Sunday, April 14, 2013

Gilad Atzmon reveals that Jewish anti-Zionists are part of the Jewish conspiracy!

Iran's PressTV publishes Jewish anti-semite Gilad Atzmon's latest ramblings:
Surprisingly enough, an attempt to examine our contemporaneous controlled opposition within the Left and the Progressive reveal that it is far from being a conspiratorial. Like in the case of the Jewish Lobby, the so-called ‘opposition’ hardly attempts to disguise its ethno-centric tribal interests, spiritual and ideological orientation and affiliation.

A brief examination of the list of organisations founded by George Soros’ Open Society Institute (OSI) presents a grim picture - pretty much the entire American progressive network is funded, partially or largely by a liberal Zionist, philanthropic billionaire who supports very many good and important causes that are also very good for the Jews. And yet, like staunch Zionist Haim Saban, Soros does not operate clandestinely. His Open Society Institute proudly provides all the necessary information regarding the vast amount of shekels it spreads on its good and important causes.

...As with Orwell’s Big Brother that frames the boundaries of dissent by means of control opposition, Soros’ Open Society also determines, either consciously or unconsciously, the limits of critical thought. Yet, unlike in 1984, where it is the Party that invents its own opposition and write its texts, within our ‘progressive’ discourse, it is our own voices of dissent, willingly and consciously, that are compromising their principles.

...We may have to face up to the fact that the progressive discourse effectively operates as Israel’s longest arm - it certainly acts as a gatekeeper and as protection for Zionism and Jewish tribal interests. If Israel and its supporters would ever be confronted with real opposition it might lead to some long-overdue self-reflection. But at the moment, Israel and Zionist lobbies meet only insipid, watered-down, progressively-vetted resistance that, in practice, sustains Israeli occupation, oppression and an endless list of human rights abuses.

Instead of mass opposition to the Jewish State and its aggressive lobby, our ‘resistance’ is reduced into a chain of badge-wearing, keffiyeh-clad, placard-waving mini-gatherings with the occasional tantrum from some neurotic Jewess while being videoed by another good Jew. If anyone believes that a few badges, a load of amateur Youtube clips celebrating Jewish righteousness are going to evolve into a mass anti-Israel global movement, they are either naïve or stupid.

...For the Jewish progressive discourse, the purpose behind pro-Palestinian support is clear. It is to present an impression of pluralism within the Jewish community. It is there to suggest that not all Jews are bad Zionists. Philip Weiss, the founder of the most popular progressive pro-Palestinian blog was even brave enough to admit to me that it is Jewish self -interests that stood at the core of his pro Palestinian activity.
Yes - the anti-Zionism of Mondoweiss is really an expression of evil Jewish tribalism, and meant to stifle the truly radical and moral voices like Gilad Atzmon's!

Atzmon himself, however, is hiding the fact that he is part of the Jewish problem as well. After all, he was born a Jew, and by definition he cannot escape that calamitous tribal membership. He has not yet publicly called for the mass extermination of Jews worldwide, proving he is not as independent as he pretends. Indeed, if you think about it clearly, Atzmon's cause is also part of the long arm of Israel - because his over-the-top characterization of all Jews as part of a grand tribal conspiracy can only serve to make him the butt of jokes and strengthen Jewish tribalism even more!

He is another tool in the circles within circles of the vast, overpowering Zionist world domination. We invented him to make the other anti-Zionist voices seem sane by comparison, and we are fully supporting those anti-Zionists with billions of dollars - in order to marginalize them! It makes so much damned sense!

It takes a true genius to see through all the conspiracies that we Jews are up to. But no Jew can properly reveal them, because he is part of them. We've brainwashed Atzmon so much that he doesn't even realize he is our puppet (and that his jazz playing  is pretty bad as well!)