Saturday, April 13, 2013

Egyptian Islamist denies "union with Israel" statement

On Friday, I noted a story where an Egyptian Islamist said "Egyptians 'would love' to be part of an Islamic Union model which will bring together not only the Muslim countries but Israel as well to discuss how to solve regional conflicts."

I predicted some serious backtracking this coming week.

Well, it happened even faster than I thought it would:
A prominent Islamist member of the Egyptian parliament denied on Friday telling a Turkish television that Egyptians “would love” to be part of an Islamic Union in which Israel, Russia and Armenia can participate.

Abdulmawgoud Dardery, head of the Foreign Relations Committee at Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), described the idea of Egyptians taking part in a union with the Jewish state as “imaginary.”
I guess Dardery values his life.

(h/t American Infidels)