Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Look who is building illegal settlements in Jerusalem

From Ma'an:
The head of a monastery in East Jerusalem on Monday accused residents of al-Eizariyya of building illegally on church land.

Al-Eizariyya residents are constructing buildings on the private lands of the Holy
Monastery of Martha and Maria, "brushing aside all religious, social and national values," said Sister Efpraxia.

"This is a dangerous violation in broad daylight, and construction is ongoing despite our frequent appeals and calls. Such provocative acts are not acceptable by any rational human," the abbess added.

The nun appealed to President Mahmoud Abbas and Jordan's King Abdullah, custodian of holy sites in East Jerusalem, "to relieve the feeble people as soon as possible bringing these overt violations against the monastery's property."
One of the commenters assumed that the people building were Jews - but of course they aren't. The Christian land is being stolen by Muslims, as it has been throughout the West Bank for years.

Not to mention that Arabs routinely illegally build all over the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem without regard to zoning laws or safety.

Will the international community rise up against these "settlements" being built illegally in "east Jerusalem"? Do you have to ask?

Note however that the monastery isn't asking Israel to intervene. Even if you consider Israel the "occupying power" of that area, Israel is still responsible to ensure the laws are enforced - that is basic occupation law.

But the idea of asking the Israelis to help is apparently more distasteful than the theft of land itself.