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  • Tuesday, July 21, 2015
  • Elder of Ziyon

This past weekend has seen demonstrations by members of an organisation called “Reclaim Australia” that alleges and opposes what it perceives to be the creeping islamification of Australia.  One demo turned ugly when hundreds of “anti-racist” leftist apologists for Islam bent on mayhem descended on the event and were involved in violent scuffles with police.  Truth to tell, many of the anti-Islam demonstrators seem equally thuggish, many others at the very least boorish, with placards bearing such slogans as “no bacon, no boobs, no beer”.  Yet many others clearly are not the demons that the Left and its media outlets would portray them to be, and it goes without saying that the Left must not succeed in making mass Muslim immigration to this country, as well as elsewhere in the West, a taboo item for political discourse or public debate.  The presence and purpose of such Islamic supremacist groups as Hizb ut-Tahrir, which I’ve mentioned more than once on my own blog, is testimony to that.

Early one morning some years ago, I was at Antwerp station, waiting for a train to Brussels.  With me was my son, a sturdy young guy of six feet three.  While he went off to join a queue for coffee, I minded our luggage, sitting at a table on the edge of what was an otherwise deserted café area.  Clearly, most of the people in the coffee queue were short-distance commuters, grabbing a takeaway to carry onto a local train or to the station exit and their respective workplaces. 

Suddenly, I was no longer a solitary figure among the tables and chairs.  Four young guys, unmistakably Muslim, had surrounded me.  Two took the table to my left, and two took the table to my right.  They sat in silence, punctuated briefly by low murmuring, no food or drink or luggage in sight.  I’d noticed them roaming round the station earlier, made conspicuous by the full Islamic dress of the guy who seemed to be their leader, and their constant aimless pacing.  Why, with all the other tables in the refreshment area empty, had they clustered next to mine? And why had they split into duos, flanking me?  I felt intimidated.  My son was somewhere among the large queuing crowd at the coffee counter, too far away from the table area for my comfort.  I couldn’t easily move away, owing to all our bags.  Alert for trouble, I held my hand luggage closer, and hoped they wouldn’t make off with the rest.  Besides, concerned though I was, my pride didn’t want me to be seen to flee.
Then, luckily, my son appeared with the coffee.  And what did the foursome do? It will always strike me as significant that as he soon as he sat down opposite they all got up and strolled away.  Presumably they had had something nefarious in mind, though of course I shall never know what.  

Not long before, in – of all places – a side street in a small town in rural Wales, a slightly-built Hindu university student of my acquaintance was gratuitously attacked by two Muslim strangers.  Recognising him as Hindu from some kind of badge he was wearing, they proceeded to give him a beating, which luckily came to a shorter end than they anticipated since he’s an expert in one of the martial arts.  In his home town, Leicester, he laments, there are streets down which it is folly for non-Muslims to venture.

While, needless to say, it is unconscionable to tar all Muslims in Europe with the same brush, it’s an incontrovertible fact that mass Muslim immigration, bringing with it superstitions, prejudices, hatreds and practices at odds with enlightened Western values, has inflicted deleterious social consequences on the host nations.

A report issued five years ago (I haven’t looked at later-published figures, but I’ll wager they’re very depressing) warned that about 800 of the 8000 Muslim inmates in high-security prisons in England and Wales were being turned into radical Islamists while inside. These people weren’t necessarily doing time for terror-related offences, but were being successfully indoctrinated by extremists known for or suspected of being sympathetic to terror. Worryingly, less than 20 per cent of people convicted of terrorism offences in Britain had been given life or indeterminate sentences. During the five to ten years subsequent to 2010, the 800 potential mass murderers are being released into British society. It’s feared that they’re being groomed to concentrate not on blowing aircraft out of the skies but on detonating explosives on trains, hotels, and sporting fixtures – any target where crowds are gathered.
This grim news came on top of earlier warnings that in some British prisons Islamic gangs, using threats of violence that include a persuasive gesture that indicates a cut throat, are proselytising among non-Muslim prisoners. As well, some Afro-Caribbean prisoners have been won over with the message that there will be little hope for them on the outside once they’ve served their sentences since white society is inexorably racist and discriminatory against them, whereas Islam offers acceptance and equality.

At that time 2000 radicalised individuals were already being monitored by MI5, and the new crop of 800 was set to make the task of police and security forces all the harder, particularly in view of government plans to reduce funding for counter-terrorism. Former Home Secretary John Reid, who was one of the most realistic and shrewd members of the atrocious Blair government, warned that if those cuts exceeded 10 per cent danger would follow. It was also being predicted that sooner or later a “lone wolf” terrorist will inevitably succeed in producing carnage, since resources are so stretched.
Quite apart from the terror issue, the cohesiveness of British society is being threatened with erosion by radical hotheads. In 2007, Sir Winston Churchill’s grandson, a Conservative MP also called Winston Churchill, who died early in 2010, wrote as follows to the London Daily Telegraph:

“Britain sends some of the finest and most courageous of their generation to risk their lives and spill their blood chasing the Taliban out of Afghanistan. But who, meanwhile, is guarding our homeland? A recent police report makes clear that, back here in Britain the Deobandi – the very same Islamist sect responsible for spawning the Taliban in Afghanistan – has succeeded in taking over more than 600 of Britain's 1,350 mosques. In addition, it controls 17 of Britain's 26 Islamic seminaries and produces 80 per cent of Britain's home-trained Islamic clerics. It's a funny old world, as Margaret Thatcher once famously remarked. Except that this is no laughing matter. Not for 70 years has there been a more clear or present danger to our internal security, to our free society and to our democracy, than that posed by this vipers' nest in our midst. The Deobandi, an ultra-conservative sect, outlaws music, art, television and football, and also demands the entire concealment of women. According to the Lancashire Council of Mosques, the Deobandi has now taken control of 59 out of 75 mosques in the old Lancashire mill towns of Oldham, Preston, Bury, Blackburn and Burnley. While not all Deobandis are extremist, leading preachers of this sect aim to radicalise the Islamic youth of Britain, and to mobilise them against our society and the freedoms we hold so dear. When will the Government wake up to this mortal threat which – if not swiftly dealt with – threatens to bring strife and bloodshed to the streets of Britain on a scale far exceeding anything seen in the bombings of recent years? Why are Gordon Brown and David Cameron, indeed our entire political class, so deafeningly silent on this, the most pressing matter confronting Britain today? Who will help the moderate majority of Muslims maintain control of their mosques? Who will safeguard the homeland?”

It seems that Churchill embarrassed his party by raising such matters, lest it be accused of “Islamophobia”, and the issue was not given the attention it deserved. 

Crime figures in many European countries speak for themselves, even in Sweden, which notoriously conceals the true extent of Muslim-perpetrated offences by duplicitous reporting devices.  And as we realise all too well such immigration has fuelled – indeed, reinvigorated if not reinvented – antisemitism, as the Jews of Sweden, France, and elsewhere know only too well.  The repugnant scenes of Al Quds Day in London this year, footage of which I posted on my own blog, in which hordes of Muslims – men at the front of the vast procession, women at (where else?) the back – screaming such intimidatory slogans as “Judaism yes! Zionism no!” and proclaiming through a loudspeaker that the anti-Israel nutjobs from Neturei Karta (who, incidentally, do not flinch at  participating in such pro-Iran initiatives on Shabbat, of all days) are “true Jews” suggests an atmosphere in which the lynching of Jewish passers-by perceived as Zionists by frenzied hotheads is not inconceivable.  Appallingly, there were many babies and toddlers in the procession, their tiny eardrums assailed by the loud and raucous screeching, in which a smattering of brainwashed older boys participated with zeal.  I nearly described these boys as “the antisemites of tomorrow” but that title surely belongs to the numerous little kids being wheeled by their mothers; the bigger ones seem to have been well-indoctrinated already.

This is a shocking, serious state of affairs.  Have a look at the footage if you are inclined to disagree with me.  To my mind, the time would seem to have come for the British authorities to ban these vile annual anti-Jewish fests – one of the many odious results of the 1979 Iranian Revolution – as an affront to societal harmony and a threat to public order.

And though the late unlamented Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was too often portrayed as a buffoon, we in the West – all of us, Jew and non-Jew alike – a should bear in mind and consider the ramifications of these words of his on Al Jazeera in 2006: "There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe – without swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades."

Gaddafi noted that if Turkey joins the European Union – British prime minister David Cameron fervently hopes it does – there will be a further 50 million Muslims in the heart of Europe’s counsels. "Europe is in a predicament, and so is America," Gaddafi continued. "They should agree to become Islamic in the course of time .... All people must be Muslims."

Little wonder that many Cassandras warn that Europe is being deliberately colonised by Muslims intent on imposing Islam on everyone – and that in view of the Muslims’ relative youth and fertility patterns theirs is the triumphant demographic weapon, the weapon that Gaddafi spoke of in 2006.   We must bear in mind that in traditional Muslim societies polygamy tends to be restricted to affluent men, who can afford to have up to four wives – but in dear old deluded Britain welfare payments are available not only to the first but to surplus wives and their children, so long as the polygamous Islamic marriages have taken place overseas, in countries where polygamy is lawful.

It’s ironic that back in the 1960s and 1970s the “First World” was being told by latter-day Malthusians and the vanguard of the environmental movement to restrict their families to just two children per couple – “Zero Population Growth” – but that nowadays we’re being told by some “experts” that large-scale immigration is necessary for economic growth. It might not be politically correct to say so, but mass migration from the Third World, let alone the Islamic portion of it, does present a very real social and cultural problem for developed countries. 

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