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From Ian:

Hatred of Israel, Homosexuality and Women’s Emancipation Are Dominant Beliefs in Arab World, New BBC Poll Reveals
A clear majority of the Arab world continues to believe that Israel is the main threat in the Middle East and North Africa, a comprehensive BBC poll of 11 Arab countries revealed on Monday.

The poll — which involved interviews with over 25,000 respondents in Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Jordan, the Palestinian territories, Yemen, Iraq, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia and Algeria — also demonstrated that a strict social conservatism prevailed throughout the region, exemplified by a violent hatred of homosexuality.

Opposition to women holding positions of power and influence, as well as sympathy for the practice of “honor killings” — the execution of female relatives for allegedly shaming their families — remains widespread as well.

The poll, conducted for the British broadcaster by the Arab Barometer research organization, showed that residents of the Palestinian territories were more resistant to liberal democratic values than are their neighbors in several respects.

Only five percent of Palestinian respondents — the lowest number in all the countries surveyed — regarded homosexuality as “acceptable.”

Israel Advocacy Movement: Verified antisemitism on Twitter
Twitter is drowning in antisemitism. We’ve uncovered dozens of VERIFIED accounts posting anti-Jewish racism. This video will shock you, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Follow us on Twitter as we highlight an account a day.

Discrimination ‘unbearable’ in Arab lands
Last Thursday was World Refugee Day. And according to the United Nations page devoted to this commemoration, every minute 20 people leave everything behind to escape war, persecution or terror. I am one of those people, declares Miriam Shepher in this JTA piece. (With thanks: Ralph)

In 1948, when I was 6 months old, my mother risked everything to escape Tunisia with my siblings and me in search of a better life. My father stayed behind until he could meet us years later at our final destination. We crammed into a ship called the Negba and endured a difficult journey to France. We waited for a year until it was our turn, at last, to enter the land that my mother had always considered our home: Eretz Israel.

I am just one of 850,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries and Iran who left, fled or were expelled from the countries where they had lived, in many cases, since the Babylonian period. In the years that followed the independence of the State of Israel, Jews in Arab countries suffered unbearable discrimination and acts of violence that led to their forced expulsion. Jews were forced out of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and later Iran. They left behind their property and belongings, carrying only necessities as they escaped to safety.

Entire Jewish communities were wiped out, and centuries of religious customs, traditions, culture and music vanished from the Middle East and North Africa. Like my family, nearly half of these refugees settled in Israel. Our stories remainlargely untold. Many still do not know of our collective trauma.
A Fake Massacre Serves as Historical Backdrop to a New Palestinian Novel
In the novel Children of the Ghetto: My Name Is Adam—recently published in English translation—Elias Khoury tells the story of a Palestinian who fled the city of Lydda during Israel’s war of independence and takes as its theme the “silence” of members of that generation. The subject of a fawning review in the New York Times, the book employs as its central conceit an exercise in Holocaust inversion (made clear by the title), comparing the plight of the Palestinians to that of the Jewish victims of Nazism. But the supposed massacre perpetrated by the Haganah at Lydda—which had a formative impact of the protagonist of Children of the Ghetto—never happened, as Martin Kramer demonstrated in Mosaic in 2014:

Lydda, along the route from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, was an Arab city of some 20,000, swollen by July [1948] to about twice that size by an influx of refugees from Jaffa and neighboring villages already occupied by Israeli forces. The 5th Infantry Company of the Transjordanian Arab Legion (approximately 125 soldiers) was deployed in the city, supported by many more local irregulars who had been making months-long preparations for battle.

On July 11, . . . the 3rd Battalion of the [Haganah’s] Yiftaḥ brigade moved into southern approaches to the city. . . . By the next day, as Israeli forces were strengthening their hold on the city, two or three armored vehicles of the Arab Legion appeared on the northern edge and began firing in all directions. This encouraged an eruption of sniping and grenade-throwing at Israeli troops from upper stories and rooftops within the town, and from [what was known as] “the small mosque” only a few hundred meters from the armored-vehicle incursion.

Israeli commanders feared a counterattack by the Legion in coordination with the armed irregulars still at large in the city. The order came down to suppress the incipient uprising with withering fire. The Great Mosque and the church, [crammed with male Arab civilians], were unaffected, but Israeli forces struck the small mosque with an antitank missile.

In short, a fierce battle took place, and Israeli troops fired on a mosque that had become an enemy outpost, but, as Kramer goes on to prove, there is no evidence of a massacre.

In the Netherlands, Jews Did Not Go “Like Lambs to the Slaughter”
In a recent interview with a major Dutch newspaper, a Dutch senator and former general stated that he had “always been intrigued by how it was possible that the Jews—such a courageous, militant nation—were chased like docile lambs into the gas chambers.” But this is not so, writes Manfred Gerstenfeld; indeed, the cooperation of Dutch officialdom with the Nazis did far more than alleged Jewish passivity to ensure the success of the Final Solution in their country:

Members of the Dutch police knew it was their task to arrest only criminals, yet they greatly assisted the Germans in arresting Jews, including babies and the elderly. Jews were transported by Dutch railways to the Westerbork transit camp, where they were guarded by Dutch military police. More than 100,000 Dutch Jews—over 70 percent of the prewar Jewish population—were sent to their deaths in the German camps in Poland.

A small percentage of the Dutch population—very courageous people—helped Jews. Twenty-four thousand Jews went into hiding. Of these, 16,000 survived. Many others were betrayed or caught by Dutch volunteer organizations—a civil and a police one—the members of which were rewarded monetarily for every Jew they captured.

In the Dutch resistance, Jews, who numbered less than 1.5 percent of the population before the war, played a disproportionately large role. This has been underpublicized by both media and historians. . . .

A few months after the end of the war, the minister of transport and energy Steef van Schaik . . . addressed a large gathering of railway employees at The Hague, and said: “With your trains, the unhappy victims were brought to the concentration camps. In your hearts, there was revolution. Nevertheless, you did it. That is to your honor. It was the duty the Dutch government asked from you because the railways are one of the pillars that support the economic life of the Dutch people.”
Shmuley Boteach: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Desecrates the Holocaust
Holocaust memory is dying in America. A recent poll discovered that 22 percent of American millennials don’t know what the Holocaust is and an astounding two-thirds couldn’t identify the word “Auschwitz.”

Then there is the issue of our own communal belittling of the Holocaust. At a recent city council hearing in the city of Englewood, New Jersey where I live, I personally heard Orthodox rabbis — among them Rabbi Zev Reichman of East Hill Synagogue and Rabbi Chaim Poupko of Ahavath Torah — invoke the Holocaust to help sell a commercial assisted-living project, being developed by a donor to both shuls, to the City Council. I live directly across the street from the project and was there to assess its impact. Rabbi Menachem Genack, who last year traveled to Qatar under suspicious circumstances to meet the Hamas-funding Emir, almost spoke publicly in favor. One of the Councilmen listening was Michael Cohen, the East Coast director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a world-renowned institution named after one of the most famous Holocaust survivors and dedicated to honoring its victims. Cohen sat silently as the Holocaust was invoked in support of a commercial real estate project that the Rabbis said would aid the Orthodox community.

Last week, though, Holocaust memory in America hit a whole new low.

During a livestream on Instagram, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York demeaned and debased the Holocaust by comparing the annihilation of six million Jews in Hitler’s concentration camps in Europe to detention centers run by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on the US-Mexico border. “The US is running concentration camps on our southern border, and that is exactly what they are,” she said, decrying a “fascist” administration and invoking the sacred Holocaust mantra against genocide, “Never Again.”

My organization, The World Values Network, which defends and promotes Holocaust memory, the State of Israel, and Jewish values in the American media, responded to Ocasio-Cortez’s vulgar trivialization of the six million with a full-page ad in Section A of The New York Times.
U.S. Holocaust Museum Blasts People Comparing Southern Border To Nazi Concentration Camps
Perhaps most popular this year have been accusations of “Nazism” and “fascism” against federal authorities for their treatment of children separated from their parents at the U.S. border with Mexico. “Remember, other governments put kids in camps,” is a typical rallying cry from some immigration advocates. Even a person as well versed in the tenuous balance between national security and compassion, the former head of the CIA, took to Twitter to criticize federal policies toward illegal migrants using a black and white photo of the iconic train tracks leading the Auschwitz-Birkenau killing center.

This oversimplified approach to complex history is dangerous. When conducted with integrity and rigor, the study of history raises more questions than answers. And as the most extensively documented crime the world has ever seen, the Holocaust offers an unmatched case study in how societies fall apart, in the immutability of human nature, in the dangers of unchecked state power. It is more than European or Jewish history. It is human history. Almost 40 years ago, the United States Congress chartered a Holocaust memorial on the National Mall for precisely this reason: The questions raised by the Holocaust transcend all divides …

It is all too easy to forget that there are many people still alive for whom the Holocaust is not “history,” but their life story and that of their families. These are not abstract tragedies on call to win an argument or an election. They carry the painful memories of the brutal murder of a cherished baby boy, the rape of a beloved sister, the parents arrested and never seen again.

As the Holocaust recedes in time, some Americans (and Europeans) are becoming increasingly casual and disrespectful to the mass murder of millions … the nature of Nazi crimes demands that we study the evidence, alert ourselves to warning signs, wrestle with the world’s moral failure. When we reduce it to a flattened morality tale, we forfeit the chance to learn from its horrific specificity. We lose sight of the ordinary human choices that made genocide possible … At a time when our country needs dialogue more than ever, it is especially dangerous to exploit the memory of the Holocaust as a rhetorical cudgel. We owe the survivors more than that. And we owe ourselves more than that.

Jewish Groups Slam UK Labour MP for Inviting Rep of Antisemitic Houthi Terror Group to Parliamentary Event
Leading UK Jewish groups and a member of parliament slammed a Labour MP for planning to host a representative of a virulently antisemitic Yemenite terrorist group in parliament.

Since far-left MP Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour leader in 2015, the party has been beset by antisemitism scandals, to the point that many critics consider the party institutionally antisemitic.

Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle invited Ahmed Alshami — a representative of the Iran-backed Houthi group, which has been fighting an insurgency against the government of Yemen for several years — to appear at an event for the far-left Stop the War Coalition in parliament.

The Houthis’ official slogan is, “God is great, death to America, death to Israel, curse the Jews, victory to Islam.”

Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge, a prominent critic of antisemitism within the party, commented to Jewish News, “The antisemitic language and actions of the Houthi group, who will be represented at this event, are sickening.”

“Inviting an organization whose slogan states ‘death to Israel, curse the Jews’ to Parliament will do nothing to reassure the Jewish community that Labour takes the fight against antisemitism seriously,” she said.

“Lloyd Russell-Moyle should think again,” she added.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews’ Vice President Amanda Bowman said, “Hosting an organization in the Houses of Parliament whose official slogan includes the phrase ‘death to Israel, curse the Jews’ is utterly unacceptable.”

Charitable Organization Spotlights Radical CAIR Activists
“What’s the one thing you want funders to do differently to support the pro-immigrant and -refugee movement?”

This was the question posed by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) on Monday to highlight the organization’s members.

The NCRP claims to promote “philanthropy that serves the public good, is responsive to people and communities with the least wealth and opportunity, and is held accountable to the highest standards of integrity and openness.”

It’s difficult to see how the NCRP lived up to that standard when it showcased two Islamist activists with a history of bigoted and antisemitic views: Zainab Arain and Abbas Barzegar. Both work for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)’s, research and advocacy department, which Barzegar directs and Arain serves as manager.

Arain has peddled antisemitic conspiracies suggesting that Israel harvests dead Palestinians’ organs, akin to a modern-day blood libel. She has promoted articles from fringe and conspiratorial websites promoting the antisemitic view that Israel controls US foreign policy.

So how did the CAIR officials respond to NCRP’s question?

They “simply ask that funders commit to divesting from anti-human agendas: Those that advocate separation of families, ethnic and religious bigotry, and toxic political discourses.”

Unfortunately, the NCRP needs to be held accountable for highlighting two Islamist activists that have a history of making radical comments and work for an organization that propagates antisemitic views.

In 2009, Arain shared a report from Iran’s Press TV that the US and Israel finance the Taliban and other terrorists. “Is it surprising?” she asked. Yes, and it’s entirely false too.

What’s surprising is that someone who now is treated credibly by the NCRP bought into raw propaganda from Iran’s state-run media. Meanwhile, she openly defends Palestinian terrorists trying to kill Israelis and voices disdain for pro-Israel supporters.
McDonald’s Israel wins airport tender despite charges of boycotting West Bank
McDonald’s Israel won a tender to operate its fast-food restaurants at Ben-Gurion Airport, despite a protest by settler leaders because the chain will not open branches in West Bank settlements.

The seven-year concession period, which can be extended by up to 24 months, was announced Sunday by the Israel Airports Authority, the Israeli business daily Globes reported. The restaurants – in the departure hall and Sky Hall in Terminal 3 and stands in the departure hall in Terminal 1 – currently are operated by the Israeli franchise Burger Ranch.

The unwillingness to open McDonald’s franchises in the West Bank is a boycott and therefore illegal under Israel’s Boycott Law, Samarian Regional Council Mayor Yossi Dagan had charged earlier this month, later echoed by other settler leaders

McDonald’s Israel is headed by Omri Padan, a founder of Peace Now, which regards settlements as one of the largest obstacles to the two-state solution. In 2013, Padan said he would not open a branch in a new mall in Ariel because it is located in the West Bank.

Manny's in the Mission: Small Business of the year.
From Scott Weiner:

Today I honored Manny's as our Senate District 11 Small Business of the Yeasr. Manny's is an amazing, unique, & progressive small business in tje Mission- a civic gathering place, a cafe, restaurant & bookstore. Thank for Manny Yekutiel , for all that you do.

Manny's cafe, on the corner of 16th and Valencia, has been the target of anti-Semitic attacks and vandalism since its opening. Yet the visionary business has become a destination for progressive activists across the Bay area. Its become a mainstay on the Democratic presidential campaign trial, with the Buttigieg campaign, former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, Washington Governor Jay Inslee, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Rep. Seth Moulton, Beto O'Rouke, Eric Swallwell and Cory Booker all making appearances

Business is thriving.
Financial Times Mid-East editor retweets Palestinian propaganda
Longtime Palestinian official Hanan Ashrawi took to Twitter on June 22 to express her rejection of Jared Kushner’s $50 billion plan to help the Palestinian economy as part of the US “Peace To Prosperity” Middle East peace plan.

That of course isn’t the least bit surprising.

However, what did pique our interest was the person who decided to retweet it:

Andrew England is the Mid-East editor at the Financial Times.

Though we considered the possibility that the retweet didn’t necessarily signify endorsement, but merely the belief that Ashrawi’s tweet was newsworthy, our review of England’s Twitter feed revealed that he’s not prone to this style of tweeting.

As we noted in our own tweet, if indeed England was in fact signifying his support of Ashrawi, it raises serious questions about his objectivity. Financial Times is an influential international business and news publication based in London which, as they put it, is “recognised internationally for its authority, integrity and accuracy”.

It’s hard to see how we can trust the Financial Times “integrity” and “accuracy” when reporting on Israel and the Palestinians if their Mid-East editor openly sides with one side in the conflict.

After 9 months, Reddit finally bans group spreading thinly veiled anti-Semitism
After allowing it to flourish for nine months, Reddit has banned an internet community comprising tens of thousands of members that critics elsewhere on the platform said was associated with the online neo-Nazi movement.

The /r/frenworld community had grown to 60,346 subscribers before its ban by the Reddit administration on Thursday. In an explanation posted on the group’s former web page, Reddit stated that “this subreddit was banned for violations of our Content Policy, specifically, the posting of content that glorifies or encourages violence.”

A similar community, with a smaller subscriber group of some 15,000, was still functioning as of this writing, however, as were several much smaller communities.

Many posts featured on /r/frenworld made implicit references to Holocaust denial and other anti-Semitic conspiracy theories touted by neo-Nazi groups.

One such example featured a cartoon clown figure alongside an image of ovens used by the Nazis in the Holocaust, with commentary stating: “Silly Clown! There’s no way you can bake 6 million pies in those ovens!”

The community was banned without an official announcement from Reddit, which has yet to comment on the details that prompted the move. The Times of Israel contacted Reddit for comment, but the social media platform had not replied as of publication. Some of those involved in the group denied that it had extremist ties or motivations, and claimed its content was inoffensive.
More PLO propaganda and polemic on BBC WS radio – part one
Erekat predictably skirted round that issue and went on to make the inaccurate claim that the Oslo Accords included the term ‘two-state solution’ with no correction from Iqbal.

Erekat: “This was a mistake and we do mistakes and this mistake is being corrected but the point is I am under Israeli occupation. I am not independent. I entered a contract with Israel, the PLO – the Palestine Liberation Organisation, the Israeli government – under the auspices of the Americans, the Europeans, the Arab, to achieve the two-state solution. Now we have an American administration that’s saying ‘no – it’s not gonna be two states. Jerusalem is not, can’t be Palestine capital. Palestinians don’t have their actual determination and they must accept this’. And these people…the conflict is political, is about territory, is about narratives. It’s not a religious conflict. Judaism to us as Christian and Muslim Palestinians was never a threat, is not a threat, will never be a threat.”

Failing to provide her worldwide listeners with any examples of the blatant antisemitism that comes regularly from Palestinian officials and the incitement to religious war put out by both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, Iqbal asked:

Iqbal: “And are you saying that the Americans are casting it as a religious conflict?”

Erekat: “Absolutely. When the ambassador – so-called ambassador – Friedman says that it’s God who recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and when Pompeo the Secretary of State would say that God sent Trump to save the Jews, they are turning this into a religious conflict and this should be a red line to anyone.”

The BBC itself reported at the time that Mr Pompeo “said it is “possible” that President Donald Trump was sent by God to save Israel from Iran” but Iqbal refrained from challenging Erekat’s claims.

The rest of this interview will be discussed in part two of this post.
More PLO propaganda and polemic on BBC WS radio – part two
BBC World Service radio listeners than heard Erekat promote the ‘apartheid’ smear – which went totally unchallenged just as was the case in his earlier interview on Radio 4.

Erekat: “So, Netanyahu and Kushner are trying to dictate what I call one state, two systems: apartheid. There are roads in the West Bank I cannot use today. I have a green ID card. Netanyahu has a blue ID card. I drive a car with white and green licence plate. Netanyahu drives a car yellow licence plate. There is a deeper apartheid system in the West Bank and East Jerusalem today than the one that existed in the darkest hours of South Africa’s apartheid. That’s the truth.”

Listeners were not told that while there is a grand total of 40.22 kms of roadway that Palestinian plated vehicles cannot use for security reasons, there are also roads – for example in Erekat’s home town of Jericho – that Israeli vehicles cannot access. Neither was it clarified that Erekat’s licence plates are a different colour to those of Israeli vehicles because he lives in Area A under total Palestinian Authority control and his vehicle registration comes from that authority, not from Israel. Likewise, Erekat is not an Israeli citizen and hence does not have the blue ID card given to all Israeli citizens regardless of religion or ethnicity.

In other words, Razia Iqbal and the ‘Newshour’ team were quite happy for listeners to go away with materially misleading impressions created by Saeb Erekat’s lies about an ‘apartheid’ system which does not exist.

Erekat: “So if one state, two system apartheid is not gonna work and we’re not gonna make work and if what many of Palestinians now are saying one state equal rights which is [unintelligible] as concept for Jews, Muslims and Christians to live equal, it’s not doable for Israelis. Palestinian and Israeli relations is like physics; there is no vacuum. If they kill the two-state solution that will translate into blood of Palestinians and Israelis.”
Star Of David Suspiciously Absent From Conspiracy Theory Editorial Cartoon (satire)
Editors and readers of a prominent international daily expressed confusion and concern today at the appearance in the publication of a political caricature averring the existence of a cabal behind certain nefarious developments, but that did not feature a recognizable representation of Jews.

A cartoon by Swedish caricaturist Olf Sundlerlund in the International Herald Tribune, the worldwide edition of The New York Times, featured on Monday a stylized image of an octopus with a threatening facial expression and a dollar sign, extending its tentacles to grasp various important industries and institutions, but the complete lack of a Star of David, a hook-nosed man, or image of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu threw viewers into perplexity as to the meaning and accuracy of the portrayal.

“It’s kind of obvious there’s something missing,” observed Carlos Latuff, a Brazilian caricaturist with ample experience in antisemitic conspiracy theory imagery. “No one is going to understand this garbage, and even if they do, they’re going to dismiss it. A conspiracy theory that does not have Jews or ‘Israel’ at its center? Laughable. Whoever this cartoonist is, he’s got no idea how it’s done in this industry. No wonder no one’s heard of him.”
Jewish graves vandalized in South Africa
The Jewish community in Strand, South Africa, filed a police complaint recently after four gravestones in the local Jewish cemetery were vandalized. Last week, two other Jewish cemeteries in the same district of Western Cape were also the target of vandalizm. Police fear it may be the work of an active neo-Nazi cell.

Only last December, the Jewish community of Cape Town was shocked when the Jewish cemetery in Wellington, about 45 minutes away from Cape Town, was desecrated. The Jewish community announced that 39 Jewish headstones were desecrated by unknown individuals. Stuart Diamond, the head of the Jewish community in Cape Town, said at the time: "Our community is shocked by this attack. According to the Constitution, South Africa belongs to everyone who lives in it, and they must be respected and accepted by the other."

Jewish Agency Chairman Isaac Herzog called on countries to take strong action to combat the troubling and rising phenomenon.

“I appeal to governments around the world and to law enforcement authorities to not take it lightly, and to take a firm hand against any manifestation of anti-Semitism,” he said.

Deputy Chairman of the World Zionist Organization, Yaakov Hagoel, responded on Sunday to the anti-Semitic event, saying: "These incidents, unfortunately, spread like wildfire and have become a global trend, and these are very serious incidents that must be stopped immediately before they kill Jews.
Moroccan Man, 45, Accused of Harassing, Spitting at Jews in Hamburg
A 45-year-old Moroccan man detained by German police has been accused of threatening, demeaning and spitting at two Jews in Hamburg.

Shlomo Bistritzky, regional chief rabbi and a Chabad-Lubavitch emissary in Hamburg, and Eliezer Noe were approached near the city hall, where the two met with Mayor Peter Tschentscher, by a passer-by who harassed and spat on them.

Bistritzky told the Hamburg Abendblatt that the man confronted them by saying “Shalom” and then “said something that sounded threatening. We faced him and asked him what he had said. He then reached under his shirt and pulled out something … and began to threaten us verbally.”

The object reportedly was a lighter, which the man, who spoke Arabic and German, lit while insulting and threatening the two Jews.

Police apprehended him and placed a “spit protection hood” over him. The state police are now in charge of the case.

The suspect’s name has not been released, as per privacy laws.
High hopes for new ADHD treatment device
An Israeli startup has developed a new medical device to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). And it doesn’t require any drugs like Ritalin or Adderall.

Haifa-based InnoSphere’s patented medical “cap” sits on top of the patient’s head. Small electrodes embedded in the cap deliver electrical charges to regions of the brain that are involved in ADHD behavior. The cap is worn for 20 minutes a day, for 15 days only.

InnoSphere’s goal is to stimulate the neurons in the brain to make new connections in areas where those suffering from ADHD are deficient.

“We give the neurons a nudge to talk to other neurons in the brain, to communicate better,” founder and CEO Rami Shacour tells ISRAEL21c.

InnoSphere’s ADHD device takes advantage of “neuroplasticity” – the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections in response to novel activities and situations or to compensate for injury or disease.

That makes it different than other Israeli-made neuromodulation devices ISRAEL21c has covered, such as Neurolief or Theranica, both of which aim to eliminate the pain of migraine headaches by electrically stimulating specific nerves.

InnoSphere’s product will be prescribed by a doctor after making an ADHD diagnosis and identifying the severity of the symptoms. The doctor will upload that information to InnoSphere’s online platform where, says Shacour, “our AI algorithms will generate a personal treatment protocol.”

This is key to treating ADHD.
Israelis, and Jews in General, Are Not ‘Appropriating’ Anything
With the “debate” over Israel’s legitimacy permeating Western campuses and media, Israeli culture has periodically oscillated in and out of the limelight. In particular, disputes over what aspects of Israeli culture – especially Israeli cuisine – are “authentically” Israeli (hint: if it’s Middle Eastern, then it’s “obviously not Israeli”) have become one of the most contentious frontiers of the entire anti-Zionist war on Jewish rights.

Attendant to the narrative that Zionist returnees in Israel/Palestine are “settler colonists” who “stole” Arab land, anti-Semites similarly charge Israelis and diaspora Jews alike with “stealing” Arab culture in the hope of weaving a convincing tale of Jewish indigeneity out of whole cloth. It is a fictive that aims to dispossess Jews of their own cultural heritage, identity, peoplehood and, eventually, their land.

However, the fact remains that most – if not all – of what Palestinian Arabs accuse us of “appropriating” are not really “Palestinian” at all. In fact, they have been a part of Jewish culture since Biblical times, long predating the Arab conquest of the Levant – and thus any Palestinian claim to exclusive ownership thereof. Since these allegations tend to fall exclusively on Ashkenazi Israelis – who are erroneously defamed as “white European settlers” – I will not focus on the Mizrahi claim to these items, but instead on the broader Jewish one.

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