Thursday, April 18, 2013

Miftah's jihad against cute baby animals

In my quest to find a comment that liberal, freedom-loving Miftah would not consider to be "hate language or slander," on their Facebook page, I tried this (under my Eldad Tzioni persona, since Elder of Ziyon was banned):

As soon as the sun rose in the Middle East, my comment (and the one above) were gone.

Miftah hates puppies.

Then I thought, perhaps I was being accidentally offensive. After all, dogs are considered unclean animals in the Muslim world. So I thought I would try again:

Within an hour, it was removed as well.

What does Miftah have against kittens?

I would pay money to have a journalist ask Hanan Ashrawi about her organization's hatred of free speech (while embracing other kinds of hate speech) the next time she is on TV spouting her lies.