Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday Links Part 1

From Ian:

Brendan O'Neill: Where is the mob of Muslim-hating Americans going crazy after Boston? It's a figment of liberals' imaginations
Time and again, Left-leaning campaigners and observers respond to terror attacks in the West by panicking about the possibly racist response of Joe Public – and time and again, their fears prove ill-founded and Joe Public proves himself a more decent, tolerant person than they give him credit for. What this reveals is that liberal concern over Islamophobia, liberal fretting about anti-Muslim bigotry, is ironically driven by a bigotry of its own, by an deeply prejudiced view of everyday people as hateful and stupid. The anti-Islamophobia lobby poses as the implacable opponent of bigotry, yet it spreads a bigoted view of ordinary white folk as so volatile, so brimming with fury, that they are one terrorist bombing away from transforming into an anti-Muslim pogrom. Yes, some prejudiced things have been said about Muslims post-Boston; but far more prejudiced things are being said or implied about ordinary Americans.
Mosque that Boston suspects attended has radical ties
The mosque attended by the two brothers accused in the Boston Marathon double bombing has been associated with other terrorism suspects, has invited radical speakers to a sister mosque in Boston and is affiliated with a Muslim group that critics say nurses grievances that can lead to extremism.
Family Says Boston Marathon Explosions Suspect Was Interested in ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’
The former brother-in-law of Boston Marathon explosions suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev said in an interview that the bomber was interested in reading the anti-Semitic forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
Ban slams Falk for tying Boston attack to US policy
UN chief says special rapporteur could undermine world body by suggesting US foreign policy responsible for terror.

UK condemns UN’s Richard Falk for “antisemitic” remarks – for “third time”
Canada FM: “UN should be ashamed to be associated with Richard Falk”
At last, EU wakes up to 'useless' Ashton: MEPS condemn indecision by foreign policy chief
In a hard-hitting report, MEPs on the foreign affairs committee said the EEAS – which they want to behave like an EU foreign office – is ‘top heavy’, has ‘too many decision-making layers’ and has been slow to respond to situations such as the Arab Spring and the conflict in Mali.
Chairman of the Prisoners' club: Prisoners recieve salaries "exactly... [like] me and you" VIDEO
Possible hearing in Norway regarding Foreign Ministry misinforming Parliament about PA salaries VIDEO
The Muslim Brotherhood wants Spain back. Can the Christians have Egypt in exchange?
The Islamic Society of North America, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, has published an article that calls Andalusia – the hottest bit of Spain – a “paradise” that will return when “the only victor is Allah.” It reads like part travelogue and part religious tract, claiming that Andalusia was a region of tolerance “for 800 years” when occupied by Muslims, was then ruined by “the insanity following the Spanish reconquista” and, only today, has regained some of its former lustre thanks to growing interest in Islam in the region. Quote: “In 2006, Spanish prime minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero said that Spain was indebted to Islam for its great historical contributions.” Mr Zapatero also legalised gay marriage, so it’s fair to presume that he’s not too keen for the Caliphate to come back.
CIF Watch: Guardian removes original claim about Iran’s nuclear weapons program from ‘the pages of time’
However, the if you go back in time a few days (to a cached page), you can see the title they originally used: “Glencore traded with Iranian supplier to nuclear weapons’s programme”.
At some point after the story was published on April 21 the word “weapons” was deleted from title.
Holocaust Denial Hurt Us, Says Potential Iranian Candidate
Iran’s denial of the Holocaust was damaging to the Islamic Republic, a potential presidential candidate has admitted
Levski Sofia penalized for display of Nazi symbols
The Bulgarian Football Union has fined Levski Sofia for club fans displaying Nazi symbols during a domestic league match last weekend.
The union said on Wednesday the club will be fined 19,000 euros ($24,700) because its fans displayed banners bearing swastikas during the match against Litex in Lovech on Saturday. Levski won 2-1.