Thursday, June 20, 2013

  • Thursday, June 20, 2013
  • Elder of Ziyon
This article is from Addustour, a major newspaper in Jordan, written by columnist Rashad Abu Daoud.
How I wish that that moment in Davos never happened. How I wish we hadn’t been fooled by Erdogan’s “heroic” deed when he insulted Shimon Peres, threw his papers away and left the podium at the convention. Because we Arabs are hungry for honor, we applauded the man and granted him the Arab citizenship in our hearts which are thirsty for glory. Just like when we were fond of the "CheGuevara-ishness" of Chavez when he stood up against Zionism and supported Palestine . But the man died of cancer, like others died… by poison. [Possible reference to Arafat?] It seems that the pure ones die and the filthy ones spread corruption in history as a service for Zionism.

Between one tragedy and another one, let us return to that little booklet, full of poison, which disappeared from the Arab markets, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. Despite all that has been said about it and the attempts to cast doubt about its authenticity, what has been going on in the world, specifically in our Arab homeland and its surroundings, seems like an implementation of what’s in the Protocols to the letter.

Basically the Jews see themselves as “God’s Chosen People”, and the other peoples are nothing but nations divided into groups and classes, that should be exploited to serve the Chosen People.

More specifically, exploiting some goys to serve the Jews, after influencing them through methods which have been known to the Jews - and known about the Jews - for 3,000 years. The methods consist of money, media and women. They are the first ones who invented the stock exchange in the global economy, the first ones to create the cinema and to establish media companies. As for women – they reproduced the personality of Salome, who tempted the Emperor so that he brought her the head of Prophet Yahya – St. John the Baptist – on a silver plate [St. John the Baptist is holy for Muslims as well, under the name “Yahya”].

There is much contemporary evidence. Those who want details should read what was written about them in the global literature. Perhaps “Shylock” by Shakespeare is the best example of usury in history. Although Shylock is a Shakespearean character, but the most famous English poet didn’t invent the idea of usury – it is a Jewish custom. European society suffered at their hands for ages. It was through money that they tempted Balfour to grant them a national homeland in Palestine.

Modern times witness advanced implementations of the Protocols. Raisa, Gorbachev’s wife, the Gorbachev who destroyed half the world and handed it to the other half in order to upset the global balance, and the wife of an Arab president who was murdered on the podium of a military ceremony [Sadat, presumably], and what is said about many influential women in the world now is that they are Jewish or gentiles who were exploited in the service of the Zionist enterprise. And let’s not forget the anti-semitism which is attached to anyone who is bold enough to question the “God’s Chosen People” ideal!

We see in our times people also entangled in the same service [i.e. in the service of Zionism]. Recep Tayep Erdogan is an example. They [i.e. the Jews] gave him a role which is way too big for his size, in order to exploit him afterwards in the role he is supposed to play in the scheme to sow civil strife, the scheme that is being carried out right now in the Arab homeland. Otherwise how is it possible that Ataturk's republic is over and the military's rule, which lasted 70 years is finished just like that, in a moment, through the so-called democracy? And how could the Islamists of Turkey, after all these years, turn from reticent oppositionists to rulers who don't shy away from marketing ideas, which they know full well that are not suitable for Turkish society?

Erdogan already played a dubious role in the beginning of his rule, when he mediated between Syria and America. We said that the man is honest in standing by a geographical neighbor and brother in religion and history. But in no time he turned his back on history, religion and geography and put Turkey in one basket with Israel and America, naturally under the banner of democracy, of which we have actually not seen anything but the fragmentation of the Arab countries along sectarian, class and political lines.
Today Erdogan is falling into the same pit that he dug for Syria . There you have Turkey on its way towards a rift, which will turn into a tool of destruction, so the Turks are going to yearn for the days of the military [rule].
If you think that Abu Daoud is some crackpot writing for a fringe newspaper, his CV lists that besides this newspaper column ("Constitution") he has been the managing editor of the Khaleej Times, assistant managing editor of Basma magazine in Jordan, editorial director of the Journal magazine (Saudi Arabia,), and author of several books.

Oh, and the antisemite is a Palestinian Arab, born in Nablus but educated in Damascus.

(h/t Ibn Boutros)


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