Thursday, November 26, 2015

  • Thursday, November 26, 2015
  • Elder of Ziyon
From Jerry Levoritz:

We Are Coming Down To A Choice

    Sometimes politics makes no sense to the layman.  Israel is a country that exhibits many characteristics of Socialist states like Denmark, Norway, Sweden and much of Western Europe.  It originated the Kibbutz system almost 100 years ago, the voluntary collective farms that helped make agriculture a high status occupation in pre-state Israel.  It is supportive of gay rights, offers inexpensive university tuition and universal healthcare, subsidizes public transportation, tolerates workers’ strikes every Monday and Thursday, and has an active Communist party that includes many Arabs and some Jews.  Why, then, do Leftists abhor Israel to the point of seeking its dissolution?  Some people don’t know why, while others know but won’t say.  But as it becomes more acceptable to speak openly of the socialist agenda, the reasons for opposition to Israel are becoming clearer. 
1)      Israel has borders that are heavily protected because of obvious security concerns.  Leftists hate borders as a principle of their faith.  If the “old” is to be overthrown, then the mixing of cultures is necessary in order to wash out previous values and cultural norms.  They sugarcoat this chaotic mixing of diverse cultures by appealing to the empathy that persists in the souls of non-Socialists.  To wit, everyone should have unlimited mercy for everyone else.  However, real Socialists neither believe in the soul nor do they have any truck with the concept of empathy.  So, Israel’s self-enforced physical and social borders motivate Socialists to oppose the Jewish nation.   Feelings about borders among Socialists of the most radical ilk are so strong that they have no problem wishing “Death to the Jews!”  In their humble opinions, it would be much better to destroy the Jewish State and its citizens than have them remain as an example of a properly functioning country with borders.

2)      Many Jews, particularly Israeli Jews, not only have the audacity to show pride and even joy in their tribal membership, they claim as well to be indigenous to the Middle East and to the Land of Israel.  The Left reserves the appellation “indigenous” for non-whites.  Once your skin is white and you express characteristics of being educated in European, American, or secular scientific culture, there is no longer room for the concept of “indigenous.”  Besides, “indigenous” is used to create guilt in the oppressors.  When “indigenous” becomes a happy concept, it loses its value and must be discarded.  Therefore, Jews can never be “indigenous” anywhere.

3)      Jews talk too much and analyze too much.  This propensity stems from learning the Babylonian Talmud either deep in the past or perhaps currently.  As well, the real complexity of the world forces constant telescopic and microscopic analyses that infuriate the Left.  Their ideas are settled science.  For the Revolution to proceed apace, discussion must give way to action.  It is not even the success of the Revolution that is at the heart of the matter.  Making the world a better place might be good public relations, but is nearly irrelevant.   Quite the opposite; satisfaction is anathema to the continuance of the Revolution.  It is little wonder, then, that the Left abhors free speech for all sides in a dispute.  Therefore, Israel cannot be permitted to defend itself, because that causes confusion and places the brakes on actions that are necessary to right all wrongs – as formulated by the Left.

4)      Israeli Jews, but not Diaspora Jews, reproduce at a rate higher than replacement.  This being the case, Israel will not in the foreseeable future require masses of foreigners to replace aging Jews.  A trickle of workers comes to Israel from the Philippines to serve as caretakers for the elderly and Thais and Chinese come to augment the agricultural workforce.  Palestinian Arabs used to perform these jobs until they became too dangerous to employ.  An occasional murdered Jewish co-worker or real estate developer made the Muslims more persona non grata than not, though many still seek employment in Israeli businesses, because of the wage differential.  For example, there are still 12 thousand plus Arabs working in 890 Jewish businesses in Judea and Samaria because they would not do better elsewhere. 

African economic migrants, as well, try to slip across Israel’s border, but it is an exceedingly dangerous activity, since they will suffer all forms of abuse including possible death before they even make it to the Holy Land. These folks are not welcomed in Israel and must stubbornly withstand substantial government bribes and a free flight home so as to remain in Israel.  Leftists find these bribes to be racist, but Israeli Jews have no need to become a minority in the only country that protects them if they wish to openly practice their religion and flesh out their millennial hopes for restoration to their homeland.  Name‑calling by Leftists does not make the accusations so.  Israel is as diverse in terms of race as New York City.  On the other hand, the Socialists want Israel to be just as diverse in religious culture as New York, thus making it anything but the homeland of the Jews.

5)      The attachment of Jews to the land of Israel makes Leftists crazy, since they cannot tolerate the attachment of anyone to any piece of land.  They believe with full hearts that land is not a private or group possession, but a government monopoly.  The wholesale implementation of eminent domain will ultimately uproot both the peasantry and middle‑class all over the world.  “Why?” you may well ask! Because no individual or group can be allowed to hold rights that may interfere with the activities of the Revolution. “Home” is an anti-Revolutionary concept as exemplified by China’s excising millions of people from their ancestral farms and villages for the sake of a massive dam project, paying them pennies on the dollar in compensation.

6)      The Jews of Israel represent a brain-trust for the world.  Many countries have brilliant scholars, scientists and mathematicians.  All one has to do is peruse the names and countries of origin of the authors of scientific research to realize that intelligence and ingenuity are a world-wide phenomenon.  However, it is, as well, impossible to look through these same erudite journals without seeing surnames of Jewish and Israeli origins at a percentage that far exceeds their numbers in the world’s population by a very large margin.  But intellectual productivity is another reason Leftists oppose the existence of Israel and the survival of Jews as a separate group.  If equality of outcome for all individuals is to be guaranteed, then no group should produce more talent than anyone else.  So, scientific and technological advances that make Israelis proud and pleased make modern Leftists livid.  Any scientific or social progress emanating from the Jewish State must perforce be obtained on the backs of the disenfranchised Palestinian Muslims, according to our Leftist scholars. 

Also, it is crucial for the Left to oppose Israel because Israeli military prowess permits them to behave independently in a world where obedience to central governing forces is increasingly expected.  Israel has too much power to suit the purveyors of the New World Order.  That Israel would be ground into the dust without its technological edge is of no particular concern. 

7)      Non-estranged Jews, particularly Israeli Jews, are comfortable within their families.  They define themselves quite regularly as someone’s close or distant relative.  Doesn’t everyone do this?  Not as much as in Israel where people most typically only have two degrees of separation from any other Jew.  This circumstance is an abomination to Socialists.  Families enslave women and produce emotionally needy children.  Sexual relations, according to Socialists, can be carried out with anyone, anywhere and at any time.  Children should be the wards of the state and detached from their families at the earliest possible moment.  Therefore, families are not necessary and must be recognized as an overall destructive social construct.  The dissolution of the family will have the additional benefit of reducing birthrates. 

At this point we introduce an old-new concept: “Useless Eaters” was and still is a proper topic of conversation among Socialists.  If families do not serve the purposes of the State because they dilute government authority and individuals only serve the purposes of the State when their talents reflect well on its glories, then most humans are “useless eaters.”  Thus, Jews who may still be raised with the presumption of the benefits of the nuclear or extended family are not-with-the-program.  The more family-oriented the Jews of Israel, the less worthy of life they become in the eyes of the most radical Socialists.  Socialists want everyone to accept the wisdom about family life that ‘nothing’ is just as good as anything else.

8)      Jewish history is long.  Major holidays have Biblical origins and there is no more recent minor holiday on the Jewish calendar than Chanukah that occurred just before the Roman conquest of the Middle East.  “Old” is an understatement; ancient is a better characterization of Jewish origins.  As time goes on, evidence external to the Bible tends to confirm the Biblical narrative. 

The hard Left rejects the usefulness of historical experience except as it pertains to the ‘workers’ struggle’ to free themselves from the shackles of the Capitalist oppressors.  Recently, to accommodate the changing times, ‘peasant’ and ‘worker’ have been dropped from Socialist parlance, because farmers are middle-class while ‘workers’ are relatively comfortable in America and so these categories have been replaced by the ‘unemployed’, the ‘Black’, and the ‘immigrant’ as appropriate victim classes.  The sufferers may change on a dime, but the cure goes on forever, thus immortalizing the Revolution.  At this juncture, the conflict between history-driven Judaism and anti-history Leftist ideology becomes unbridgeable.  Sooo distasteful are historical references that justify the tenure of Jews on their land that the Left must out of principle oppose Judaism so others can be forced to think ‘clearly’ without being bothered by the ancient Jewish narrative. 

9)      Most of the six million Jews in Israel and many of the other two million non-Jews are insisting on a national homeland for Jews there, even in the face of 1.5 billion Muslims and 350 million Arabs.  Since everyone is equal, according to our dear Socialists, how is it that the Jews can persist in the face of this enormous discrepancy?  How is it that the Jews have not been absorbed?  It must be that the Israelis are oppressive, totalitarian, apartheid-loving pigs and apes.  Oh wait, that’s the Muslim take on the Jews!  The Socialists just believe that the Israelis are oppressive, totalitarian, apartheid-loving racists. 
The truth is that Jews both love and like their country.  They like practicing their Jewish customs whether they believe in God or not.  They adore trekking about the hills and valleys of their ancestral homeland.  They are deeply grateful for the trust that they may presume between themselves and their Jewish neighbors.  They even like the language that they speak.  Hebrew is ancient, simple, direct, flexible, and sufficiently expressive for writing both prose and poetry.  When a word is missing, they can always retrieve a cognate form from Arabic, Aramaic, Amharic, or American.  In fact, all curse words were acquired from Arabic and American, because Hebrew did not come with any.  In short, the Jews are pleased with what they have cobbled together out of malaria-ridden swamps and desert dust.

It is fair to conclude that Socialists resent Jewish tribal qualities.  They are elitist and divisive, they say.  Even the Joie de Vivre of the Jews is a reflection of that elitism.  In a world filled with inequality and inequity no one has a right to be happy, and certainly not Jews who perennially perpetrate unhappiness in others just by being there.  The Jews do not deserve the Mediterranean coast or the Golan Heights or the unique city of Jerusalem.  They should be permitted the practice of their ancient nonsense of a religion in their homes and synagogues anywhere else in the world but Palestine, but only if they remain properly modest and self-effacing, though it would be better for them simply to disappear into the faceless masses of other useless eaters.  So say the righteous Socialists!

Jews who care about Judaism do not agree.  The equality among all peoples touted by Socialists has been a value in Judaism since the Exodus from Egypt.  One always favors one’s kith and kin, but this emotional favoritism has been balanced in Judaism by the principle that since you were strangers in Egypt, you must not oppress the stranger that lives among you.  A conscious Jew gets properly bent out of shape when an obvious injustice is done to another community or individual.  However, there is not now nor will there likely be perfection in matters of societal organization.  Those who expect perfection for society whether as a naïve philosophy or as a vicious chronic tactic of the Revolution need to find a different planet to live on.  Alternatively, it would be best for Socialism to learn to live more peaceably with other more satisfying systems of societal organization. Jews, as most people, will not abide by the imposition upon them of eternal Revolution that must result in Nihilism.  Average and ordinary people seek peace by structuring peaceful groups and places to inhabit.  It is like nest building, quite natural.  The Jews of Israel will not suffer revolution, when evolution is good enough, and a lot less painful and bloody.  Nor should anyone else!  Therefore, it is the very example offered by the Jews of Israel for all its citizens of successful living without Revolution that causes the most gnashing of teeth among the humorless Leftist ideologues.  Constant fighting self-justifies the existence of the Left, but for Jews, peace in their homes, in their neighborhoods and in their country is a superior choice.  If a peace that includes everyone is impossible, it is better, say the Jews, to provide peace for themselves.  That is the heart of the Zionist dream.

This blog may be a labor of love for me, but it takes a lot of effort, time and money. For over 11 years and over 22,000 articles I have been providing accurate, original news that would have remained unnoticed. I've written hundreds of scoops and sometimes my reporting ends up making a real difference. I appreciate any donations you can give to keep this blog going.

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This blog may be a labor of love for me, but it takes a lot of effort, time and money. For over 12 years and over 25,000 articles I have been providing accurate, original news that would have remained unnoticed. I've written hundreds of scoops and sometimes my reporting ends up making a real difference. I appreciate any donations you can give to keep this blog going.


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