Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Don't jump to conclusions that Muslims did it! Only Jews push that lie!" (updated)

The Media Review Network is a South African news watchdog organization that looks for anything degrading to Islam in the media.
The aspiration of the Media Review Network is to dispel the myths and stereotypes about Islam and Muslims and to foster bridges of understanding among the diverse people of our country.
Their press release in the wake of the Boston terror attack is classic:

The Media Review Network deplores bombings in Boston and expresses our shock and outrage that untested allegations blaming "Islamists" have emerged without any shred of evidence.

We find it equally reprehensible that a number of mainstream Western media have resorted to blame-games seeking to pin the atrocity on Muslims.

The method used is entirely disingenuous for by using so-called "terror experts" to profile perpetrators, it invariably results in raising suspicion against Muslims, thereby fuelling Islamophobia.

The Media Review Network cautions media to be more responsible in its coverage rather than the gung-ho style that reinforces racist stereotypes.
That's fine; they are doing their job in making sure that no one jumps to conclusions.

But then they sort of go against their credo to "foster bridges of understanding:"
We also urge media to be mindful of the possibility of a deliberate orchestrated campaign by any number of right-wing groups possibly allied to Israel.

Israel's secret service and intelligence agencies are known to possess a huge foot print within many right-wing circles primarily devoted to a campaign of vilification of Islam and Muslims.
Immediately after (rightly) complaining that the media shouldn't jump to conclusions, the MRN then tells the media to consider that any evidence that does implicate Muslims are a Jewish (sorry, Zionist) conspiracy!

I'm surprised they didn't also ask the media to "consider" that the Boston bombing was a false flag Mossad operation. You know that is what they want people to think.

The rest of the press release is meant to say that the real victims in the world are always Muslim:
The Boston tragedy reflects pain and suffering that unfortunately has become a routine experience of many innocents in areas such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Palestine resulting from aggressive military terror by the United States and Israel.

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UPDATE: MRN also seems to be into Holocaust denial, 9/11 revisionism, and other interesting theories.

UPDATE 2: Israel Muse looked at a whole bunch of MRN lies a while back.