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From Ian:

Tuvia Tenenbom: A trip across America
In “The Lies They Tell,” Tuvia has turned the guided missile that is himself onto America, the country that has sheltered, housed, fed, and welcomed him, a native Israeli, for nearly four decades.
He expected to like what he found.
He didn’t.
Here’s what happened — and as you read, keep in mind that politically, Tuvia is not easy to pin down. Some of what he says could come from the mouth of someone to the political right; some of what he says could come from a leftist. He would say — he does say — that truth transcends that, and that he looks for truth. Through his own lens, of course.
“I liked the idea of doing a book about America,” Tuvia said. “I wrote a book about Germany that was very critical about Germany. I wrote a book about Israel and I found a lot of anti-Semitism. I needed a change. I came here, to this country, to the goldene medina, with $400 to my name, and I got the chance to form myself from nothing.
“I wanted to say thank you to America. I wanted the chance to travel around America, and write a praise-and-glory book about it. (h/t Elder of Lobby)
JPost Editorial: Hired killers
These salaries finance terrorism. When perpetrators and their families are rewarded, additional Palestinians contemplating an attack of their own can mark one concern off their list – no matter what happens to them, their family will be cared for. This ensures a steady supply of killers for hire.
When Abbas glorifies terrorists who murder innocent Israelis by referring to them as “holy martyrs” and names streets and public institutions after them, it is no wonder that Palestinian culture reflects this – and that so many young Palestinians are incited to commit acts of terrorism.
This is where Trump can help. America is one of the leading donor nations to the Palestinians. While it is important to help the Palestinians establish institutions and infrastructure needed to one day serve an independent state, the world should require of the Palestinians to first stop these payments.
Stopping these payments will help start a much-needed cultural revolution within Palestinian society. The Palestinian people will finally be told that terrorism does not (literally) pay. This is the first step toward real peace and it is one that Trump can help the Palestinians take.
Women’s March Organizer Recently Met Ex-Hamas Operative, Has Family Ties To Terror Group
Linda Sarsour, one of the organizers behind Saturday’s Women’s March, being held in Washington, D.C., was recently spotted at a large Muslim convention in Chicago posing for pictures with an accused financier for Hamas, the terrorist group.
Sarsour, the head of the Arab American Association of New York and an Obama White House “Champion of Change,” was speaking at last month’s 15th annual convention of the Muslim American Society and Islamic Circle of North America.
While there, she posed for a picture with Salah Sarsour, a member of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee and former Hamas operative who was jailed in Israel in the 1990s because of his alleged work for the terrorist group.
Salah Sarsour, who is also a board member of American Muslims for Palestine, served as a bodyguard of sorts at the convention for Sumeyye Erdogan Bayraktar, the daughter of Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

World Council of Churches Favors Nationalism and Anti-Semitism
The immediate two aims of the Kairos Document are: 1) to boycott Israel and the Jewish historical connection to the Land of Israel; 2) to neutralize the support of Christian Zionists and any other Christians for Israel.
The World Council of Churches (WCC) Secretariat targets Israel's tourist industry and aspires to re-direct pilgrims from Israel to the Palestinian area, and to guide pilgrims from having a positive outlook on Israel to having negative reactions to the Jewish State.
Many faithful Christians, including a good portion of the fine Lutheran Church of Hannover, are hardly aware of the degree of deception employed by the WCC Secretariat. They would be scandalized to know that they were being used for the Secretariat's scheme of nationalism and anti-Semitism.
Netanyahu says Palestinians can have a ‘state minus’
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told cabinet ministers Sunday that he was prepared to give the Palestinians a “state minus.”
“What I’m willing to give the Palestinians,” the prime minister said in the weekly meeting, according to Hebrew reports, “is not exactly a state with full authority, rather a state minus. This is why the Palestinians do not agree.”
Netanyahu did not elaborate further. In the past, the prime minister has said that he would be in favor of a demilitarized Palestinian state if the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
Netanyahu was responding to Science Minister Ofir Akunis (Likud), who told the ministers that he opposes the prime minister’s position and rejects a two-state solution. The minister insisted that this is also the official stance of the Likud party, according to the Haaretz daily.
“If you would listen to the details of my position I’m sure that you would not oppose it,” the prime minister told Akunis.
Palestinian official Mustafa Barghouti slammed Netanyahu’s comments in an interview with the Palestine News Network.
Rivlin congratulates Trump, invites him to Jerusalem
President Reuven Rivlin sent a letter to incoming US President Donald Trump on Saturday evening, congratulating him on his inauguration the day before and inviting him to visit Israel.
“Mr. President, as a longstanding friend of the State of Israel, you now stand as leader of the free world, and of Israel’s most important and closest ally,” Rivlin wrote.
“The alliance between our states and our nations is not solely based on friendship. It is rooted in our shared values and longstanding commitment to freedom, liberty, and democracy — the foundation stones of our societies.”
Rivlin thanked his new American counterpart for the support and friendship of the American people and expressed his hope that the special relationship and cooperation between the two countries “will continue to flourish and grow stronger.”
“On behalf of our people, I wish you and your administration much success, and take this opportunity to extend to you an invitation to visit the State of Israel and be our guest in Jerusalem,” Rivlin’s letter concluded.
Meanwhile, Education Minister Naftali Bennett took to Twitter on Saturday evening, hailing “a new diplomatic era.”
Report: Trump Will Announce Move of US Embassy to Jerusalem on Monday
Newly inaugurated US President Donald Trump will announce on Monday the upcoming relocation of the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, an unnamed source told a top Israeli political reporter on Sunday.
Channel 2’s Amit Segal cited a “local little birdie” as saying the announcement would be made on Monday morning Washington, DC time. However, Segal noted, “There is no confirmation of this.”
During his election campaign, Trump promised to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move the US Embassy accordingly. On Thursday — a day before Trump’s inauguration — then-incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters to “stay tuned” for an imminent announcement from the new administration about the potential embassy move.
After he was chosen in December to serve as Trump’s ambassador to the Jewish state, attorney David Friedman said, “I intend to work tirelessly to strengthen the unbreakable bond between our two countries and advance the cause of peace within the region, and look forward to doing this from the US Embassy in Israel’s eternal capital, Jerusalem.”
According to media reports, Friedman will live in an apartment he owns in Jerusalem’s Talbiyeh neighborhood, rather than move into the official ambassador’s residence in Herzliya.
Abbas meets King Abdullah to coordinate moves against possible US Embassy relocation
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Jordanian King Abdullah II met in Amman on Sunday to coordinate moves against the possible relocation of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
“Abbas and King Abdullah II discussed the possible ramifications of moving the American Embassy to occupied Jerusalem and agreed to take a number of measures if the embassy is relocated,” Wafa, the official PA news site, reported Sunday afternoon.
The Palestinian leadership launched a campaign two weeks ago to appeal to the world against the possible relocation of the US Embassy.
Abbas sent letters to US President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, UK Prime Minister Theresa May, and many other world leaders, warning that relocating would have “disastrous” consequences and spell the “destruction of the peace process.”
Trump said on Thursday that he plans to follow through with his campaign promise to relocate the embassy.
PreOccupiedTerritory: Palestinians Threaten Violence If King David Moves Capital From Hebron To Jerusalem (satire)
Palestinian leaders warned that if the king of Israel moves forward with his plan to establish Jerusalem as the national capital as announced, the region will explode in violence.
President Mahmoud Abbas and several senior officials of the Palestinian Authority joined heads of the militant movement Hamas in issuing separate threats to the effect that any move to assert Jewish sovereignty over the holy city would spark riots and bloodshed throughout the Muslim world. David has reigned from Hebron for seven years.
The Davidic administration announced last year that it plans to relocate from the Judean capital of Hebron to Jerusalem, a historic city that straddles the border between the territories of Judah and Benjamin. Bureaucratic work toward implementation of the move began in recent weeks, prompting Palestinian leaders to caution that any such relocation would constitute an affront to the entire Islamic nation, and would result in attacks on the interests of Israel’s allies all over the world.
David chose Jerusalem for several reasons, explained spokesman Ahitophel. “His Highness seeks first of all to unite the Twelve Tribes, and therefore decided to move his administrative center from the heartland of Judah in the South to a spot closer to the other tribal territories,” he told reporters. “Beyond that, the entire people’s ties to Jerusalem go back to the Binding of Isaac and the spot on which Jacob had his first prophetic revelation. Tradition also tells us that humanity was created from earth taken from a spot on that very hilltop, and that the creation of the world itself began from there. It is only fitting that Jerusalem constitute physically what it has always meant to Israel spiritually.”
Trump inauguration rabbi attacked with antisemitic hate speech
The Anti Defamation League said Sunday that it was "outraged and saddened by the antisemitism leveled at Rabbi Marvin Hier" after the blessing he delivered at the inauguration of US President Donald Trump on Friday.
Rabbi Marvin Hier is the dean and founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, an organization dedicated to fighting antisemitism. He was the target of hundreds of antisemitic messages posted on social media during and following his recitation, including antisemitic caricatures of him and hate speech from white supremacists.
“For Jew haters, it was a perfect storm,” the Wiesenthal Center’s associate dean Rabbi Abraham Cooper told The Jerusalem Post Sunday, noting that IT staff working for his center alone had removed hundreds of antisemitic messages.
“Obviously a lot of people who don’t like Jews had a tough time seeing a Jew stand up proudly before the world,” Cooper said.” To have a Jew wearing a kippa on an international stage and a declared and well-known Zionist - from the far left to the far right a lot of people were very angry.”
NYT's Baker: Trump Is 'Very Popular' In Israel, Seen As Someone Who Will 'Support Them, Finally'
On Friday’s broadcast of PBS’ “Washington Week,” New York Times Chief White House Correspondent Peter Baker stated that in Israel, President Donald Trump is “very popular,” and the view is “He’s going to support them, finally…after eight years of Barack Obama, who they did not feel was supportive.”
Baker said that there’s “a real trepidation out and around the world, particularly in Europe,” about a Trump presidency, and Trump is viewed in some parts of the Middle East with “wariness”
He added, “Israel, though – he’s very popular, I have to say. I just got back from Jerusalem. That’s certainly one place in the world that they see his arrival as a good thing. He’s going to support them, finally, in their view, after eight years of Barack Obama, who they did not feel was supportive.”
Anti-Trump activist in Mexico dons death camp garb
Several hundred demonstrators shut down four lanes of traffic on a central boulevard outside the US embassy in Mexico City on Saturday, in one of hundreds of rallies held worldwide to protest the election of US President Donald Trump, who took office on Friday.
They held up signs such as “Nasty women keep fighting” and “Girls just wanna have fundamental rights.”
One activist at the rally was dressed in Nazi concentration camp uniform.
The Mexican capital is home to a sizable population of U.S. citizens, and many in the crowd were Americans.
Israel grants local banks immunity from terror financing lawsuits – report
The state has reportedly granted two Israeli banks immunity from lawsuits accusing them of financing terrorism, in a bid to prevent them from ending cooperation with Palestinian banks.
According to a report Sunday in the Haaretz daily, the unusual decision was taken by the cabinet last week out of concern that if Israeli banks end the crucial financial services they supply to their Palestinian counterparts, it could lead to the collapse of the Palestinian banking system and even the Palestinian Authority.
The move comes after Israel’s Bank Hapoalim reportedly informed the government last year that it intended to end its services to Palestinian banks out of fears it could face charges from overseas, particularly from the United States, for potentially violating terrorism funding and money laundering laws.
According to the report, Hapoalim is the main bank provider to Palestinian banks of clearing, guarantees and other services that enable them to conduct international trade. Israel Discount Bank also works with the Palestinian banks.
Jerusalem municipality approves 560 Israeli homes over Green Line
Less than 48 hours after Donald Trump was sworn in as US president, the Jerusalem Municipality’s Local Planning and Building Committee on Sunday approved hundreds of Jewish residential housing units beyond the 1949 Armistice Line.
Housing approvals over the Green Line were previously largely shelved amid heightened tensions between Washington and Jerusalem, which were further exacerbated by the recent UN resolution condemning settlement construction.
Deeming the resolution further evidence that the UN is fundamentally biased against Israel, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat issued a blistering statement against the ruling, and rebuked the Obama administration for abstaining, and pressuring Israel to cease construction.
Moreover, on Thursday the mayor emailed a brief video, accompanied by a letter of support for Trump to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and accused Obama of “surrendering to the Iranian’s and radical Islam,” and “abandoning Israel.”
Palestinian gets life, plus 30 years, for 2015 killing of Israeli
The Ofer military court on Sunday sentenced a Palestinian man to life in prison and an additional 30 years for the killing of a Jewish man in a 2015 West Bank drive-by shooting.
Abdallah As’hak, of the West Bank village of Silwad, northeast of Ramallah, was also ordered to pay a NIS 325,000 ($85,000) fine for the terror attack in which Malachy Rosenfeld was murdered on June 29, 2015.
Rosenfeld, 25, was killed, and three others were wounded when Hamas terrorists opened fire on their car near the West Bank settlement of Shvut Rachel, north of Ramallah, as they returned home from a basketball game.
As’hak was found guilty of killing Rosenfeld, and the attempted killing of each of the three other Israelis injured in the shooting attack. His specific role in the fatal terror attack was not immediately clear.
JCPA: A Palestinian National Unity Government?
As a condition for ending the electricity shortage, Abbas demands that Hamas publicly admit to the mistakes it has made since it forcefully conquered Gaza in 2007. This is a condition Hamas cannot accept, and one can reasonably assume that after some time the electricity crisis will again erupt.
Agreement on a Palestinian national unity government was actually already reached last year in the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation talks in Doha. The dispute, however, centered on the unity government’s platform.
The bone of contention was Hamas’ refusal to accept Fatah’s political platform as the platform of a unity government because it recognizes Israel. A dispute that is no less difficult concerns the payment of the salaries of 40,000 bureaucrats in Gaza whom Hamas added to the ranks of the government after it took Gaza by force in 2007.
The PA regards these bureaucrats as belonging to Hamas and refuses to pay their salaries.
Hence the “Moscow statement” should be taken with a grain of salt. Even though it is a positive statement from the standpoint of all the Palestinian factions, the road to a true Palestinian national reconciliation is long and it is doubtful whether the goal can be reached.
Only this week the Shabak (Israel Security Agency) announced it had arrested a large network of Hamas operatives in Ramallah that was working to undermine the PA’s rule and overthrow it. That is the real goal of Hamas, not a national reconciliation with the PA.
Desalination plant brings relief to Gaza
Conditions have greatly deteriorated over the past decade since Hamas, a militant group sworn to Israel's destruction, took power. Hamas and Israel have fought three wars since the 2007 takeover, resulting in heavy damage to Gaza's infrastructure, and an Israeli-Egyptian blockade has slowed reconstruction efforts.
Hamas, an Islamic militant group boycotted by most of the international community, did not participate in the project, and it was not represented at Thursday's ceremony.
A Hamas military training site sits on part of the land allocated for the plant's second phase. Mazen Ghunaim, head of the Palestinian Water Authority, said Hamas promised the site will be moved away in the coming days. The authority is one of the few bodies run by the rival West Bank-based Palestinian Authority that Hamas allows to operate in Gaza.
Other obstacles have included chronic electricity shortages and concerns that the plant could be hit if there is new fighting between Israel and Hamas.
Hamas operative killed in Gaza tunnel collapse
A Hamas operative was killed as a tunnel collapsed in the southern Gaza Strip on Friday, his Islamist movement which rules the Palestinian territory said.
It said Yussef al-Agha died in Khan Yunis in the collapse of a “resistance tunnel,” the type dug for attacks against Israel.
Last year, 22 members of Hamas’s armed wing were killed “preparing equipment,” the majority in a string of tunnel collapses, the terror group said last month.
Gaza terrorists have dug dozens of tunnels, many coming under the border into Israel, to launch attacks against the Jewish state; Israel destroyed many of them during the devastating 2014 war with Hamas. It says Hamas has since been rebuilding the network, and Hamas has bragged about doing so.
Israel and Hamas have fought three wars since 2008 and Gaza has been under an Israeli blockade for a decade, imposed by Israel and Egypt to try to prevent it importing weaponry.
“Attack tunnels” were a key weapon for Hamas during the last conflict in 2014, with a number of raids inside Israeli territory.
Baroness Tonge posts anti-semitic article
Baroness Jenny Tonge is under investigation by the House of Lords Commissioner for Standards. Initially she was under investigation on two counts: alleged failure to act on personal honour and alleged breach of rules on House facilities. However the first charge has been dropped. It needs to be taken up again because she has posted an anti-Semitic article on her Facebook page.
Tonge posted a piece of fake news. Not just fake – anti-semitic. It claims that at a recent conference, Israel’s President Rivlin said:
“The time has come to admit that Israel is a sick society, with an illness that demands treatment … the Israeli Holocaust against the Palestinians is worse than the Nazis I’m not asking if they’ve forgotten how to be Jews, but if they’ve forgotten how to be decent human beings. Have they forgotten how to converse? I think that ‘Holocaust’ against Palestinians is worse than Nazis.”
Amid 'Security' Concerns, Irish University Postpones Conference Exploring Legality of Jewish State
A conference exploring the legality of the state of Israel is being postponed by the Irish university at which it was scheduled to be held in March, on the grounds that its controversial nature could be disruptive to both students and faculty.
University College Cork’s (UCC) University Management Team (UMT) said in a statement that “security infrastructure and staffing is inadequate to deal with the management of security of the event” — titled “International Law and the State of Israel: Legitimacy, Exceptionalism and Responsibility” — which has the potential to spark protests.
UCC officials said, however, that they would be willing to reschedule the conference, if certain conditions were met by its organizers. These include a “revised date…which is out of term and not clashing with University examinations,” and funding of any “additional…security costs.”
UMT expressed “disappointment and concern” that it first learned of the conference through “public discourse and social media and not in a formal request for approval or correspondence directly with the University.”
UCC also distanced itself from the conference by saying that it is “not…University-sponsored or promoted,” but rather hosted by “a number of academic staff.”
Panelist at Anti-Israel UK University Seminar Applauded for Accusing Jewish Students of Being ‘Operatives’ of Global Zionist Conspiracy
An academic participating in a seminar on Thursday at a British university accused Jewish students of being “operatives” of a global Zionist conspiracy, UK blogger David Collier reported.
Prof. Moshé Machover, an Israeli-born mathematician and philosopher known for his radical activism and founding of the socialist party Matzpen — who moved to the UK in 1968 — made this assertion and others at the Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) event, titled: “Right to Boycott: Should Queen Mary Endorse a Boycott on Israel?”
The seminar was hosted by the QMUL Friends of Palestine Society and sponsored by the British NGO Friends of Al Aqsa, which openly supports Hamas.
Challenged by a “visibly Jewish student” asking him about the hypocrisy of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, Machover responded that the question is what the “Israeli propaganda machine actually breeds its representatives to ask.”
Finnish NGO in violation of terrorism law for funding Hamas parlay?
The Finnish organization CMI doled out $18,177 to fund a meeting of the EU and US classified terrorist entity Hamas with the Palestinian Fatah party in Geneva, Switzerland in December, according to a Friday report in the Finland daily Kirkko ja kaupunki.
The Finnish organization Crisis Management Initiative (CMI), which is headed by Finland’s former president Martti Oiva Kalevi Ahtisaari, joined the Swiss government to organize the two day talks to unify the Gaza-based Hamas and the West Bank's Fatah party. The Swiss paid nearly $72,000 for the negotiations.
Prof. Gerald Steinberg, the head of the Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor, told The Jerusalem Post on Friday: ”The ways in which European officials use NGO funding in the chaotic Middle East is very disturbing. This is the new form of colonialism and, as this case involving the governments of Finland and Switzerland shows, NGO activities can be used as a cover by terrorists -- for which there is no excuse.”
He added,”The claim that these activities contribute to peace is both morally unacceptable and baseless -- in decades of ‘negotiations’ involving PLO, Hamas and recently, PFLP officials, none of the Swiss and European efforts have succeeded. Millions of euros, Swiss francs, kroner etc. of taxpayer money are allocated for NGOs every year in top-secret processes without any parliamentary supervision. Nothing useful has been accomplished through these NGO-led talks between Palestinian factions, and it is possible that the process was exploited by the terrorists.”
Piers Corbyn tweets Jewish conspirators will force Trump into war ‘just like they did to Hitler’
Jeremy Corbyn’s brother, Piers Corbyn, a climate forecaster and fervent supporter of his brother, has issued his latest long-term prediction on Twitter: that Jewish conspirators and the Royal Family will force Donald Trump into war, just like they did to Hitler.
Piers Corbyn retweeted @whiteknight0011, a notorious neo-Nazi who declared that “They will force Trump in to war What do you think happened to Hitler? Bilderberg CIA IMF Banker Gangsters They are the problem” along with four images.
One shows Lord Jacob Rothschild, the Jewish banker and philanthropist, against the background of a Nazi flag, claiming that he controls the world. A second shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a puppeteer controlling ISIS through Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, orchestrating the war in Syria and Paris attacks as Lord Rothschild and the Queen look on approvingly. A third image shows the faces of supposed Jewish conspirators who run the world to society’s detriment, proclaiming: “Know your enemy”. The last image shows a family photo of the Royal Family, claiming that they are in cahoots with these Jewish conspirators in committing “the worst genocides, invasions and theft in all history.”
Piers and Jeremy have a long history of political solidarity. Piers has boasted of the family’s anti-racist credentials, but the mask is slipping. The man who now broadcasts that the Jews were responsible for the Second World War, is the same that claimed a Jewish conspiracy against his brother: when Jewish MP Louise Ellman complained of antisemitic attacks against her, Piers Corbyn accused her of using it as a cover for political attack, tweeting: “ABSURD! JC+ All #Corbyns are committed #AntiNazi. #Zionists cant cope with anyone supporting rights for #Palestine”. Brother Jeremy’s response: “He’s not wrong”.

New UN chief pledges to be on front line of fight against antisemitism
Antonio Guterres, the new United Nations secretary-general, told worshipers at Manhattan’s Park East Synagogue Saturday morning he would be on the front lines of denouncing antisemitism and condemning all forms of expressions of it at a special service in commemoration of the upcoming International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust.
The Park East Synagogue, led by Rabbi Arthur Schneier, holds the special Shabbat service, to which it invites the UN secretary-general and members of the UN diplomatic corps, annually.
The Holocaust, Guterres told the congregation, was not simply “due to the insanity of a group of Nazis, but the culmination of two millennia of continued hatred and discrimination against Jews.”
“Antisemitism is not a quest about religion, but a manifestation of racism,” the secretary-general stated at what was his very first appearance in New York, outside of the United Nations headquarters.
He added that he is troubled by the “new forms and expressions” of hatred against Jews, which show that “antisemitism is alive and well.”
Report: Jews in North West London Pelted With Eggs; Have Swastika-Decorated Brick Hurled Through Window During Shabbat
Jews in North West London suffered a spate of attacks over the Sabbath, the UK-based organization the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) reported on Sunday.
According to the Jewish neighborhood patrol group Shomrim, the first incident occurred at approximately 10:30 pm on Friday night. Recognizably Jewish families walking home from dinners at friends’ houses were pelted with eggs from a moving car on Edgwarebury Lane, Edgware.
The second took place at dawn on Saturday in the same neighborhood. A brick with swastikas and antisemitic slurs drawn on it was hurled through the window of a Jewish family’s home.
The third, involving swastika graffiti on a residential building on Watford Way, Mill Hill, was discovered a while later.
Shomrom London is calling on witnesses to come forward, while the Metropolitan Police Service investigates.
Israeli tech cuts drug errors, Harvard study shows
A new study by Harvard Medical School shows that software developed by Israeli startup MedAware helps reduce prescription errors, potentially saving the lives of patients.
Ra’anana-based MedAware has developed software that uses algorithms and machine learning based on data and patterns gathered from thousands of physicians who treat millions of patients. The data is used to identify and give alerts about prescription errors in real time.
The company says its self-learning, self-adaptive system is proven to dramatically reduce healthcare costs while improving patient safety.
The Harvard study analyzed records from almost 800,000 patients to assess the efficacy of MedAware’s software. The report found that MedAware’s technology identifies errors otherwise undetected by current systems in use, minimizes the risks arising from fatigued doctors who are used to getting false alerts from current systems, and reduces prescription errors with high accuracy.
The findings, published on Sunday in the Journal of American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA), showed that MedAware’s technology sets a new standard for prescription alerts and patient safety vis-à-vis traditional safety systems, which only detect a fraction of actual errors, and are not geared up to identify random or complex errors, like prescribing a medication used only in pregnant women for an elderly make, for example.
Mark Pellegrino: Special Guest Post: Mark Pellegrino Hits Back
Mark Pellegrino is an American actor of film and television, best known for his work as Lucifer in Supernatural, Paul Bennett in Dexter, and Jacob in Lost. He is co-founder of The American Capitalist Party.
Itamar Zohar of Ha’aretz is a bad journalist. Why do I say that? Let’s look at it: One of the definitions of journalism, according to Merriam-Webster is:
writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation. AKA objectivity.
A bad journalist is one of the worst traitors to values there can be. Like a cop who uses his status as a protector to steal, or a priest who uses his moral authority to molest the young, the bad journalist uses his place as the standard-bearer of FACT to manipulate public opinion to his own purposes.
To pass off a lie as if it’s a fact or to slander the good, is an unspeakable evil. An evil that a bad journalist is uniquely capable of committing on a mass scale. Now this brings me to Itamar Zohar. Itamar heard there was a story – Some celebrities had been invited to tour Israel under the auspices of an organization called American Voices in Israel and the Minister of Security – and he decided to write about it. The result? A superficial and mean-spirited hit piece attacking the program (in a faux expose) and impugning the character, motivations, and status of the people involved. This all without ever having interviewed a single one of the participants; Without ever witnessing the interactions between the tour guides and the celebs; without investigating why such a program may be vital to Israel or if there have been tangible benefits resulting from the program. No. These would’ve been the actions of a curious mind. A mind devoted to facts, and interested in objectivity. In other words, they would’ve been the actions of a good journalist. Had Itamar been that kind of journalist, the truthful, objective kind, here’s what he would’ve found by blessing us with his presence:
First, he would’ve found that a variety of reasons motivated each entertainer’s reason for being there: Some were there on a religious pilgrimage. Some were agnostics on the conflict over Israel and wanted to know more and see it first hand. Some were apolitical and just wanted to satisfy their curiosity. Some, like me, have been reading about the region for years and are intensely activist in our support of the only free country in the Middle East.

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.

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