Tuesday, April 09, 2013

UNRWA reopens in Gaza, re-closes in Rafah, can' t stop blaming Israel

Five days after it shut down all services in Gaza because of safety concerns, UNRWA announced that it would re-open its offices today.

Of course, even though Israel had nothing to do with this, UNRWA still had to throw in a false accusation against Israel in its  press release:

Based on the assurances UNRWA in Gaza received from different local parties, the Agency will reopen its installations across the Gaza Strip effective today, Tuesday 9 April. UNRWA was forced to close its distribution and relief offices last week due to ongoing demonstrations that affected its operations, a regrettable decision that hindered the Agency’s ability to provide much needed services and relief supplies to Palestine refugees in Gaza. While UNRWA understands the frustration of the population, heightened by the tightened blockade on the Gaza Strip, and respects the right to peaceful demonstrations, UNRWA must ensure the safety and security of its staff. UNRWA in Gaza reaffirms that while it is re-opening these facilities now, if its staff or facilities are threatened or operations hindered by demonstrations in the future, it will again be forced to close those installations.
"Tightened blockade"? At least from Israel's perspective, more goods are going into Gaza than at any time in the past five years or so.

The chances that UNRWA is referring to Egypt as being behind the "blockade" are essentially nil, though. UNRWA has a pathological need to lie about Israel even when it is way off topic.

UNRWA did not respond to my email request for clarification. Chris Gunness hasn't answered any of my emails for a few years now.

Once the UNRWA centers opened in Rafah, Gazans closed the main distribution center down with renewed protests. UNRWA then closed the other offices in Rafah as well.

Others are protesting the agency that provides them with free food, education and medical services in Gaza City today.

A large reason that so many Palestinian Arabs feel so entitled to free food and services from the West is because agencies like UNRWA teach them that they are perpetual victims, entitled to being coddled for eternity.

Isn't it s shame that this is backfiring on them?

 I have documented protests against UNRWA from as long ago as 1951.

The absolute best thing that could be done is to shut down UNRWA, tell the Arab world and the PA that these people are their problem (perhaps divert UNRWA funding to these entities), pressure Arab states to allow those born on their soil to be citizens of their states and force these perpetual fake "refugees" to actually start thinking about taking responsibility for their own lives instead of constantly blaming everyone else. It might take a generation to fix, but if this is not done now, things will only get worse.