Monday, April 08, 2013

Monday Links Part 2

From Ian:

Jerusalem's Decreasing Isolation - Israel in the World
However, the anti-Israel behavior of international organizations and opinion makers is not the only element in Israel's interactions with the world. A closer look at Israel's relations with countries near and far, as well as with international institutions, belies the claim that it is isolated. In fact, Israel is increasingly acknowledged as a world player in view of its social, economic, technological, financial, and diplomatic achievements over the past sixty-five years. Continued high Israeli Jewish fertility rates, immense new energy reserves, innovative water technologies, and a frenetic pace of cultural production are all prominent features of modern Israel. There are significant parts of the world that appreciate what the Israeli state is doing and try to emulate its successes. Israel's struggles against its implacable opponents also touch many responsive chords around the world. Moreover, even its use of force is largely accepted as legitimate in the West as exemplified by the support lent to Israel during the October 2012 "Pillar of Defense" operation in Gaza against Hamas.
Barry Rubin: The Region: What American Jewish leaders got wrong
The April 3 letter 100 American Jewish leaders have sent to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is distressing.
The problem is that the language used parallels the misrepresentation of Israel’s situation and positions. The way it is written, this letter seems to be not about influencing Netanyahu or Israelis, but about enhancing the social and political credentials of those involved, Israel’s security and interests be damned.
Argentine Jewish groups petition against Iran pact
State prosecutor urged to release report containing ‘irrefutable evidence against Iran’ in the 1994 terrorist attack
Samaria Jews, European MPs Find Common Ground
Samaria Jewish leadership travels to Europe to appeal to the EU against anti-Israel boycott, EU funding for far-left groups.
Parliamentarians were particularly receptive to the idea of reexamining the EU’s donations to Palestinian Authority and Israeli groups. They said they would work to ensure that in the future, all donations are considered carefully to ensure they will be used for a practical benefit.
Moses' Gift: Israel Could Use Gas to Its Advantage
Golda Meir once quipped that Moses could have done the Jewish people a better service. "He took us 40 years through the desert," she said, "to bring us to the one spot in the Middle East that has no oil."
Today, Golda Meir's quip has lost its punch. Last week, natural gas began flowing out of the Tamar gas field, discovered off the coast of Israel in January 2009. Tamar and Leviathan, its neighboring gas field, discovered in June 2010, are among the world's largest recent offshore natural gas discoveries. The Israeli companies controlling the fields are even considering exporting gas to neighboring countries.
Food supplement can fight Parkinson’s disease
Scientists from Tel Aviv University say a nutritional supplement commonly sold in health food stores — produced from beef, seafood or soy – can delay the advance of degenerative brain disorders.
Netanyahu at Shoah ceremony: ‘We won’t leave our fate in the hands of others’
Israel will defend itself with its own forces and prevent a Holocaust from ever happening again, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a ceremony marking Holocaust Remembrance Day Sunday night, echoing a familiar refrain that the Jewish state won’t tolerate an Iranian nuclear weapon.
Is the way Arabs perceive the Holocaust changing?
A recent trend, possibly spurred by the Arab uprisings, is that “people in the Arab world are now accusing each other of being Nazis.”
20 Photos That Change The Holocaust Narrative
But in the end, they do one thing that we desperately need as a people: they tell the real story of the Holocaust. A story that goes beyond victimhood and into our present-day lives. And today, on Yom HaShoa, 2013, it’s about time that story got told.