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From Ian:

Exclusive: The four ‘controversial’ words banned at Ireland’s Holocaust event
Further to our post on December 15th about the Master of Ceremonies (MC) for the Holocaust Educational Trust Ireland’s (HETI) Holocaust Commemoration event being forbidden to say the word ‘Israel’ or the phrase ‘the Jewish State’, we now have the closing part of 2014 MC Yanky Fachler’s draft speech which evidently so upset HETI trustees.
It seems that (according to our sources) objections were raised over Fachler saying “And we owe it to the victims, to the survivors, and to ourselves, to prevent the memory of the Holocaust being cynically distorted and hijacked by a vicious campaign that denies the Jewish people and the Jewish state – our past and our future.”
Fachler gave in and omitted the phrase “and the Jewish State” because he did not want to cause trouble. Hence the letter – signed by HETI Chair Peter Cassells – dated October 7th to Fachler, saying that in future, MCs would not be allowed to mention ‘Israel’ or ‘the Jewish State’.
Andrew Klavan: Defend Cancer Against the Jews!

IDF medics seen treating Syrian rebels in new video
The Israeli army is shown providing medical assistance to wounded Syrian rebels in a new video issued Wednesday by Vice News.
In the video, military medics in the Golan Heights are seen tending to three Syrians in a military ambulance, assessing their condition and providing initial treatment before moving them to a hospital.
The soldiers collect the injured men under cover of night as they are transfered to Israeli hands from across the border. They suffer from various injuries apparently sustained in fighting with the forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad, and appear to be in some pain.
The Israeli medical staff seem to do their best to make the three comfortable as they try to identify their injuries and their causes. One is said to have been shot, another possibly hit by shrapnel.
Syrian Fighters Rescued by the IDF: The War Next Door (Part 1)

IDF Blog: If You Can’t Take the Heat, Get Out of the Operations Room
Each and every moment is critical for survival. Pressure is at the max and life and death situations are determined within seconds. These are the crucial moments when an IDF chopper makes its way to evacuate an injured soldier from the battlefield.
Operations officers (and specialists) coordinate almost everything that happens in this squadron of the IAF. They manage the daily flight schedule and keep track of all the critical information. During times of emergency, it is their job to make sure a chopper is in the air and on its way to the evacuation point as quickly as possible.
“The operations room is the heart of the squadron,” says Lt. Dana Ben Ami, an operations officer in the Desert Birds Helicopter Squadron. “The success of helicopter evacuations depends on our work.”
UNRWA Textbook Excerpts: Education for War
Dr. Groiss’s research shows that the new school books now used in the UNRWA school system focus on Jihad, Right of Return, martyrdom, and “conquest of Palestine” as the themes of UNRWA Palestinian education, with no mention of peace or reconciliation in any new textbooks introduced into UNRWA schools.
There are hundreds of indiscretions in UNRWA education policy which the legislative bodies of donor nations need to know about.
A member of the British Parliament asked our agency to provide the most egregious examples of the Western-funded UNRWA schools which infect the minds and hearts of children who now study in UNRWA schools, which he could use to form a parliamentary question to challenge the assertion of the British government that was forwarded to members of Parliament which asserted that UNRWA schools are devoid of incitement or anti-semitism.
Here are six of those examples:
More Childish, Unprofessional Behavior From UNRWA Spox Chris Gunness
The website, in a document about the importance of neutrality to that organization, makes the following claims:
"Neutrality is critically important to United Nations humanitarian agencies — as well as ICRC and NGOs — to gain and maintain the confidence of all needed to operate independently, safely and effectively, especially in politically-charged or conflict situations. Neutrality is also a core obligation and value of UN staff and an important condition for our donors’ continued trust and financial and political support."
Brian wrote a few days ago about UNRWA Spokesman Chris Gunness’s Twitter temper tantrum, calling for a boycott of the Jerusalem Post in response to an Op-Ed that he was unhappy with. The public face of the supposedly neutral UN agency has also apparently blocked the spokesman for the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paul Hirschson.
Alan Gross Credits Jewish Efforts for His Release From Cuba [video]
Newly released from prison in Cuba, Alan Gross thanked his wife, his lawyer, the Jewish community, President Obama and numerous others in helping secure his freedom.
Speaking at a news conference Wednesday in Washington, Gross opened his statement with a Hanukkah greeting and a thank you to the president.
“Chag sameach,” he said. “What a blessing to be a citizen of the United States of America. Thank you President Obama for everything you have done today.”
He credited the advocacy by his wife of 44 years, Judy Gross, and his lawyer, Scott Gilbert, for getting him out of prison. He also thanked the Jewish community.
“To the Washington Jewish community, Ron Halber in particular and his staff at the Jewish Community Relations Council, all of the executive directors, staff and volunteers of participating JCRCs, federations, synagogues, schools, and other Jewish, Christian and Muslim organizations nationwide, God bless you and thank you,” Gross said. “It was crucial to my survival knowing that I was not forgotten. Your prayers and actions have been comforting, reassuring, and sustaining.”
Obama’s tin ear
In this season of peace and good will President Barack Obama seems to have a tin ear – aptly defined by Webster’s at “a lack of ability to hear something in an accurate and sensitive way.” When it comes to hearing our staunchest ally in the Middle East, he appears to be cold-stone deaf.
Virtually all Israeli leaders and a large number of Americans in high places have made pointedly pleas urging the president to free an ailing Jonathan Pollard from prison.
The former navy intelligence agent was convicted in 1985 for having passed classified information to Israel. He has already served 30 years of a life sentence which was by far the harshest ever meted out for the offense he committed (the average term for which is a fine or two to four years’ imprisonment).
Don’t mention the war!
Chris Kenny on the media Left’s lethal denialism and instinct to censor:
Holding 17 people at gunpoint in Martin Place (a location recommended by Islamic State) and claiming to have bombs, he unfurled a jihadist banner, demanded an Islamic State flag, declared his attack was one by Islamic State against Australia and demanded to speak to the Prime Minister....
Yet via Twitter the ABC’s [Jonathan] Green said the “connection” to the death cult was all “made up”.
Disney claims there were some “deeply regrettable ­errors and exaggerations, spreading dangerous misinformation” in the media coverage. Perhaps he was referring to ABC profiles of the gunman that failed to mention Islam, Muslim or Islamic State and denied links to terrorism. But we fear not. Green, Disney and their ilk suggest the real threat comes from bigots in an anti-­Muslim backlash.
Despite one arrest over a threatening call to a mosque, the people of our suburbs fail to fall to these ugly expectations. While the Twitterati offers to ride with Muslims, we can be grateful that Muslim men and women feel able to travel to Martin Place and lay down flowers in a show of shared grief with their fellow Australians.
And it is worth noting that Jewish children whose schools are guarded by armed security, and who suffered violent abuse on a bus earlier this year, never triggered a hashtag.
Sydney menorah-lighting nixed after terror attack
The public Hanukkah candle lighting at Sydney’s Martin Place was canceled for the first time in almost 30 years following a terror attack that killed two Australians.
Chabad, which has erected a giant 33-foot Hanukkah menorah in downtown Sydney for the past three decades, issued a statement Thursday saying it had called off the lighting.
“Due to the very recent terror attack in Martin Place and with sensitivity towards the families of the victims of terror, the Hanukkah commemoration scheduled for this evening has regrettably been canceled,” the statement read.
“The Jewish community of Australia expresses our deepest sympathy for the families of the Martin Place tragedy. May the lights of the festival of Hanukkah bring comfort and warmth to our nation,” the statement concluded.
BBC’s world without terror
December 15, 2014. 10:00 pm. BBC2 Newsnight. The presenter in London calls his colleague in Sydney to describe the event in Lindt Café, downtown Sydney. The BBC reporter opens by saying that “a gentleman” entered the café and took some hostages. Later he referred to “the gentleman” as “a gunman.” This was no mistake. This is BBC policy. If you only listen to the BBC, you might think that we are living in a world that is free from terrorism. This is because the word “terrorism” is hardly ever used by the BBC, as part of the BBC’s aspiration to broadcast in a neutral fashion.
The term “terrorist” is perceived by the BBC to be too loaded. Thus its reporters resort to more neutral terms, even when the brutality involved in the violent crime against innocent civilians is obscene. BBC News seeks to act in the public interest and to resist pressure from political parties, lobby groups or commercial interests. However, these laudable aspirations lead to sweeping moral neutrality, and to inability to denounce terrorism even when facing the most hideous acts.
The unholy coalition of radical Islam and social Leftists in Europe
In her great book Eurabia, Bat Ye’Or (Gisele Littman) unveils the beginning of the anti-Israeli propaganda in Europe. Already amid the Yom Kippur War, in October 16, 1973, Arab countries gathered in Kuwait. The decided to raise oil prices by 400% and decrease oil production by 5% per month until Israel retreated to the 1967 borders. In light of these threats, Germany and France panicked. On November 9, nine members of the European Economic Community (ECC) issued a declaration from Brussels of three new principles regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict. The most important was the third, which stated that, “The legitimate rights of the Palestinians must be included in any peace agreement in the Middle East.” Basically, The ECC acknowledged the existence and rights of the Palestinians for the first time. This is why to this day, many high-profile European officials claim that “one of the main sources for unrest in the Middle East is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”
In France, we have seen members of the socialist parties from the Left leading the way toward a parliamentarian recognition of Palestine. In Sweden, it was also the socialist leftists. Of course that in Britain it was the Labour Party.
What began as a submission to the Arab embargo has resulted in more than 40 years of non-stop incitement, propaganda and constant condemnation of Israel.
StandWithUs Billboard Goes Up in Dallas, Texas on December 22, 2014 To Counter Anti-Israel Ad
StandWithUs (SWU) is countering anti-Israel billboards in Garland, Texas by placing its own pro-Israel billboard beginning December 22, 2014 for one month. The billboard will appear on I-30 Westbound, the same location as the anti-Israel ad. This is the first time the international Israel education organization is placing a billboard near Dallas.
The StandWithUs billboard juxtaposes ancient and modern coins that feature the Menorah, reminding commuters that "Israel has been the homeland of the Jewish people for 3,000 years." The ad specifically counters a billboard placed by a group called Ads Against Apartheid that accuses Israel of stealing its own ancestral homeland from Arab-Palestinians.
Binghamton SJP ruined Pakistani Vigil
After a moment of silence, the last speaker raised his voice and explained that he was a representative of Binghamton’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). This is the same group that grabbed the attention of many Zionists, as they recently released documents explaining how to disturb student group events. Coincidence? I don’t think so… The student addressed the vigil, telling Zionists that they should consider the Palestinian children as they mourn the Pakistani children. I came to this event to support my brothers and the families/friends of the victims in Pakistan. At that moment, I was not welcome. Not only was I not welcome, but also anyone wishing to mourn the Pakistani children was not welcome. SJP delegitimized the tragic event in Pakistan in order to spew their political agenda. An event that brought so many different religions and people together was distastefully interrupted by SJP’s disrespectful and disruptive political banter. Whether students supported their politics or not, that feeling of acceptance and humanity was lost as everyone at the vigil awkwardly looked around wondering “did he really just say that?” SJP turned what could have been such a powerful event, into a platform for their selfish propaganda and to push their own political agenda.
Young Tory Boss 'Ashamed' Of 'Terrorist Apologist' Former Party Chairman Warsi
The chairman of the Conservative Party youth movement has said she is ‘ashamed’ of former Tory Chairman Sayeeda Warsi over her views on Gaza. Alexandra Paterson’s comments came at a private drinks reception in Conservative HQ last week as she introduced the Deputy Israeli Ambassador.
The text of Patterson’s speech, a copy of which has been seen by Breitbart London, said: “As chairman of Conservative Future I am ashamed of the disgraceful comments of Sayeeds Warsi about the Gaza conflict.
“Apologists for terrorists and those who justify or excuse the murder of British citizens should have no place in the leadership of our party. I bow to no one in my support for Israel and hopefully tonight is the start of an ongoing relationship between CF and the [Israeli] Embassy.”
BBC Trending warns of misrepresented photo, BBC correspondent Tweets it
On December 16th BBC Trending produced a brief report about a photograph of a toddler’s blood-soaked shoe which was being promoted on social media as having been taken at the scene of the terror attack in Peshawar on the same day. As was pointed out, the photograph was in fact taken in 2008 in the southern Israeli town of Ashkelon after a missile attack from the Gaza Strip.
The next day, BBC Trending uncovered more information about the photograph and updated its report. The article appears on the BBC News website’s Middle East page under the amended title “Israeli photographer ‘horrified’ at use of bloody shoe photo“.
However, the image in question was not only misleadingly promoted on social media on December 16th as having been photographed in Pakistan. A Dutch journalist inaccurately claimed that it was actually taken in the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2014 and his disinformation was in turn retweeted by the BBC’s correspondent in Libya Rana Jawad.
The Einstein Solution
Thomas Friedman is always good for a giggle and his latest opinion piece, entitled “This Israeli Election Matters” is so laced with irony that if you didn’t know his form for one-sided codswallop, you might mistake it for satire. Well a humourless attempt at satire perhaps.
In one respect Friedman is correct that the upcoming election is a battle for the soul of the nation but his understanding of the real question is as deeply misguided as it is historically illiterate.
Squaring the national debate as question of which parties will follow in the hallowed footsteps of israel’s founding Prime Minister, we see an entirely false characterisation of David Ben-Gurion as a kind of Zionist Mahatma Ghandi.,And just as Gandhi himself advised Europe’s Jews to smile as they embraced death at the hands of the Nazis- content in their moral superiority of course- Friedman now suggests that in order to avoid the “South African future that the Israeli far right is offering them“, Israel’s Jews should adopt national suicide in order to demonstrate our superior ethics. A choice by the way which has no personal repercussions for Friedman.
AP Anti-Settler Campaign Surging – With or Without Netanyahu
Continuing on, you might also find yourself confused from the beginning — is the article talking about new settlements? New home construction? Population growth? The article seems to go back and forth, mixing them together.
The article mixes them together, but suspiciously leaves out the hard numbers on actual construction data, sticking only to select population growth numbers and percentages – and there’s a reason for that.
In 2010 (I provide the raw data at the end of the article, all supplied from Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics website), Netanyahu completed construction on 1670 homes in Judea and Samaria. That number reached a low of 1,272 in 2012, and in 2013 was only 1,439.
Between 2010 – 2013, the settlement population grew by approximately 50,000 people, yet the total number of new homes built was a mere 6,062 – nowhere near enough for the population’s needs.
It gets worse.
BBC’s Matthew Price produces superficial report on charity audit
So, to recap the story so far: a charity banned in Israel because of Hamas ties commissions and pays for an audit by an unidentified company which produces a report not made accessible to anyone other than a selected few chosen by the charity itself and, on the basis of the charity’s own interpretation of the unpublished findings, the BBC rushes to inform its audiences (on the same day that the charity puts out its press release) that the organization is above-board, implying that Israel’s reasoning for banning the charity is invalid.
Clearly the BBC is remarkably unperturbed by the blatant lack of transparency displayed by Islamic Relief Worldwide. It also apparently lacks any journalistic curiosity with regard to the methodology used in this audit such as, for example, the critical questions of how the auditors chose to define “links to terrorism” and “funding terrorism”. As John Ware explained in an article from August of this year, the answers to those questions are far from obvious, but very important: an issue which clearly Matthew Price did not find cause for concern.
French anti-Semitic comedian wants to meet Jews
French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, who has multiple convictions for inciting racial hatred against Jews, wants to meet with representatives of France’s Jewish community.
In an open letter sent last week, lawyers for Dieudonne asked Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and Gilles Clavreul, the French government’s inter-ministerial delegate for the fight against anti-Semitism, to organize the meeting.
Such a meeting is necessary, the lawyers wrote, to “determine the terms of an accord which would allow both parties to respect the other.” The letter adds, “In this affair, there have been too many damages and injuries.”
CRIF, the umbrella group of French Jewish communities, has not issued a public reaction to the letter.
White supremacist charged in Kansas Jewish center shootings faces competency hearing
Former Ku Klux Klan member Frazier Glenn Cross Jr., 74, also known as Glenn Miller, is charged with the shooting deaths in April in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park. He could face the death penalty if convicted.
A month ago, Johnson County District Court Judge Thomas Kelly Ryan granted a motion filed by Cross's public defender to have a mental health professional evaluate his client's competency.
Cross, who attended a hearing last month in a wheelchair and with his hands and feet shackled, repeatedly said then that he did not want an evaluation and that he was ready for a trial to begin immediately.
Cross is charged with capital murder in the deaths of 14-year-old Reat Underwood; the boy's grandfather, William Corporon, 69; and Terri LaManno, 53.
Evil Church of Norway scissors Jews out of Bible history
lifted from (really bad google translate). I do urge you to follow the miff link to see pictures of a Jesus like person, presented as a Palestinian. Never mind the awful translation to English…
Here is a reproduction of the petition in quotation blocks, with MIFF comments highlighted under each section.
“Soon it is Christmas As Christians, we celebrate the miracle of Jesus’ birth in the manger.
We may remember the story of Joseph and Mary traveled from Nazareth to Bethlehem, two cities respectively northern Israel and the Israeli-occupied West Bank. ”
Bethlehem is located in zone A of the West Bank, and has been under civil and security control of the Palestinian Authority since 1995.
“This petition insists that we have a calling to ask us in solidarity with all those affected by the conflict in the Holy Land, and to witness to the injustice occupation entails for Christian and Muslim Palestinians. Churches there have long urged Western churches to stand up against injustice, and share their pain. We think it is wrong about the church denies injustice in today’s Palestine when we commemorate the miracle in the then Palestine, and we will emphasize the following:
Local US official ties Hanukkah to Jesus
Jesus “is the reason for the season,” a city councilor in Springfield, Massachusetts, told a bewildered, mainly Jewish, audience at a ceremony marking the first night of Hanukkah on Tuesday.
The councilor, Bud Williams, made the closing remark at the city’s annual menorah lighting event, attended by leaders of the local Jewish community, a congressman and the mayor.
After the gaffe made headlines, Williams told he thought the remark “added something to the service, it didn’t take away.”
Spurs Balls: Yid Army soon to be owned by Jew-hating Qatar
Can it be that Spurs – home to the ‘Yid Army’ – are to be owned by the Qatari government in a £1billion takeover?
The Sun reports:
"The Arabian nation’s sports minister Salah bin Ghanem bin Nasser al-Ali says they want a Premier League club as the Gulf state’s next sporting investment."
But Spurs… The Yids?
Israel and Germany mark jubilee year for ties
Israel and Germany marked the start of celebrations for the jubilee year to their diplomatic ties on Wednesday with a Hanukkah party at the Israeli ambassador’s home in Berlin.
German President Joachim Gauck was on hand to light the traditional menorah candles at the Berlin home of the Israeli ambassador, Yakov Hadas-Handelsman, and revealed that his Israeli counterpart, President Reuven Rivlin, will visit Germany during 2015.
“We are in the jubilee year of ties, the year in which President Rivlin will also arrive in May for a state visit,” Gauck said. “We are working together to ensure that our special and friendly relations will deepen. Germay will always stand by Israel. Friendship is proven in difficult times as well.”
Rivlin’s visit is scheduled to take place on May 12, the anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties.
Having pun with a Dr. Dreidel
Would you play dreidel with a four-sided spinning top engraved with images of rapper Dr. Dre?
“It just came to me,” said the dreidel’s creator, artist Hannah Rothstein, of her handiwork, the Dr. Dreidel.
You could almost see her shrugging over the phone.
Scouts break dreidel record
Scouts in Ramat Gan broke a Guinness record Tuesday night when they unveiled the world’s largest dreidel at a Hanukkah ceremony.
The top stands at 6 meters tall, beating the previous record by a half meter. Almost 100 scouts worked over the past month to build the dreidel, which was made out of green and recycled materials.
The dreidel was released to the public at Ramat Gan’s Rambam Square, in an event attended by 3,000 Israel scouts.
The students completed their traditional torch-bearing march before the ceremony, arriving at the square from four different directions.
Tina Shahida: Gaza Girls Premiere of “Rocket Launcher”
Tina Shahida, lead singer of Gaza Girls, here. You may remember me and my backup burka dancers from our “Kill All the Jews” debut hit (over 100K views – onto a million!)
I wanted to premiere on this evil Zionist site my new video so that all you Jew..ehh, I mean Zionists know you have been warned. We will kill Israel. Until it doesn’t exist.
I also wanted to show you hasbaraholes that your’re not the only ones who could do parodies to pop songs. Yeah, we did a parody to that major hit “Chandelier” by Sia.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to turn that American garbage into something meaningful, with an important humanitarian message. Sia depicted a little drunk girl at a party. Well, we’re depicting our dedication to being drunk (in a good way) on hatred of Israel. My immodest attire (warning to my religious friends) is justified by the holy cause of killing Israel.
So check out our version, “Rocket Launcher,” because we’ll be swinging on a “Rocket Launcher” near you!
Photos: YU Students Create Hanukkiyah in Midtown Manhattan
Students on Yeshiva University’s Beren Campus created a hanukkiyah in Midtown Manhattan on Wednesday, by lighting windows in their dorm building, Brookdale Residence Hall.
Innovative Video Lets You Explore Israel
Check this out: an interactive video – in which you get to decide how to explore Israel – created by StandWithUs Fellows at Tel Aviv University and Israeli start-up Interlude.
Olive oil traces dating back 8,000 years found in Israel
Olive oil was used in the Land of Israel as early as 8,000 years ago, archaeologists working at an antiquities site in the Lower Galilee said Wednesday, heralding the earliest evidence for use of the staple in the country and possibly the entire Middle East.
The findings by an Israeli team were published recently in the Israel Journal of Plant Sciences and announced Wednesday.
Tests of potsherds, some dating back to 5,800 BCE, found in 2011-2013 during a salvage excavation ahead of the widening of Road 79, showed traces of olive oil remarkably similar to modern versions, researchers said.
IDF Blog: 8 Miraculous Moments in IDF History
MiraculousMoment 2: Returning to the Western Wall
Six Day War, 1967
On the third day of the Six Day War, the soldiers of the 55th Paratroopers Brigade arrived at the Western Wall after battling the Jordanian forces that had controlled the Old City of Jerusalem. This photograph was taken only 15 minutes after they reached the wall, documenting one of our nation’s most significant and miraculous moments – the return to the Western Wall.

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