Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Arab media says US ambassador called Egyptians "puppets" under mind control

In January I reported on a crazy rumor that US ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson said that the Jews are the real owners of Egypt, that King Tut was jewish, that Israel would take over the country in 2013 together with NATO, and some other nonsense.

The US Embassy in Cairo issued a categorical denial.

A couple of weeks ago, however, the rumor resurfaced, and it has been a fixture in Arabic media since then, with hundreds of articles making these same claims (the number of people Googling and finding my post skyrocketed.)

Today, a "human rights" lawyer is reported to have brought an official complaint against Patterson, with a new embellishment to the story. Now the rumor is that Patterson was drunk at a party in Egypt, and in her stupor she said that Egyptians are all puppets under mind control. Egyptian pundits are saying that this means that US satellites are sending some sort of mind control ray to Egyptians to get them to do the US' bidding.

Hold on, it gets better. You see, the US experimented with creating superhumans in the 1960s, and during the experiments some 90% of the subjects became unusually tall; 10% however had their growth stunted.

And Anne Patterson is one of those unfortunate people.

I think the article also says that the US stole some sort of Egyptian genius gene, but I'm not sure about that part.

I don't know how much these rumors are fueled by anti-American sentiment in Egypt and how much by misogyny, but it is probably a combination of the two.