Monday, July 22, 2013

"Khaybar" antisemitic miniseries available on US DISH TV (UPDATE x2 - No it's not)

Dish-TV, a US-based satellite TV service, offers the Dubai Satellite Channel:

This channel is showing the antisemitic miniseries, "Khaybar."

So incitement against Jews is not only available in the Arab world - which is bad enough - but also in the US, as well as Europe.

Not that "human rights organizations" care about the rights of Jews, as they have continuously refused to comment on this show.

Atlas Shrugs has information on how to complain to Dish-TV. So far they are simply saying that they are not responsible for the programming they play.

(h/t youandme2 and MEMRI)

UPDATE: This appears to be the proper online FCC form to complain. (h/t Dave4321)

UPDATE 2: It looks like Dish dropped Dubai Satellite Channel in May, before the series. MEMRI  corrected it.  (h/t Bob)