Thursday, April 22, 2010

  • Thursday, April 22, 2010
  • Elder of Ziyon
Yesterday, in response to my post on Arabs upset that Google placed an Israeli flag on their logo on Monday, "jerry1800" quoted Dr. Jamal Zahalka, Chairman of the National Democratic Bloc, from the original article:

Anniversary of the Catastrophe affirm that we will not forget and will not forgive, as long as the crime of the Catastrophe and the consequences of displacement and Judaizing and occupation and repression and colonization, racism, colonialism continues.
It was a typical anti-Israel rant of the type we've seen thousands of times before, but commenter Jacob decided to do a word-by-word fisking, which is amusing and worth a much larger audience:
"NO PEACE !!!"

I wouldn't have believed you if you had used lowercase letters or only two exclamation marks. But yeah, since you said it so emphatically, I guess that makes your point.

"Anniversary of the Catastrophe" Actually, Waterworld with Kevin Costner was released on the 28th June, 1995.

"affirm that we will not forget" Probably not. I've seen Arab TV and a slight piece of Jewish real estate takes far more of a presence than poor Arab development statistics like a literacy rate hovering around 50% for women across the board. If it is more of an impediment to Arab development than the widespread inability to sign your name, then I guess you probably won't forget. Write it down somewhere.

"and will not forgive" points out that forgiveness is an important part of the human experience that helps us move past our grudges and bitterness to lead a constructive, meaningful life. G-d knows we wouldn't want any of that floating around out there, would we.

"as long as the crime of the Catastrophe" Are we still talking about Waterworld here? The movie sucked, get over it.

"and the consequences of displacement" due to a refusal to accept partition and the subsequent attempt to commit genocide? And what about the Sephardim and Mizrahim? Do they count as displaced, or just on and extended voluntary vacation? If this is the case, can they return to their homes?

"and Judaizing" Meaning, making something that wasn't previously Jewish somehow more Jewish in character. Because, uh, Israel had to be Jew-ed up a bit, because of the lack of Jewishness there? Maybe you are saying that we were hanging out with the Palestinians, sloshed down a bit too much Manischewitz, and then in a drunken stupour accidently left the remains of our temple underneath the dome of the rock. Trust me. Israel is one country that didn't need to get Jew-ed up.

"and occupation and repression and colonization" Wow, slow down here, Chester. One point at a time. First,

"occupation." There are two things you have to reconcile with reality concerning occupation. 1. Chronology: violence against Jews started well before Israel's founding. Since Jews in Yemen were forbidden from riding a donkey or walking on the sidewalk prior to Balfour, it makes me wonder what kind of "peace" you have in mind for us. More of this? No thanks. 2. Gaza is under no form of occupation (unless you listen to Abu Mazen) yet it remains a lifeless hole where most people would emigrate if they could. Occupation is not your problem.

"repression" It is just awful at how repressed all of these poor Palestinians receiving free medical care in Israeli hospitals are. How we just go in with our tanks, capture poor ailing children, women, and even men with serious diseases, and kidnap them back to Israel to repress them with our evil Zionist chemotherapy, and surgery, and general concern for the well-being of others.

"colonization" Colonization is awful! Take for example a group of people are living in a swamp. They put their lives into that swamp and treat it like a gift from G-d. They drain it, cultivate it, and pretty soon, the rewards are bountiful. A once dead land is able to sustain this group of people, and this miracle provides so much abundance, that their neighbours come over to help them work the land. Then, those evil colonizing neighbours get jealous and want the land for themselves. They attempt to massacre the ones whose jobs brought them there. Colonizers piss me off.

"racism" I heard about this one. Apparently, small groups of Africans travel all the way through Egypt to protest how racist Israel is, and of course to ask for asylum. This happened a few weeks ago, and unfortunately, before these Africans could express their displeasure with Israeli racism, they were shot dead. For being black Africans. By Egypt.

"colonialism" Colonization is awful! Take for example...uh, wait a minute. We did this one already, didn't we? Please read above.

"continues". Oh, so I guess we have a choice to continue or not. We'll pick up the Jewish homeland and move it somewhere else then. I guess since all of these Sephardim and Mizrahim don't count amongst people facing the "consequences of displacement" as you put it, that means they must all still own their houses and business in Iraq, Morocco, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Egypt etc. I guess we can all go live with them there then. No? Well, I guess continue it must then.

(UPDATE: I originally said that jerry1800 had originate the rant, not Zahalka.)

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