministers agreed that all measures would return to discussions, and agreed that the council had proposed far-reaching measures beyond what was required.
Weeks before Oct. 7, IDF document said to have warned Hamas was planning to invade, take 250 hostages
A document put together by the IDF’s Military Intelligence Directorate less than three weeks before October 7 warned that Hamas was training for a large-scale invasion of Israel during which hostages would be taken en masse, according to the Kan public broadcaster, citing unnamed security sources.

Chillingly, the September 19 document — which was ignored — estimates the target number of hostages at 200-250. During the actual October 7 attack, 251 hostages were taken as 1,200 others were killed, mostly civilians.

Similar reports are subsequently issued by other Hebrew media outlets.

The detailed document outlined a series of exercises by the Palestinian terror group’s elite forces who drilled raids on Israeli towns and military posts, including on how to hold soldiers and civilians hostage when back inside Gaza, and in what conditions they can be killed.

The document was brought to the attention of senior intelligence officials, at least that of the Gaza Division. The government and top military leaders have contended that they had not been warned about an imminent planned invasion at the time.

The report adds that the most extreme scenario the Gaza Division had prepared for before October 7 was dozens of terrorists breaching the border in three spots — far less than the estimated 3,000 who ended up entering Israel for the onslaught.
Daniel Greenfield: The Strange Finances of Biden’s Terror Ambassador
When Israel took out a top Hamas terrorist, Hady Amr warned that “every Israeli” would pay. And that America would too.

That was less than a year after 9/11. By Oct 7, when Hamas launched its murderous ethnic cleansing assault, Amr had become Biden’s Special Envoy to the ‘Palestinians’.

Formerly employed by a Qatari front group, a state sponsor of Hamas, Amr, a Muslim immigrant who grew up in Saudi Arabia, had advocated for a deal with Hamas.

“I was inspired by the Palestinian intifada,” Amr wrote, making no secret of his hatred for America and Israel. The Muslim immigrant found his way into the State Department under Obama. But then he mysteriously also appeared on the list of Biden’s top bundlers.

Freedom Center Investigates had broken the Amr story and exposed his extremist activities, but there was still one big question hanging overhead. Where did all that money come from?

It’s not unusual for donors to be picked as ambassadors, but those donors are usually wealthy people selected as envoys to friendly nations with no policymaking role. Amr however had bundled money and was then picked for a policymaking position to empower Islamic terrorists.

Hady Amr’s financial disclosures reveal an estimated net worth of between $17 to $61 million.

How does a former ambassador amass those kinds of assets?

Last year, Amr drew a salary of $183,000 from the State Department. As he did in the last two years. And in 2016 when he was working under Obama, he was earning $160,000 a year. While that may seem like a lot of money to ordinary Americans, no one becomes a millionaire on such a salary while living and working as a government official in Washington D.C.

Nor are senior fellows at the Center for a New American Security, the Democrat
China Is Waging a Proxy War on Israel
Massive amounts of recently acquired advanced Chinese military equipment and weapons technology were foundin Gaza by the Israel Defense Forces, according to Guermantes Lailari, a Scholar at National Chengchi University in Taiwan and retired U.S. Air Force Officer. Chinese tunnel warfare specialists helped design and build the Hamas tunnels. Lailari also told me that two tunnel engineers from China's People's Liberation Army were discovered by the IDF, meaning that China helped Hamas significantly in its construction of the massive tunnel networks under the Gaza Strip. (The engineers were returned to China after pressure on Israel.)

And at the end of April, the CCP hosted Hamas and Fatah leadership in an effort to bring unity between the Palestinian factions.

Why has the CCP, with extensive trade relations with Israel and a traditionally neutral posture in the Middle East, suddenly turned so sharply against the Jewish state?

In March of 2021, Iran and the CCP signed a 25-year cooperation pact which Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called "permanent and strategic." Per the agreement, China will invest in Iranian energy, infrastructure, transport, and seaports. In exchange, Iran will provide a discounted regular supply of its oil.

China and Iran have since intensified the partnership in all these areas. And one of Iran's key strategic goals, the purpose of proxies Hamas and Hezbollah, is the destruction of Israel (the "little Satan"), and eventually the United States (the "great Satan").

And here's where China's goals and Iran's overlap: In May 2019, Xi Xinping declared a "People's War" against the United States. The PLA website explains that "a people's war is a total war, and its strategy and tactics require the overall mobilization of political, economic, cultural, diplomatic, military, and other power resources, the integrated use of multiple forms of struggle and combat methods."

China and Iran have a comprehensive strategic partnership and share the goal of bringing down the United States. This is why China is promoting Iran's geopolitical goals in the Middle East.

It is high time that Israel and the United States recognize the truth: The CCP is an enemy of America—and an enemy of the State of Israel.
Joel Burnie: Are Israel and Australia Still Allies?
Joel Burnie, executive manager of the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC), the premier public affairs organization for Australia's Jewish community, spoke to a May 31 Middle East Forum Podcast (video) about the Australian Labor Party's departure from its historically strong support for Israel. The following summarizes his remarks:

Elected in 2022, Labor's "incremental changes, a slow burn" in changing its policy towards Israel have eroded significantly Australia's formerly strong bipartisan support. The party has sought to placate the progressive left, calculating that a pro-Palestinian position would increase its chances to retain power. Resulting Labor policies and its post-October 7, 2023, statements have further emboldened pro-Palestinian protesters and increased antisemitism against the Jewish community. This is a marked change from Labor's previous role as Israel's ally.

Historically, Australia's positive attitude toward Israel was a notable element of its foreign policy. Doc Evatt, Australia's foreign minister, headed the U.N. committee that recommended the partition plan in 1947. Through the 1970s and 80s, Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke advocated on behalf of Soviet Jewry, and in the early 90s he was "pivotal in rescinding the U.N. resolution, Zionism is Racism."

Labor's Julia Gillard, Australia's prime minister from 2010 through 2013 and a friend of Israel, voted alongside the U.S. in the U.N. to counter its "one-sided resolutions against Israel." But "the beginning of the fragility of the positions inside Labor vis-à-vis Israel" emerged in 2012, when the U.N. General Assembly was voting on unilateral recognition of Palestinian statehood. Bob Carr, the party's foreign minister, swayed the party to shift from Gillard's "no" vote to an abstention, a marked departure from Australia's former position.

The Jewish community publicized its concern over the shift against Israel. In 2022, the Labor government ignored those concerns and reversed the center-right Liberal Party's 2018 decision to recognize West Jerusalem as Israel's capital, stating that "their foreign policy would not be shaped by the domestic issue that was facing Australia." Still, the prime minister endorsed the IHRA working definition of antisemitism before the election, claiming there would be "no major departures in that longstanding bipartisan position on Israel. And that, unfortunately, has not turned out to be true."

The Jews of Venice
Schjeldahl’s description applies equally well to the Biennale and to the art world in general, as well as to the academy, the world of literary magazines, and other places where would-be artists gather to propagandize and have their work subjected to ideological litmus tests. In these places, infinitely fragile and self-involved creatives huddle into support groups where they recycle the drama of their aggrieved and oppressed subjectivities. A frothy, narcissistic and ideological rage becomes necessary to the production of art that nonetheless seems strangely generic. The same narrative arc repeats itself ad nauseam. “I was anxious and forlorn, I discovered I was oppressed, I empowered myself and accepted my marginalized subjectivity, I now liberate myself through expression. Witness my expression!”

In the meantime, the floating elites and administrators are jet-setting, canoodling at private dinners, holding record-breaking auctions, and carefully hedging their words. The lower ranks can rage and spit however they want, cranking out the obligatory narratives. Their managers, the world’s dealers in Murti Bing pills, rely on carefully-crafted theory speak that says, much like former UPenn President Liz Magill, that “it all depends on the context.”

This explained the spectacle that greeted me when I returned from Venice. A cosplay intifada where Ivy League LARPers in matching Coleman tents massed together bouncing between manic rage and passive aggressive sullenness, repeating robotic chants with outright terroristic undertones, linking arms and restricting the movements of Jewish students with the question “Are you a Zionist?” Then pausing to whine at the press about the lack of humanitarian niceties, while their $80,000 a year dorm rooms were a hundred feet away.

So how did this all happen?

My humble theory is that at a certain point for the art world and the academy, privilege became inextricably linked to race. An insidious colorism was born, assuming different and measurable levels of privilege based solely on skin color. How oppressed you are is directly related to where you fall on the skin color hierarchy. Jews may not technically be classified as white, and may have endured the Holocaust—but they are whiter than many Arab Palestinians, at least if you ignore the Sephardim, Mizrahim, the Beta Israel, or the million or so Arab Jews driven from neighboring Arab countries. For the scoring based on skin color to hold, Jewish suffering cannot be commensurate with Palestinian suffering. Palestinians must replace Jews as the new front runners in the victimology Olympics.

What did I carry away from my trip to Venice? I find myself settling into the profound discomfort of the dissident, watching people I know and admire as artists, curators, and culture workers blithely, if not aggressively, speaking in concert with unabashed terrorists, while proclaiming themselves to be guardians of the good. Milan Kundera spoke of this strange phenomenon in an interview. A poet he greatly admired, Paul Eluard, became an advocate of Stalinist terror. As he recalls, “After the war, Paul Eluard abandoned surrealism and became the greatest exponent of what I might call the ‘poesy of totalitarianism.’ He sang for brotherhood, peace, justice, better tomorrows, he sang for comradeship and against isolation, for joy and against gloom, for innocence and against cynicism. When in 1950 the rulers of paradise sentenced Eluard’s Prague friend, the surrealist Zalvis Kalandra, to death by hanging, Eluard suppressed his personal feelings of friendship for the sake of supra-personal ideals, and publicly declared his approval of his comrade’s execution. The hangman killed while the poet sang.”

This is the world of pseudo theological despotism, of socialist realism, or art that already knows what you need to believe. It’s an ideology that knows a priori that all the world’s grievances flow from one source: Capitalist imperialism. If we follow the thread of this reasoning back to the 1930s, we know that “capitalist imperialism”—especially to Palestinians and Arab nationalists—has always been a veiled reference to international Jewry.

A disquieting number of artists, curators, and academics have shifted their own hard leftism to include this pernicious strain of antisemitic anti-imperialism. You can see it hiding in plain sight in campus protests, at universities, and at the Venice Biennale. It silences nuanced voices and causes august arts and literary publications to self-immolate; it silences artists and produces bad art. The culture workers and protesters in these spaces assure us they are still on the side of social justice, human rights, and safe spaces. They are only attacking structural inequalities, they tell us, and after these problematic structures, starting with the State of Israel, are dismantled and rebuilt anew, there will be room for everyone—Jews included.

To judge whether the anti-Israel antics we see across the art world and academia are part of a noble quest for justice, or merely another resurgence of the world’s oldest hatred, I ask only a single question:

How safe do Jews feel now?
Poland Bans Israeli Soccer Teams From Major City Due to ‘Safety’ Concerns
Two Israeli soccer teams — Maccabi Haifa and Hapoel Beer Sheva — that were set to play their European Championship matches in the Polish city of Łódź have been banned by the hosting country, after widespread outrage from Poles.

The Union of European Football Associations previously announced that Israel will not be allowed to host UEFA-sanctioned matches due to the ongoing war against the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas in Gaza.

As a result, the Israeli clubs announced on Sunday that their new “home stadiums” would be the Władysław Król Municipal Stadium and the Stadion Widzewa in Łódź. Soon afterward, two Polish clubs that play at the stadiums released statements distancing themselves from the decision, with many fans expressing antisemitic outrage on social media against Israel and support for the Palestinians.

The Polish city’s Cultural and Sport authority then released a statement saying that no Israeli teams would play at any facilities in Łódz because “the safety of Łódź residents and visitors is the highest priority for the city.”

Yacov Livne, the Israeli Ambassador to Poland, slammed the decision and lodged a complaint with the Polish city.

“One should not give in to such threats. Lodz needs to remain a place of tolerance, not fear,” Livne said in a statement on X/Twitter.

Maccabi Haifa took second place in the Israeli top league, giving it the opportunity to play in the qualifying rounds for the European Conference League, while Hapoen Beer Sheva came third in the Israeli premier league.

One of the Polish clubs based in Łódz has a history of antisemitism.
Major philanthropies camouflage tax-exempt donations to fuel Gaza protests
Various methods are being used by highly regarded foundations to end-run the Internal Revenue Code to fund extremist groups that peddle hate.

One ruse relied on by the Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund is to channel donor-directed funds from a client account held by Neville Singham, a Shanghai-based antisemitic communist sympathizer, even though the fund is prohibited under its tax-exemption status from channeling tax-exempt donations directly from a donor to a targeted donor recipient — in this case, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, the largest antisemitic communist party in the U.S. PSL, in turn, is directly funding antisemitic and pro-Hamas unrest instigators and their organizational allies.

In order to circumvent disclosure and reporting requirements under various state and federal laws, several philanthropic organizations, notably the Tides Foundation, camouflage donations to antisemitic and pro-Hamas groups by relying on a funding transfer system to suspect groups called “fiscal sponsorship.”

Under this ploy, Tides designates an otherwise Form 990-reportable grant to a third-party recipient as a Tides-managed project. The third-party extremist recipient (e.g., “MPower,” “Zealous,” and “WithinOurLifetime”) receives Tides’s operational support to plan campus and other disruptions, including payroll processing, health insurance, legal oversight, and personnel management, all outside the prying eyes of the media and tax authorities.

The “fiscal sponsor” loophole in Section 501 enables Tides to avoid having to report its donations to extremist groups, and these extremist groups, in turn, are not required to report their donations from Tides to the IRS.

CSW filed complaints with the IRS inspector general against the Soros Open Society Foundation and the Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund for knowingly violating Section 501 by donating to antisemitic organizations. CSW is also demanding the IRS take regulatory action against the Tides Foundation to end the charade it relies on to mask donations to antisemitic and extremist groups by designating them as “fiscal sponsorships.”

But CSW’s IRS filings are no substitute for swift action by the Biden administration and Congress to review the tax-exempt status of nonprofit organizations and their projects that promote hate and violence.
Ford Foundation Sends Millions to Organizations That Have Celebrated Oct. 7 Terrorist Attacks
Shortly after Oct. 7, the president of the Ford Foundation, Darren Walker, issued a statement on the foundation’s behalf. Walker, who has been lauded by Laurene Powell Jobs as an "optimist," a "realist," and a "prophet who speaks truth to our world’s most troubling demons," announced that the Ford Foundation would bankroll "immediate humanitarian relief efforts in Gaza and the Middle East."

"Administered by our colleagues in the Middle East and North Africa regional office," Walker said, "the resources will go to partners in the region to provide life-saving support and other essential needs to the affected Palestinian civilians in Gaza." The statement referred to "tragic events" that had occurred in Israel and Gaza but made no mention of who was behind them, instead expressing concern for the "anguish, pain, and suffering that countless families are experiencing in Gaza at this moment."

While the country’s leading universities have been under the microscope since Oct. 7, the nation’s top foundations have largely evaded scrutiny. Both, however, sit atop multibillion-dollar endowments and exert enormous influence on American politics and public policy: The Ford Foundation alone oversees the disbursal of approximately a billion dollars a year.

Where is that money going? A review of grants disbursed by the Ford Foundation’s team overseeing the Middle East and North Africa, led by Cairo-based regional director Saba Almubaslat, shows that several of the foundation’s grants have gone to organizations whose employees, events, and projects celebrated Hamas’s Oct. 7 terrorist attack and decried the "Zionist entity." They make little effort to disguise their hostility to Jews and the state of Israel.

The foundation’s support for such organizations stands in stark contrast with Walker’s denunciation of Henry Ford, the foundation’s founder and a notorious anti-Semite. Walker described the Ford Motor Company founder last year as "one of the twentieth century’s most virulent American antisemites" and argued that "all of us engaged in building a fairer, more just America ought to embrace our responsibility to speak out about this ancient strain of inequality—this category of caste—exactly as we call out racism, sexism, ableism, and homophobia."

Yet the Ford Foundation, under his leadership, has funneled more than $6.3 million since 2015 to two organizations—the Jordan-based Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD), which is geared toward mobilizing "the untapped potential of … societies in the Arab region," and Action for Hope, a Lebanese non-governmental organization devoted to providing "cultural development and cultural relief programs" to populations in distress—that are fanning the flames of the ancient hatred.

The leaders of ARDD have not exactly made their views a secret. In November 2023, the organization’s executive director, Samar Muhareb, expressed "gratitude to the martyrs of Palestine because they have shed light on many important issues," according to a press release summarizing her remarks at an event.
Liz Warren Leans on Watchdog Group Filled With Anti-Israel Marxists To Garner Support for Private Equity Crackdown
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) is leaning on the policy expertise of a George Soros-funded nonprofit staffed by self-described communists and anti-Israel radicals in her latest push to crack down on private equity.

Warren last week cited testimony from the Private Equity Stakeholder Project while announcing her Corporate Crimes Against Health Care Act of 2024. Chris Noble, the project's policy director, called the new bill "a necessary and timely solution" for health care systems that allegedly have been corrupted by private equity firms.

Staffers at the Private Equity Stakeholder Project have whitewashed Palestinian terrorists, promoted calls for Israel's destruction, and shut down traffic alongside other anti-Israel radicals.

K Agbebiyi, a senior housing campaign coordinator with the project, said in an April blog post that she is "striving to be a disciplined Communist." She posted a picture of herself at an anti-Israel rally in November—less than a month after Hamas’s Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel—holding a "Dykes for Palestine" sign. In December, she posted a mural of a Hamas terrorist that was titled, "Liberation looks like terrorism in the eyes of the oppressor."

Azani Creeks, a research coordinator for the project, also participated in anti-Israel protests following Hamas's Oct. 7 attack. She rallied in January alongside the Democratic Socialists of America in a coordinated effort to shut down traffic and cause chaos in New York City. Hundreds of protesters, including Creeks, were ultimately arrested, according to the New York Post. That wasn't her first time shutting down traffic either—she did the same thing in a 2019 Washington, D.C., climate change protest where several arrests took place, the New York Times reported.

The day of Hamas's terrorist attack, a senior researcher at the stakeholder project, Abhilasha Bhola, "liked" a social media post including the phrase "from the river to the sea," Fox Business reported in April. The slogan is widely understood to call for Israel's destruction.

Michigan, CUNY failed to protect Jewish students, Education Department investigation finds
The U.S. Department of Education released a pair of agreements on Monday with the University of Michigan and the City University of New York to address their failure to protect the civil rights of Jewish students.

The resolution agreements are the outcome of civil rights investigations by the Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights into complaints that the universities violated Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act by allowing the creation of a hostile environment for Jewish students.

“In OCR’s review of university documentation of 75 reports the university received alleging shared ancestry harassment and/or discrimination from the 2022-23 school year through February 2024, OCR found no evidence that the university complied with its Title VI requirements,” the Department of Education stated of its investigation of University of Michigan.

Title VI prohibits discrimination based on “race, color or national origin,” and the Education Department notes that bias based on “shared ancestry” includes religion.

As part of the resolution agreements, the universities have agreed to review or re-open investigations of alleged Jew-hatred on campus and report to OCR about the actions they’ve taken to remedy the problem.

Rabbi Asher Lopatin, director of community relations at the Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor, told JNS that the agreements are a good first step, but the universities need to do more to directly address antisemitism on campus, including unsanctioned anti-Israel protest encampments.

“They have policies that are in place,” Lopatin said. “This encampment was against the rules. I don’t know why they have to re-examine their policies. They just have to follow through on their policies.”

“I think the university believes that if they ignore what’s going on, it’ll go away,” Lopatin told JNS. “That’s never a good policy, usually, and I don’t think it’s going to happen this time.”
US investigating Chapman University over alleged Title VI violation
The U.S. Department of Education opened a civil rights investigation of Chapman University, a private school in Orange, Calif., for allegedly failing to take action to protect Jews on its campus.

The department’s Office for Civil Rights announces new Title VI investigations—which probe alleged violations of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for bias based on “shared ancestry,” including religious discrimination—weekly on Tuesdays. It hasn’t announced the investigation of Chapman, but the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law, which filed the complaint, confirmed the investigation to JNS.

“Antisemitism continues to run rampant on college campuses,” said Kenneth Marcus, founder and chairman of the Washington-based Brandeis Center and a former U.S. assistant secretary of education.

“Too many universities are refusing to do what’s needed to address these civil rights violations,” Marcus told JNS.

Per the complaint, Chapman has allowed “unchecked” Jew-hatred on its campus. The school’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine removed a Jewish student from its group “because of his shared Jewish ancestry,” and it made “heinous death threats against a different Jewish student,” according to the Brandeis Center.

Admission rebuffed
The Chapman chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine blocked a student, with what is described as a Jewish-sounding name, from attempting to join the group in October 2022, per a copy of the 24-page, Feb. 12 complaint—with nine pages of photos—that JNS viewed. The student was allegedly removed from the CSJP listserv, per the complaint.

When the student tried to join the group again after Hamas’s Oct. 7 terror attack, he was again denied admission and entry to a teach-in event to which he tried to RSVP, per the Brandeis Center.

“This also happened with several other students who are Jewish or have Jewish-sounding names, who sought to attend the teach-in event but did not receive the confirmation needed for admission by CSJP and therefore were barred from attending,” per the Brandeis Center.
Columbia professors questioned Jewish students about IDF and told them media ‘owned by Jews’
Academics at Columbia held classes at an anti-Israel protest camp and encouraged their students to join demonstrations for extra credit, an antisemitism task force set up by the university has discovered.

Jewish students have been quizzed on their views on the IDF’s campaign by their professors, and were told that mainstream media "is owned by Jews."

Anti-Israel activists set up tents at the college on Manhattan’s Upper West Side earlier this year to demand that Columbia University divest from “ongoing genocide” in Gaza.

They have since clashed with police and been accused by US politicians of spreading the “virus of antisemitism,” before the camp was cleared by police last month.

Members of a taskforce set up by Columbia University last year following the October 7 attack have now detailed the growing discrimination faced by Jewish students in a series of interviews with Ha’aretz.

"Jewish and Israeli students are feeling very targeted and ostracised," Prof. Nicholas Lemann, from Columbia Journalism School, said.

"The concept of Zionism has become unacceptable in some circles at Columbia. People are asked to promise that they're not Zionist. In the classroom, some feel uncomfortable because of intense criticism of Zionism."

The taskforce took dozens of written submissions and spoke to more than 500 students over 20 sessions.

The testimonies collected are set to be published in a report in the next few weeks.

Stanford University graduation chaos as HUNDREDS of students waving Palestinian flags and keffiyehs walk out during President Richard Saller's speech
Stanford University's graduation ceremony on Sunday was thrown into chaos after students staged a pro-Palestine protest and walked out.

Around five hundred students, some wearing keffiyehs and holding Palestinian flags, walked out of the stadium during the President's address, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

'This morning we want to celebrate your achievements in spite of the troubled environment,' President Richard Saller told the students moments before the mass walkout.

The school has been mired in controversy as students have publicly demonstrated against the Israel-Hamas war and called on the college to divest from its links with Israel.

A pro-Palestine encampment remained on campus for more than 100 days and thirteen students were eventually arrested during its removal.

Footage from the ceremony posted to social media shows students in their caps and gowns walking from their seats away from the speaker's stage and towards the back of the stadium.

One student was seen holding up a sign reading 'Free Palestine. Stanford Divest!'

Some in the stands cheered the students as they left the event, while other students remained seated.

Anti-Israel groups say they sparked recent fires at UC Berkeley
Anonymous anti-Israel groups claimed responsibility for arson attacks on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, in recent days.

In a post to the “Palestine” forum of the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center (Indybay) website, a group calling itself Marilyn’s Daughters said that it set a construction site on fire on Sunday afternoon.

“Phase two of the Escalate movement heats up at UC Berkeley with a construction site set on fire in broad daylight,” the group wrote. “This was done in retaliation for UCPD’s violent assaults on vulnerable student demonstrators and to punish the University of KKKalifornia system for supporting the genocidal Zionist-Israel entity.” (UCPD is the University of California Police Department, and the latter spelling of the university system was an apparent reference to the Ku Klux Klan.)

“This was an autonomous initiative in concert with the current Week of Action currently underway: operation campus flood,” which runs from June 14 to June 19.

“Campus flood” is an apparent reference to “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood,” which is what Hamas called its massacre of 1,200 people in southern Israel on Oct. 7.

The arson attack was timed to coincide with Father’s Day, according to Marilyn’s Daughters, in part, “for all the Palestinian fathers who have lost their children at the hands of the Zionist and AmeriKKKan settler states.”

KKK Grand Wizard David Duke sides with anti-Israel protesters: ‘This is who college protesters are aligned with’
Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke says he is siding with anti-Israel protesters and those who will “save us from Jewish supremacism” — and now pro-Palestine activists are being ripped online for finding common ground with the hate group.

Duke, a self-proclaimed white supremacist and ex-grand wizard of the Knights of the KKK, made his hateful comments during a protest Friday in Detroit that was held after the rightwing America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC) led by white nationalist Nicholas Fuentes was abruptly canceled.

“I support Nick and all his work … and all the people who are working to save our country and save us from Jewish supremacism. We’re being genocided just like the Palestinians,” Duke says in a video shared on X by political commentator and undercover journalist Cam Higby.

When asked in the clip if he is friends with Fuentes, Duke replies, “I consider him a comrade in the fight for our people.”

Videos of Duke’s comments shared on X quickly took off, with many commenting that anti-Israel activists should be concerned they have seemingly found common ground with the KKK.

“If David Duke is on your side, you know you are on the wrong side,” the National Jewish Assembly (NJA) commented under the clip.

One person commented, “This is who college protesters are aligned with” while another quipped, “You know you’re on the right side of history when the former grand wizard of the KKK agrees with you.”

Another X user commented, “An alliance made in hell.”

Duke’s comments came after the AFPAC was abruptly canceled as the group set up the stage Friday.

Turning Point USA turns away Nick Fuentes at Michigan convention
A leading conservative student group ejected a leading Gen Z antisemite from a conference.

At Turning Point USA’s The People Convention on June 14 in Detroit, security officers removed Nick Fuentes, the self-avowed antisemite and Holocaust-denying podcaster.

In videos on social media of the encounter, wearing sunglasses, Fuentes walked toward the building’s exit as a group gathered around him with people holding up phones to film the encounter. A bearded security guard ordered him to leave as the crowd booed.

When a second security guard, identified later in the video as “Brian,” enters, a follower demands to know what Fuentes did to get the boot.

Fuentes said, “they didn’t give a reason.”

He turned to the crowd and said it was because “Israel controls this event.” The group cheered. He then stated: “This is America first, not Israel first!”

The guard guided Fuentes out of the building as the crowd chanted “America first! America first!”

Australian Taxation Office, charities regulator greenlight charity status despite Hizb ut-Tahrir links
Australian authorities have registered and given special tax status to a charity directed by a key figure within radical Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, who has urged Muslims to send weapons to Gaza.

The Australian Taxation Office and the charity regulator have approved and granted tax-deductible status to Al Rashidun Limited – a charity directed by Amer Alwahwah.

Alwahwah’s involvement in Hizb ut-Tahrir’s Australian chapter and the group’s promotion of antisemitic views was exposed on Sunday in a major investigation by this masthead, prompting calls for the Albanese government to consider banning the group.

A second Australian director of the Al Rashidun charity, Ali Abu Hassan, is also linked to a social media account that has promoted controversial views online, including seemingly attacking Lebanese organisation Hezbollah for failing to more energetically join the fight against Israel. Hezbollah is banned in Australia as a terror group.

The special tax status bestowed by the Tax Office on the Al Rashidun charity in September will enable it to significantly boost its fundraising efforts. Al Rashidun, which was registered by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission last year, lists its aim as distributing aid abroad, including food relief in Gaza and Lebanon.

Hizb ut-Tahrir is a controversial international Islamist group recently banned as a terror outfit in the United Kingdom and which has been campaigning for decades for the creation of an Islamic caliphate ruled by sharia or Islamic law. There is no suggestion the group’s Australian chapter is involved in terrorism, but some of its senior activists have praised the activities of Hamas after its October 7 attack in Israel and repeatedly called on Muslim soldiers in the Middle East to join the fight to eradicate Israel and help establish a caliphate.

Anti-Israel group led by top Rashida Tlaib fundraiser dissolves
An organization connected to an anti-Israel activist who fundraises for “Squad” Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) has quietly dissolved in Virginia, documents show.

Corporate records filed in Virginia show the advocacy arm of the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights, a nonprofit group training anti-Israel protesters after the Hamas-led Oct. 7 attack on the Jewish state, submitted articles of termination on May 28. Rasha Mubarak, the ex-president of the USCPR’s affiliate, is a close ally of Tlaib, the progressive-left House member who often faces scrutiny from Republicans and Democrats for her anti-Israel rhetoric.

It’s unclear why USCPR’s affiliate, which registered in 2018 under a section of the IRS code for entities that are exempt from paying taxes so long as they focus on “social welfare,” has gone inactive. Groups in this category, which is called 501(c)(4), may also engage in political advocacy and unlimited lobbying. Mubarak did not reply to a request for comment from the Washington Examiner.

A Florida-based corporation operated by Mubarak, as the Washington Examiner reported on May 21, has received hundreds of thousands of dollars since 2020 from Tlaib’s campaign and leadership PAC.

Mubarak, who once said she was tired of hearing the “lie” that “Israel has the right to defend herself” against terrorism, also recently worked on behalf of terrorism-linked groups.

One of those groups, Alliance for Global Justice, has been cut off by payment processors and also lost major donors over a series of Washington Examiner reports on its ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a group designated by the United States as a terrorist faction. Patagonia, the outdoor apparel brand, came under fire last week after a Washington Examiner report revealed that the company’s private foundation sent grants to Alliance for Global Justice.
Torres mocks Bowman’s fire alarm stunt in hint he’s abandoning fellow Democrat
Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) is in the middle of a brutal primary fight, and a fellow New York Democrat looks like he is on the cusp of endorsing the “Squad” member’s opponent.

Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY), a fiercely pro-Israel member of Congress, got into a spat with Bowman over the weekend after the Israel critic questioned the sincerity of Torres’s support for the Jewish state. Torres was quick to hit back at Bowman, poking fun at the lawmaker’s stunt of pulling a fire alarm in the Capitol while on his way to a vote that would prevent a government shutdown last September.

“As for Jamaal Bowman, I care as much about his opinion on me as I do about his opinion on how to properly pull a fire alarm or his opinion on how to remain in Congress,” Torres told the New York Post. “His opinion is worse than a rubber stamp — it leaves no impression, much like his legislative record or his recent attendance record.”

Bowman said on the Night School podcast hosted by Marc Lamont Hill that Torres only stands in support of Israel because of the “power of the Israel lobby.”

“Ritchie is very calculating in this way. … Ritchie — he just seems to be always plotting, always calculating something,” Bowman said.

Bowman’s attack on Torres, a two-term representative of the Bronx, appeared unprovoked as the neighboring representative had steered clear of weighing in on Bowman’s contest.

NPR Bends Over Backwards to Conceal the Real Reason There Isn’t a Palestinian State
Northam then describes how the Palestinian fight for statehood dates back over 75 years, mentioning the Palestinian rejection and Jewish acceptance of the UN Partition Plan that would have created an independent Palestinian state alongside a Jewish one.

But what follows is a masterclass in historical fiction, rewriting facts to promote a completely false narrative.

She claims “fighting began in 1947 and again the following year,” before “Arab states came to the Palestinians’ aid.”

So, according to NPR, a coalition of surrounding Arab states attempting to use their superior military might to annihilate the fledgling Jewish state is “coming to the Palestinians’ aid.”

She then fast-forwards to immediately after the 1967 war, suggesting it was almost used as a pretext for an Israeli land grab, because “settlers snatched more land, and for decades, the effort to create a Palestinian homeland faded.”

According to Northam, this bleak situation persisted until the 1990s when the Oslo Accords brought a “glimmer of hope.” To provide his “expert” opinion on this chapter of Israeli-Palestinian history, NPR invites Yousef Munayyer, the Executive Director of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, who has previously advocated for the dissolution of the Jewish state as a solution to the conflict (not that NPR listeners would ever be clued into that little detail).

Munayyer dismisses the statehood proposals by the government under former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin as nothing more than “glorified autonomy for the Palestinians.”

It’s an act of journalistic malfeasance to mention both Yasser Arafat and the Oslo Accords without informing listeners about the Second Intifada or, indeed, Palestinian terrorism altogether.

Arafat turned down the plan that would have established a Palestinian state and instead launched a campaign of suicide bombings, stabbings, and rock attacks. This was a campaign of terrorism by Palestinians aimed at ordinary Israelis—men, women, and children—much like the October 7 massacre.

NPR’s coverage of the Israel-Hamas war has, as we have previously highlighted, plumbed new depths of bias and journalistic ineptitude. NPR’s latest offering on the elusiveness of Palestinian statehood is, unfortunately, no different.
What the BBC doesn’t tell audiences about a frequent contributor’s ‘particular viewpoints’
Just two days after Hamas invaded Israel and perpetrated the worst massacre in its history, the BBC News TV channel provided Barghouti with a platform from which to ‘contextualise’ those atrocities while promoting ‘apartheid’ smears.

Despite his frequent contributions to its content, the BBC repeatedly refrains from informing audiences of Mustafa Barghouti’s “particular viewpoints”, including the fact that he is a ‘one-stater’ whose vision for the future does not include a Jewish state. Barghouti’s support for the anti-Israel BDS campaign is likewise not mentioned in introductions and neither is his 2022 participation in a discussion on a Hizballah linked channel in which “wise” Israelis were advised to leave their country.

Speaking via video at the ‘People’s Conference for Palestine’ last month in Detroit, Barghouti expressed support for the atrocities of October 7th.

On June 15th a Palestinian media outlet Tweeted pictures from a demonstration in Ramallah showing Mustafa Barghouti (pale blue shirt) among the marchers.

A video of the same event shows that despite Bowen’s claim that Barghouti supports “non-violent” resistance, he had no problem marching at the head of a procession of people chanting the following:

“You, who has a rifle hiding it for weddings Either shoot a Jew Or give it to Hamas”

BBC journalists, who are obliged to inform their audiences about contributors’ affiliations, consistently avoid the topic of Mustafa Barghouti’s “particular viewpoints”, while presenting him as some kind of ‘non-violent’ alternative on the Palestinian political scene.

Presumably the BBC would nevertheless have its funding public believe that it takes its own supposed editorial standards seriously.

PMW: PA’s ruling party continues to celebrate and justify October 7
Fatah, the ruling political party of the Palestinian Authority, continues to revel in the perpetration of the October 7 massacres and to wish for similar attacks in the future.

In a television interview that he then posted to his Facebook page, a senior Fatah official, Abbas Zaki, expressed pride in the terrorists’ success as well as in the popular support and actions by the Palestinians following the attacks. He hailed the massacres as something that will be studied in universities and he described terrorist prisoners, including those who perpetrated heinous attacks prior to October 7, as “precious treasure.” He also called for ongoing “resistance in all its various forms” besides diplomatic and political efforts.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the PA likes to present itself as a victim of not only Israel but of the entire Western world. Zaki expresses this with the claim that the October 7 attack overcame NATO forces and “all the West’s capabilities.” He defined Israel merely as a mercenary.
Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki:

Posted text: “Fatah Central Committee member and [Fatah] General Commissioner for Arab and China Relations Abbas Zaki was interviewed on the [TV] channel Palestine Today… He noted that there must be an integration of Palestinian diplomatic and political activity at various international sites – especially at the UN Security Council, the UN Human Rights Council, and the UN General Assembly – and resistance in all its various forms (i.e., Palestinian term that also refers to the use of violence and terror).”

Video: “People are surprised given the mighty [Palestinian] resolve and how the entire NATO treaty, all the West’s capabilities, together with all their [Israel’s] mercenaries and collaborators, were unable to silence the [resistance’s] fighters’ rifles and rockets… ‘The Al-Aqsa Flood’ [Oct. 7 attack] will be studied in the universities and echoed widely, because the owners of the right (i.e., the Palestinians) held onto their homeland (i.e., Israeli land) and succeeded in defeating every kind of tyrannical party or alliance… They are a source of pride. If [Ahmad] Sa’adat, Marwan [Barghouti], and Nael [Barghouti] (i.e., all terrorist prisoners) will be released, if all these prisoners… if they will be released, they are a precious treasure. It is enough that we succeeded in releasing them from the enemy’s claws.”

[Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki, Facebook page, June 2, 2024]

In addition, Jibril Rajoub, who is the Fatah Central Committee Secretary, asserted that the October 7 attacks were a legitimate response to Israeli policies:

“Our conflict with this occupation (i.e., Israel) has been open since 1948 and until now…Our behavior in all the circles and all platforms is based on the fact that what happened on Oct. 7 is a response to this occupation’s crimes…”

[Fatah Central Committee Secretary Jibril Rajoub, Facebook page, June 2, 2024]
PMW: Brainwashed by Gaza: Arab kids cheer Hamas, call for Martyrdom and Israel's destruction
PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Movement has been promoting a video showing a boy from the Gaza Strip demonstrating in quintessential fashion the way children in Gaza are brainwashed. Specifically, the child claims that missing an entire school year is not so bad considering the “honor” that they were granted of “defending the homeland” and the “honor of the Muslim nation.”

Boy in the Gaza Strip: “We missed the school year in the Gaza Strip, the 2023-2024 year, [but] we benefited from the highest levels of resolve, force, defiance, and perseverance. We achieved the honor of defending the homeland and the honor of the Muslim nation.”

[Fatah Commission of Information and Culture, Facebook page, May 28, 2024]

Wife of Iranian-Swedish Prisoner Left Out of Prisoner Swap Condemns Deal
The wife of Ahmadreza Jalali, a political prisoner in Iran, has slammed the prisoner swap deal between Sweden and Iran which left her husband behind.

Speaking to Iran International, Vida Mehrannia labeled the recent prisoner exchange which saw the release of convicted Iranian war criminal Hamid Nouri in Sweden in return for two Swedish citizens imprisoned in Iran, as "ridiculous". Her Swedish-Iranian husband remains behind bars in Iran on charges of espionage, which he denies.

On Saturday, Sweden released former Iranian jailor Hamid Nouri who was serving a life sentence for his role in the 1988 mass executions in Iran, and Iran in turn released Swedish EU diplomat Johan Floderus and Swedish-Iranian citizen Saeid Azizi.

According to Mehrannia, her husband has been subjected to solitary confinement and intensified mistreatment as part of Tehran's strategy to leverage detained foreign nationals and dual citizens.

She told Iran International that authorities have failed to provide any substantial answers or efforts to secure Jalali's release. The family, along with their supporters, had no prior knowledge of the negotiations that led to the recent prisoner exchange, only learning about it through media reports.

Jalali was arrested in 2016. The case, purportedly a retaliation for his refusal to spy for Iran's Revolutionary Guard, led to a death sentence.

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