Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Poor Ali Abunimah, upset at Anonymous

Ali Abunimah, of Electronic Intifada, is upset with "Anonymous":
M. arrived at work last Friday morning in a city in the north of present-day Israel. As she walked in, one of her colleagues approached her with a look of concern and asked her to step outside. “Your name is on a list of Mossad agents,” M. recalls the colleague saying.

“ ‘Then congratulate me,’ I said, thinking this was all a strange joke,” M. recalls responding.

But then M. found that many other people at her workplace were talking about a list, a file obtained by hackers and circulated on social media purporting to contain the names of agents of Israel’s notorious spy and assassination agency Mossad.

The vast majority of names of the list are Hebrew names of Israelis.

“I looked at the list, it had my name on it, my ID number and other details. By the end of the day everyone knew about it and was talking about it.”

M., however, is a Palestinian, a citizen of Israel, with an Arabic name – although like all the other names on the list her name was written in the Hebrew alphabet. She was stunned.

The false accusation or suspicion of being an Israeli agent can be absolutely devastating for any Palestinian.

...It is clear that circulating this list was not harmless. It does real damage to real people like M. and the people she knows, Palestinian citizens of Israel, who are guilty of no greater crime than doing what many of us do with little thought every day: buying something online, or perhaps, filling in a form to get a coupon.
Now, you can look at the last paragraph and think that Abunimah is saying that hacking the personal information of Israeli Jews - credit cards, email and home addresses - is admirable, and only hacking the Israeli Arab information is reprehensible.

Which would be textbook anti-semitic.

But it is possible that the reason that he is upset over only the Arab names revealed by the low-level Anonymous hack is because only the Arabs on the list are in real danger.

From certain people who would consider anyone who "collaborates" with Israel to be deserving of death.

Who might those potential murderers be?


Abunimah apparently doesn't have a problem with the Arabs who target other Arabs for being "collaborators." He seems to fully support that.

 He is only upset at people who leak information that could lead Arabs to mistakenly target other Arabs for being "collaborators." That would be awful!

It would really be a shame if Abunimah, one of Mossad's best agents, were to be exposed....Oops!

(h/t WarpedMirrorPMB)